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Some real school corporal punishment

May 30 2010 at 1:13 PM


Students equipped with cellphones have recorded numerous scenes of fellow students getting whacked by their teachers. I've started to look for such material recently and am amazed at what's out there. Anybody with a similar interest here? We could share our finds. I have quite a collection by now. I am not interested in privately produced vids depicting the sexual abuse of minors.

I am in particular looking to make contact with people in Africa, South East Asia, Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan.


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Re: Some real school corporal punishment

May 30 2010, 9:51 PM 

Hmm, it's a great pity the 'Students equipped with cellphones' don't know which way up to hold them! happy.gif And if that middle one is 'Some real school corporal punishment' why are the teacher and the pupils falling about laughing?


Re: Some real school corporal punishment

June 3 2010, 2:55 PM 

could you post some more form your collection please you have some interesting finds


Re: Some real school corporal punishment

June 4 2010, 4:40 AM 

Are you intesrested only in school corporal punishment for males? (As the three vids you posted are only boys)


Some more

June 4 2010, 6:56 PM 


Sorry, the third one...

June 4 2010, 7:02 PM 



Re: Some real school corporal punishment

June 5 2010, 4:15 AM 

Hi KKirin. I'm afraid that I was somewhat less than complementary about your initial batch of videos but I have to say that your second batch is of excellent quality and all appear real, at least to me. As you have possibly noticed the question of punishment on the hands is currently being aired in the Tawse thread, and I hope to make some comments there later based on your videos.

Whilst your interest is obviously in extending your collection with new material I assume that you are aware of the several student shot videos already on the excellent Corpun.com site. If not a glance down the index list on this page will find many items from your target countries. You may not wish to do so, but it is probable that Colin Farrell who runs the Corpun.com site would appreciate details of the original location of some of the material you have found. I have found him very pleasant to deal with when I have passed on press reports in the past. Details of how to contact him are at the very bottom of this rather large page.


Some more...

June 5 2010, 10:48 AM 



June 5 2010, 11:17 AM 

Where are you finding this stuff m8



Re: Some real school corporal punishment

June 5 2010, 3:35 PM 

Hi KKirin. Was there any indication where you found the video as to what 'crime' the unfortunate girl in the second video in your last post had committed? To earn a caning as hard and as many strokes as that in front of what was presumably the whole of a fairly large school assembled to witness the event leads one to assume it was something pretty bad! My impression was that the boys subsequently called out of the audience were caned for expressing dissent over the girl's punishment.

American Way

Vietnamese secondary school corporal punishment

June 5 2010, 11:53 PM 

webbjoe: These are the latest I've found and have alread shared. I would say that there is little levity found in this Vietnamese classroom, unlike jocular or other cases of real CP, perhaps because a good percentage of the students were on the receiving end. Corporal punishment could be so common that it doesn't even raise an eyebrow. One of the girls bucked up. In a country where loss of face matters she more than acquitted herself and represented her gender with both courage and dignity.

The cyberworld is small and I wonder if the paparazzi will suffer consequences. Younger children in the earlier grades would be less likely capture thses moments that I suspect go on there as well. Unlike Australia it will probably stay up on you tube. The poor quality may keep it out of Corpun. The duck bill platypus instrument of correction is somewhat unique.



Re: Some real school corporal punishment

June 6 2010, 6:13 AM 

The video of the girl and boy caned in front of the assambled school in Africa was originally posted in a personal page of a Chinese citizen in a professional trip to that region of Africa. He asked his guide about the incident later, and was told the students were caned for being late in the morning to school. I had that clip recorded as "December 11, 2007.Muslim Agricultural Secondary School Ai Hamo.Sierra Leone." but I can't assure you that school name and county are the right ones. Sorry.

KKirin, I've sent you mail. Hope it reaches you.


Some more...

June 6 2010, 9:00 AM 


I don't think that all of them are interesting, but taste varies. Just check the "preview" button to see whether you think it's worth downloading.

Ketek: I didn't get your e-mail. Please try KKirin12345@gmail.com - Yahoo seems to be unreliable lately.

I did indeed obtain the video of the girl and the boys being caned in some school in Africa from a Chinese site. There was an explanatory caption, but I don't remember what it said. I couldn't find the site right now, but will check again when I have more time.


African clip

June 6 2010, 2:53 PM 

I found the site I downloaded the African clip from. The clip was indeed shot by a Chinese who, on December 11, 2007, came to that school before 8.00 and saw the entrances blocked by teachers rounding up latecomers. The clip shows their punishment. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to say anywhere on that site in which country the school is located, but it's indeed an agricultural secondary school. It doesn't really say why the Chinese went to that school, just that he became interested because he had never seen an agricultural school "in this country".

Chinese is not my native language, but this should about be the meaning of the caption.



Re: Some real school corporal punishment

June 7 2010, 12:47 AM 

Thank you Ketek and KKirin. I am indebted to you both for taking the trouble to respond with the information on the African Agricultural School video.

I have posted here in the past about how surprised I was back in the early 1960s when I gave a lift to a Scottish schoolgirl who had missed her school bus and she announced that if we didn't get there in time she'd get belted for lateness - the tawse on the hands. At that time I don't think girls in English schools would have been likely to encounter corporal punishment for a similar offence.

Clearly over forty years later children in Sierra Leone (if that is indeed where the school in question is) still have things a great deal harder than even my young Scottish acquaintance if they are late for school. While what was happening in the early part of the video was not clear the girl whose complete punishment we see in more detail received 6 very hard strokes of the cane. The two boys whose caning interrupted the girl's punishment received only three strokes each. As noted above my impression was that this was for vocal protest at the girl's punishment.

Interestingly both boys and girls were required to kneel and sit back on their heels for their canings, a mode of punishment much discussed in this estimable forum when the unfortunate beer sipping Malaysian model was threatened with caning by a Syariah Court, and pictured in this post. This posture, and the girl's dress, would be consistent with the school being a Muslim Agricultural Secondary School as stated by Ketek.

Thanks also to KKirin for the latest batch of videos. Some of those teachers really do put on a good performance. The lady teacher in the last video appears to have her class very well under control! One has to feel sorry for the poor lad who was frightened to put his hand out. I thought he was never going to be allowed to escape! happy.gif However the real star of the show was the red shirted male teacher with the fearsome looking punishment implement in the second video. This was clearly punishment session and highly theatrical entertainment performance combined, and pupils were quite openly videoing it. The dramatic pointing to (presumably) the name of the next victim on the blackboard was a masterly touch, as was the ceremonial crossing out of the name after due punishment was administered. He'd certainly have been able to provide some competition for my greatly admired window pole hurling English teacher! happy.gif


Some more...

June 7 2010, 6:57 AM 

I've extracted stills from my video collection. People interested in this material are welcome to make contact. Obviously, messages from people who have something to share are particular welcome.

99% of the list contain videos depicting students being punished by their teachers. A few contain videos of students beating each other for fun. This is all material caught by students with their cellphones. The list does not contain any "privately produced" images of sexual abuse of minors, and I'm not interested in receiving such material.

I'm afraid the software I used for exctracting the stills extracted several stills per video, so the file is very big. I unfortunately had no time to sort the list. The quality of the clips varies, some are very good, in others, it's barely recognizable what's going on. A few of the folders are empty. I have the corresponding video, but the software failed to extract images, I've no idea why.


In case you don't know yet: kkirin12345@yahoo.com wink.gif



June 8 2010, 1:46 PM 

I did have the agricultural school clip. My information is that it is from Sierra Leone. I am going to fillet out the relevant part and resynch the sound before putting it on my site in due course.
KKirin: I am contacting you privately. Please contact me if you don't get a mail from me.

American Way

Re: Some real school corporal punishment

June 8 2010, 8:13 PM 

Paddlings, however frequent, are rarely filmed for they take place in an office far from classroom cameras. These three light licks are not comparable to a high school paddling that is up to 5 swats by accounts.


The sounds of a three swat paddling often shown video seems hatsher than the middle school demonstration. from the audio.


There was a caning recorded (audio) at Dr Dominum's school that was up for a brief time on You Tube.

A recent account by Renee, a frequent poster here wrote a paddling she administered.


Even behind closed doors, anyone in the hallways outside the office would have heard it! And Nashia, the roughest girl in the school was reduced to tears and clutching her rear as she was sent back to her class.

Nashia would be in a fools paradise if she thought her paddling would be like a middle school one.


Some more...

June 19 2010, 5:14 PM 


I deleted the previous files as people by now should have gotten a chance to download them.


Some more...

June 19 2010, 8:23 PM 

My last message doesn't seem to have made it.

Anyway, a few more videos for those who are interested:


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