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Pants Down in Class?

August 26 2010 at 8:31 AM

I have read several posts on other forums which say that boys were spanked or paddled with their pants down, that is both pants and underpants and completely exposed, in front of the whole class, even mixed. This was mostly in American elementary/primary schools in the 50's according to the posts I read from both men who went through it as boys and women who witnessed it as girls.
I am still undecided whether to believe this or not, so could someone please verify whether this took place or not in any American or British schools during that time?
I will try to contact the expert Mr.Farrell about this and see if he can verify it.

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Re: Pants Down in Class?

August 27 2010, 12:42 AM 

Well, not from the US or the UK, but have a look here: wink.gif

(same video, different host)


Re: Pants Down in Class?

August 27 2010, 10:16 AM 

Any idea which country it is from? Definitely an Asian country, I would guess Korea. Looks like a whole class spanking.
I liked this one on the same page of boys being hand rulered by a female teacher. What is amusing about it is that the boys are bigger than the teacher herself, though the rulerings look genuine enough, must be from secondary school. It looks like she is checking for their hair length and punishing them accordingly.


Re: Pants Down in Class?

August 27 2010, 12:14 PM 

Both videos are from China. The sites contain some background explanations including the name of the school, but I think this board is not the right place for the name of the school to be published. wink.gif


Re: Pants Down in Class?

August 27 2010, 3:10 PM 

I think the name of the school is not important. Is school CP still allowed in China?
But I am still curious whether bare bottom CP in class ever happened in British and American schools.
Btw, was that video you linked of boys getting it bare in a mixed class or boys only?


Re: Pants Down in Class?

August 27 2010, 6:25 PM 

I was at school in Yorkshire from the late 60s until late 70s and in my infant school boys would get spanked in front of the class with their shorts and underpants pulled down on a fairly regular basis. I witnessed my first bare bottom spanking age five and yes i can still remember it. The boy concerned got it for peeing in the sandpit.It was a mixed sex school. I myself had my shorts and pants pulled down quite a few times in front of the class.



Shirt off in class?

August 27 2010, 9:07 PM 

Hmm, I can add nothing directly on-topic here, as even in the prehistoric 1940s/1950s when I was at school I don't recall hearing of any 'pants down in class' punishments of either boys or girls.

However on the topic of classroom disrobing for punishment the video here (which plays automatically after the initial 'pants down' video in KKirin12345's first link above) is curious in that boys appear to have to take off their shirts before being beaten on their buttocks in the Korean (and presumably also Chinese) style all-fours braced posture. And what's more, for Willy's benefit, this does appear to be in a mixed class! happy.gif

Do any of our Far East experts have any information which might throw light this curious practice?



Re: Pants Down in Class?

August 27 2010, 9:29 PM 


It happened at Oliver Goldsmith's Camberwell, at least in the Infants.

As I've said before, my teacher Miss Dutton was a good smacker, but the other Infant's year 1 teacher, Miss Savage, was that by name & nature. I met a couple of lads she'd taught 12 years later & they confirmed she did the Full Monty in class, though not on a weekly basis.

In my 18 months at Ollie's I saw a few playground smackings, usually with victim stood to attention for legs & clothed bottom to get it as they were scolded. Miss Savage on duty had a bar stool on which she perched, edge of the tarmac, and occasionally major offenders went over that.

The two bare-bottom jobs were boys, one who spat at someone, one who kicked in a fight(and it missed!). The other boy in the fight got 6 smacks on his legs & another 6 over the stool on his trousers.

When the spitter & kicker got it, we were all summoned to watch by Miss Savage's whistle. God knows why, with a voice like a diamond miner's drill and at 131 decibels, I think bloody infants in Manchester & Marrakesh would have heard her bellow, "Now, children, please ALL of you come and see THIS!"

Those 2 were straight over the stool, bottoms bared in a flash & 8 smacks echoed round the globe each time. And, as on both occasions, Miss Savage asked us all how any CHILD(definitely not BOY) could be so disgusting/cowardly, do you think it happened to girls as well?

When I met the other ex-Ollie's lads, we reminisced about Miss Savage. They confirmed the few occasions she smacked in class & not out in the cloakroom, she always did it on the bare bottom.

I remember saying, bet that gave the girls a laugh. To which they(almost) chorused" Not if was THEM getting it!". Yes, girls had skirts & knickers taken down by her as well.

Boys were facing the blackboard over a spare desk,girls were side on the class over Miss Savage's knee, I believe. That way, no one got to see what they weren't supposed to see.

I've no reason to believe the Ollie's lads lied-they were straightforward louts, just like me! And, having seen that in the playground twice from Miss Savage(on whom the cartoon strip Judge Dredd was probably based!) plus what my girlfriend Frances got from her in front of me as previously related on here(3rd R in Sarf London-now on p27 or 28 if you are curious), I'm not changing my mind at this remove!

I don't think it would've been considered wrong in Infants, but Juniors might have been considered a step too far, at least in mixed classes.I moved from Camberwell before Infants ended, but met one ex-Ollie's bloke at work a few years back. In Juniors, it was trousers or skirt down at most in front of the class, and that usually if the Headmistress came to class to cane major offenders like bullies thieves or Test cheats-which seems to confirm my thoughts.

Miss Savage is rumoured to be asleep on her barstool in a cave on Sydenham Hill awaiting the call to save the nation!



All over the world

August 27 2010, 11:46 PM 

It happened all over the world - boys and girls.

Just a quick selection of Facebook posts:

Does anyone remember Mr Dunn? He used to be my sister's teacher. He pulled Michael's Tse's pants down and smacked his arse in front of the whole class. They used to get away with all sorts back then! Haha!

(Firs Estate Primary School)

Thinking about the teachers, Mr Porter used to love putting boys over his knee, pulling their trousers down and smacking their bare bum! Not forgetting the use of his cane! Am still stunned he got away with it.

(same school)

Mr Memory, the man who slapped you with a ruler, Ms Brocklesby pulled my pants down in class and smacked my bum with a slipper

oh happy days

(Claytons School Bourne End)

Not so favourite-Miss Miller (grade 1) was very scary, and I do remember her spanking someone in front of the class with her pants down. (The student....not Miss Miller)

(Bridlewood Public School USA)

you know MRS Devilliers rings a bell to me I was in Sub A in 81,if it was her ,She just liked smaking kids ,I witnessed a girl been smacked on her bare bum over her knees in class (written by a male)

(Dinwiddie Primary School South Africa)

Once a boy called Daniel Grilliopolis told me that he didn't believe in Jesus, for the simple and understandable fact that he was Jewish. Anyway my mind had been so brainwashed, what with all the hymm singing, morning prayers etc. that I told Mrs Brack that poor Daniel was a none believer...she promptly dished out six of the best to his bare was at that point when I first questioned how tolerant our school was to other faiths!

(Elm Grove)

I can still picture Miss Rabbit taking kids trousers down and bending them over her lap and giving the kids bare ass a right good spanking.

(St Gilberts RC Primary)

went to shaw park from 1967 -1974 ....loads great memorys ....mrs scott ..primary headmistress ....slapped my bare arse in front of class 4 twagging (i was 9 )

(Shaw Park Primary)

Mr Freducci car il m'a donner une fessé déculotté car j'avais oublié de rendre le livre de "Tatania prend son bus" (written by a female)

(Ecole Primaire de Seilans - France)

Of course who will ever forget that ass being whooped naked in front of the the hands across the face didnt stop my poor innocent eyes from beholding such a wonder... i was in shock i almost had a stroke! i didnt need anymore (written by a male to a female)

(AMIS Nigeria)

C'était un raciste, un instituteur qui mettait des fessés décultés devant toute la classe. Il est activement recherché.
Qui l'a connu? (written by a female)

(Primaire Richomme - France)

I left in about 1986 ish, I remember my first teacher, Mrs Willis - if you were really naughty, she would bend you over her knee, pull your pants down and smack your bare bum!!!! now you don't get that anymore.
(St Nicholas Ulceby)

i always remember Garnett actually smacking me in class we used to ave them triangle milk cartons an i was sat wiv my friend Karen Kirkham an she pretended to burst it but silly idiot ere did actually do it an Garnett got me up in front of the whole class pulled my pants down put me over her knee and slaaped my backside bitch my mum was not an happy bunny when she found she wanted to kill her lol Oh happy days they woudnt get away with that now (written by a female)

(Moor Park Methodist Primary School)

Sinon j'ai une petite anecdote concernant Mme Kara et son incroyable coup droit quand elle se sert de sa légendaire ceinture. Cétait pendant le cours de Mr Bouzid, elle est rentrée en classe et a commencé à poser des questions aux élèves sur les tables de multiplication, celui qui avait le malheur de se tromper, elle le faisait monter sur lestrade. Un une fois quelle eus fini dinterroger tout le monde, elle se tournait vers le les élèves debout sur lestrade comme si ils allaient être exécutés elle leur demandait de baisser leurs pantalons et donnait des coups de « hazama », comme elle disait. Je peux vous assurer que je suis devenu une calculatrice depuis.

(Ecole Primaire Paul Bert - Algeria)


.. and yet more from Facebook

August 28 2010, 10:17 AM 

I liked Mr Edwards i remember him pulling Bruce Boughton's pants down and smacking his ass in front of the class. lol (written by a female)

(Greenacres Primary)

being one of the last to ever get caned by Mr.Williams ouch! being falsely accused for letting off a stink bomb in the morning assembly, crying when we lost our first mini rugby match all the wa...y home to 92 Bridgend road, being smacked on my arse with my pants down to my ankles (yes naked from waist down) while standing on a chair in front of the whole did this ever happen!!

(Ysgol Dolau Llanharan)

Mrs Furness - pulled Christian Sadler's pants down and smacked him!

[another post]
Mrs Furness pulled James's pants down and smacked him too! In front of the whole class!

(Ham Dingle Primary School)

ms quinlan not only would she pull the sideburns but twist your ears and the cherry on top................................................................................................................pull your pants down and underwear in front of the whole class and spank you bare bottom (as she would call it)lol
hahaha she tried to get me like 3 times when i had her!!!i foiled her every time!!!lol

(Holy Cross Elementary NY USA)

Mrs Leyshon was vicious! One lunchtime when I was 4 she made me pull my trousers down in front of the whole infants (all the infants used to go to the hut in the lower school for lunch in the days when Mr. Walsh was head) and she publicly spanked me in front of the whole lower school - apparently her reason for doing so was because I wasn't very good at colouring shapes in if I remember rightly

(St Josephs Primary School)

i was poked in the back constantly by mrs keyer and screamed at in the face and grabbed round the thoat by mrs pratt lol humiliated by knickers being pulled down in front of the class and smacked repeatedly cained etc but hey we survived people lol were not bitter lol much

(Mayland and Althorne Primary)

Sister Antoinette was a mini hitler! On my first day of school, I remember her pulling down a boys pants and smacking his bare bum!

(St Josephs Convent Sidcup)

I also remember poor Mark Williams having his trousers and pants being pulled down in assembly in front of every body and being slapped on the bum - poor mark!

(Hamble Infants)

Oh my god, it's all flooding back, who remembers Derek in the year below ours being smacked on the arse with his pants pulled down by Mr George in the dining room?

(St Gerards Primary School Castle Vale)

Il y a aussi un autre souvenir de la classe d'au dessus qui donnait des fessés déculottés devant tout le monde. Je ne voulais pas passer en classe au-dessus alors j'ai redoublé !!! (written by a female)

(Ecole Primaire Madeleine Michelis Neuilly France)

i remember miss daley giving my ass the slipper (bare ass i might add)in front of everyone and i only 6 at time (written by a female)

(St Francis RC J/I School Birmingham)

The other thing that she would do (and I think the infamous Miss Roy as well) would be to give kids bare ass spankings right in front of the entire class.

(Victoria Village Public School Canada)

I will never ever forget the day she smacked Lucas' bare arse infront of the whole school cuz he laughed at someone for bein in the black book!!!!!!!

(St Marys RC Primary Brierely Hill)

remember when johnathan smith got 10 of the best off Bezza infront of the whole assembly,pants down .red raw

(Clothworkers School Peel IOM)

Mme Hansoule m'a un jour déculotté devant toute la classe pour me mettre une fessée... un de mes premiers souvenirs d'enfance....

(Ecole primaire de Sart )



Re: Pants Down in Class?

August 28 2010, 12:48 PM 

Greetings Yetanotheranotherlurker!

What a treasure trove-how interesting the RC schools & an RC country(France)are right to the fore.

De fesser deculotte-wonder why we never declined that verb in class?happy.gifwink.gif

Great work!



Shirt off in class?

August 28 2010, 4:09 PM 

Hi Another_Lurker, You asked for opinions about a Chinese video:

However on the topic of classroom disrobing for punishment the video here (which plays automatically after the initial 'pants down' video in KKirin12345's first link above) is curious in that boys appear to have to take off their shirts before being beaten on their buttocks in the Korean (and presumably also Chinese) style all-fours braced posture.

I have totally failed to get the video you have queried to download on my machine, so it is difficult to comment. All I can say is that I know of one Chinese school where pupils are punished shirtless on the upper back, so are you sure that they are being hit only on their buttocks? The all-fours position is often used for punishments on the thighs as well as the buttocks, so it seems quite possible that with a small adjustment in position the back could also be reached.

If, by chance, you have kept a copy of the video, perhaps you would send it to me.


Shirtless Punishment

August 28 2010, 5:53 PM 

I have also failed to see the clip that Lurker is linking, there is only a blank screen and no video download. Maybe he can post another link to it.
On this subject of shirtless punishments in the Far East I have seen a photo of a boy being punished like that on his upper back I think. I am not sure where I saw it but it is probably on the Corpun site, and from the far east.



Re: Shirt off in class?

August 29 2010, 1:08 AM 

I would like to join Steve in congratulating Yetanotheranotherlurker on his most excellent and comprehensive research in FaceBook. If only I could bring myself to join the wretched site! happy.gif

Hi hcj. You say of my 'shirtless' link above:

I have totally failed to get the video you have queried to download on my machine, so it is difficult to comment.

I am puzzled that both you and Willy are unable to view the video. It's normally me who can't see videos linked in this estimable Forum because of the way I have my system configured. I have just tried again with empty caches in both Chrome and IE using the link in my above post and it plays just fine. As noted in my post, it also plays after the video in KKirin12345's first link in his August 27 2010, 12:42 AM post if the window is left open, which was how I came to notice it in the first place.

I've grabbed the FLV file from the cache tonight and will email it to you (6·53Mb). However, it may not be exactly as I thought. The link I'm currently having to use is a little slow and on the linked page the video is being played larger than its actual size, making it a little discontinuous as I view it. Having now been able to view the FLV correctly I am not clear if the boys being punished are being required to remove their shirts specifically for the punishment. Some of them are certainly shirtless when beaten, but others appear to retain their shirts. I am fairly certain that the punishment is applied to the buttocks in each case, but because of the camera position it is difficult to be sure.

Hi Willy. Sorry you can't see the video. It may be that the site is subject to greatly varying bandwidth demand and that I just happen to be picking a good time when the video will load and play quickly. I'm usually on in the small hours (UK time). You could try then.


Declining to conjugate.

August 29 2010, 1:09 AM 

Hi StevefromSE5

De fesser deculotte-wonder why we never declined that verb in class?happy.gifwink.gif

Perhaps because one conjugates verbs and declines nouns. wink.gif


Shirtless in class

August 29 2010, 9:08 AM 

Thank you for the video A_L,

Having now been able to view the FLV correctly I am not clear if the boys being punished are being required to remove their shirts specifically for the punishment. Some of them are certainly shirtless when beaten, but others appear to retain their shirts. I am fairly certain that the punishment is applied to the buttocks in each case, but because of the camera position it is difficult to be sure.

You are certainly correct in saying that the boys are punished on their buttocks, indeed fairly hard - to the point where, on the third boy, the "cane" actually breaks into three pieces. The master continues with what remains of the stick.

I don't think the lack of shirts is for the purpose of punishment, but wildly speculating as ever, I wonder if it is connected with some incident that led to them being punished?



Re: Pants Down in Class?

August 29 2010, 4:19 PM 


Sorry, mate, I think I've mentioned on here that, at MGS, that I was in the great unclassified stream ie never learnt German nor Latin, hence my grammatical-terminology ignorance!

If there were declentions in French, I don't recall studying them. Detentions would probably have been another thing as I specialised in same!

BTW, isn't it interesting that Yetanotheranotherlurker's uncovered(!)CP, clearly from the 70's & 80's in most cases, that would never have gone in a punishment book, because it

a) Wasn't done by an authorised caning teacher, for example


b) Wouldn't have been regarded as an official punishment, more a spur-of-the-moment reaction, so didn't need to be recorded?

I'd love to know how much more went on-I feel this is the tip of a bloody great iceberg.

And, folks, I've tracked nearly all the UK schools down on FR from Y-a-a-l's Facebook trawl. Absolutely nothing about this on there, Mrs Pratt is half-praised in one entry, Mr Memory gets a dishonorable mention for shaking one lad badly, but at least the father of the next boy he tried it on sensibly punched Teach out to cop a £50 fine-that was £25 per black eye inflicted!



I received in nude

September 8 2010, 4:00 AM 

I went to an all male Catholic Boarding School.
In the dorms, you were ordered to strip and assume the standard position of leaning against the wall.
In classes your offenses were recorded and dealt with by the Gym Teacher after your shower.
And yes erections were not unusual but usual not acknowledged. Well, maybe by your room mate later.


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