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Mr Roy Neal Schelling Designated Paddler

November 6 2010 at 6:10 AM
American Way 

Monroe City about to ban corporal punishment.


The curious case of Mr. Roy Neal Schelling. In 1998 he was sentenced to thirty years for murder PDF. He was only 30 then so he could only have been paddling for less than ten years starting in 1988.
However embellished some accounts of school corporal punishment are given his history his behavior would be all that surprising.



It became entertainment for the class watching me and others do our little dance day after day.
Mr. Matthew Williams was the principal of Carroll Jr. High. He had big hands and was a football coach. His licks hurt.
He spent so much time paddling us until he had a designated paddler, Mr. Roy Neal Shelling.
Every student that broke the rules was marched to Mr. Shelling's room on his free period and he spent his free period paddling boys on the buttocks and girls in the hands.
Mr. Shelling thought the paddling was a teachable moment. He decided to teach us math while he paddled us.
He took the trash can and told me to bend over the trash can. "That is a 45 degree angle," he said.
He then swung that paddle with a force that was hard enough to sting but not hard enough to injure.
Upon impact I jumped up straight. When I straighted up, jumping around and holding my behind he said, "Now that you are standing up straight, that's a 180 degree angle."
When I turned around and around, he said, "That's a 360 degree turn."
Shelling spanked everybody. Often he didn't know what he was spanking them for; but everyone left with stinging pants, a story to tell and a claim to fame.
Some of us thought we were smart. We knew we would be spanked so we wore two or three pair of pants, took our licking and kept on ticking.
The school board's present policy would have been laughable back in the day. Only three licks? With that little bitty paddle, are you serious?
The nice girls got three licks. The tough boys got 10 licks even 20 or 25 depending on how tough they tried to be.

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American Way

Mr Roy Neal Schelling Designated Paddler

November 6 2010, 2:01 PM 

As is often mentioned the African American community is stronger in its practice at home than white folk (Gillian Jacobs Courage to Submite penultimate inductee) as well as its support as attested through guest on an American talk show icon Oprah Winfrey so it does not come as a surprise that The Monroe City account of Mr. Shelling is from a Black newspaper. The racial O. J. Simpson connection makes sense of the seating of the jury. I don't think everyone with "stinging pants" is as an enthusiastic of a supporter as the journalists. She is one of the richest Americans and avid supporter of the President of the United States (POTUS). She perhaps is better well known internationally through the cinema.

As an indefatigable researcher I read nothing about his unorthodox practice of corporal punishment in spite of his high profile as a convicted teacher. I'm glad I brought this to the attention of other lurkers through my posting last night. He will be sixty in 2028 when he next sees the light of day. Revenge is best served cold.

Kathleen Harris is new and appalled when she hears of unauthorized use of corporal punishment. The bottom line in their handbook says corporal punishment must not be administered without anger and malice. Anyone who seeks the honor to paddle shouldn't be given one.

School Corporal Punishment: Mr Roy Neal Schelling Designated Paddler
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Monroe City about to ban corporal punishment. ... However embellished some accounts of school corporal punishment are given his history his ...

American Way

Curiouser and curiouser

November 6 2010, 6:07 PM 

Who is Brenda Shelling? Was she the estranged wife of Roy Neal who found the body? His wife was a schoolteacher. It may not be the same person but Brenda is a supporter of corporal punishment. But it raises eyebrows. The murder occurred in November 1997 and she has served on the board since 1998 until her recent ouster. Those who felt the ferocity of the paddle with anger and malice are saying that the paddlings of today tickle and yet others in the same community say without it thy cannot control their students. All this is dream fodder for Paula and Wade. In the voting booth I would vote to oust her and be glad that there is a new sheriff in town.

I know this may be a yawn for most of our readers are British but it is the abuse, that is not as Bob T and I agree, that is not ancient history. Each person's narrative is different but I'm sure there are people less than a score of years older than TWP and not just "old codgers" that are like Kathleen Harris that have legitimate concern. Again the issue is being handled locally but it is hard to keep negative national attention as with the prom paddling.

It's hard to switch to a lighter note given the gravity but I love Brenda's hat. I suppose twenty three years ago she could be quite an item.

American Way

Re: Mr Roy Neal Schelling Designated Paddler

November 6 2010, 6:34 PM 

Never mind. Brenda is not the wife. It is not a common name and in the same town, in all likelihood there is a family connection perhaps through her husband but not spousal. One of her last acts as a board member was to approve Kathleen Harris's appointment.

Most cities and towns have ceased having an African American newspaper and a Caucasian one. It's a sad indictment of our times.

American Way

Re: Mr Roy Neal Schelling Designated Paddler

November 10 2010, 4:08 PM 

I find it rather unusual that a Missouri (show me state) an experienced professional educator like Kathleen Harris can walk into a job paying $160,000 in Louisiana and be unaware that it was a paddling state. She was challenged because she didn't have 5 years experienced teaching on the grade or high school level. She won on appeal by saying her fifty year college teaching counted. The town met Monday and formed a committee to determine whether it should be banned and will report back sometime around December.

What kind of person in charge would handle illicit corporal punishment in this manner in an elementary school? Italics

On another matter, I find among this estimable Forum that posters are more inclined to find corporal punishment more beneficial (at times) for older students than younger. Would it be likely that in Britain then and Australia now that say one out of thirty seven to nine year olds be subject to a junior cane on an annual basis? How do people across the pond feel about that? Granted it's the USA call and has its on reasons, that being said, human nature is human nature so I don't think the question is totally out of line. Lastly what do you think the paddle geometry teacher and the reaction that ensued about his classroom activity?

Harris said her stance was strengthened on a recent tour of an elementary school, which she declined to name.

"Teachers are tapping their kids with rulers when they don't do what they want them to do," she said. "Last week when I was visiting in a classroom, I heard a loud pop across the hall. A teacher had popped a kid, I don't know where." The action was taken by the classroom teacher and without a witness.

Harris said she immediately walked into the classroom, greeted the class, and made eye contact with the teacher.

"It's not appropriate for me as an administrator to go into the classroom and tell them they have violated district policy. It's a delicate matter," Harris said. She did not report the incident to the school's principal, but "I noted where it had happened and said that I need to work more diligently in extincting this behavior. It's antiquated, and it doesn't teach kids how to make positive choices. It teaches punitive consequences."

American Way

Painless paddle and stinging pants.

November 21 2010, 10:25 PM 

Monroe City follow up. Painless spanking? Shades of Kartika.


American Way

Re: Mr Roy Neal Schelling Designated Paddler

November 23 2010, 2:18 PM 

See the name Jeff Charles in the last CLICK from November 20th comment. He looks for every opportunity to make other people's business their own. I give Paula Flowe in fairness by giving credit where credit is due, for sitting school a small school committee meeting. There was little to no publicity accompanying her presence. This is similar to calling in a consultant from the outside to give a position on a controversial matter. The board voted to retain CP. Ask to be invited as any outsider and make your point and let the cards where they may fall is a way to make a difference. Finding out where corporal punishment published policies and practices are not being abided by side by side publishing rules and credible allegations like Memphis or commonsense (Oxford AL) being practiced in the media are fair fodder. The south does have to get its act together.


Re: Mr Roy Neal Schelling Designated Paddler

November 23 2010, 4:38 PM 

Hi American Way,

One of the most interesting things in your penultimate post 'click ' (21st Novemeber) is to compare on the one hand the comments to the newspaper ( including Jeff Charles) and then take a look at the link to the local poll, presumably of largely the African American community ....the comments are hostile to paddling,but the poll is overwhelmingly pro. Don't say either is a true reflection, but its interesting

Are attitudes a bit like Memphis ?

American Way

Re: Mr Roy Neal Schelling Designated Paddler

November 23 2010, 5:27 PM 

African Americans Jennifer Washington was a recipient in Corpun and Kelia Foster who appeared on a talk show as a rookie teacher attesst in Mississippi Teachers Corps, on popular talk shows tell of how they favors CP. A lot of the white kids, especially in the Delta testified credibly in the HRW report of abuses. Reading their blogs shows that most are not as outraged though they come from liberal parts of the country as one would think. As they get to know the paddlers in the faculty lounges they see them as flawed and set in their ways rather than sadistic monsters. They see CP as a short cut and try positive motivation. I would rather see them in their early twenties looking for creative alternatives fueled by idealism. There is something unseemly having 17 year olds paddled by 21 year olds. Separating professionalism and angry and avenging paddling (let me have the honors and I wish the law allowed more) ill serves the cause of the practice of CP.

Google Video Community Switching and see what improvisation cost Gillian Jacobs backside, the latest inductee of the Courage to Submit. I'm pretty she had no idea.

I am skeptical to the it did me no harm as "geometry by paddling". Given his conviction the allegation becomes credible in my book, Shelling spanked everybody. Often he didn't know what he was spanking them for; but everyone left with stinging pants, a story to tell and a claim to fame.

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