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Bending over

November 10 2010 at 2:24 AM

During the times I received school corporal punishment I had to bend over and touch my toes and I bent across a couple desks and the back of a chair twice. I was wondering what others experienced as far as bending over is concerned and if one particular method of receiving punishment hurt more than others?

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Bending over

November 10 2010, 8:35 PM 

When younger we had to touch (or almost touch ) toes. When older (14-16) were allowed just to lean forward.


Re: Bending over

November 11 2010, 10:17 AM 

Taking a caning is as much about self discipline as anything else.

When I was to be caned , I was told to report to X, Y or Z at such and such a time. That required discipline, I wasnt made to attend, I could have failed to attend.

You were told to bend over, I didnt have to but I did, again self discipline.

You were told to remain bent until told to stand . as anyone whose ever been caned knows remaining bent for six strokes requires considerable discipline.

However self discipline can be stretched to almost breaking point when being caned.

To be made to bend over a chair or desk makes receiving the caning easier, you stay in position and just hang on until told to stand.

Being made to touch your toes, literally, is difficult in itself, never mind take a caning at the same time. There was an individual who always made you touch your toes, and always made you straighten your legs. Not only that but you wouldnt be given the next stroke until you were in that position. So the length of your caning depended on you remaining in, or returning to, the touch your toes position. I have always been physically able to touch my toes but I can assure you that taking six strokes and still doing it requires enormous self discipline.


Re: Bending over

November 11 2010, 3:22 PM 

I had to bend with hands touching a low stool that had been made in the school woodwork class. I bet the lad who made it never realised its final use


Re: Bending over

November 11 2010, 10:28 PM 

I never managed to stay bent over and my fingertips on the toe of my shoes when I received the full six. On my first full six stroke caning in secondary school my headmaster was ordering me to keep my back legs straight and to 'bend over tighter'. He gave me an additional stroke when I was given permission to stand up for attempting to rub my bottom.


Re: Bending over

November 12 2010, 4:10 AM 

I don't actually remember anyone at school being told to " touch your toes" It was just " bend over"

The first time I was slippered at junior school I was told to bend over, but I just did a sort of lean. The teacher grabbed hold of me and bent me right over, but then gave me a very mild slippering. She normally gave very tame slipperings, but to repeat offenders she would give a proper slippering.

I remember two boys at grammar school being told to bend over for the slipper. The first one hardly bent over at all . but the other boy did a full touch your toes job. Both got equally severe slipperings. It became quite a talking point at break as to why they bent over in such a different manner. I also recall a girl being very amused by it and describing to her mates who hadn't seen it, how the two boys bent over, and doing a demonstration of it.


Re: Bending over

November 12 2010, 3:43 PM 

When I was caned I was mostly caned in the 'bend over and touch your toes' position. However when I got four of the best for using the "F" word in the playground, both a mate and I told each other to "F" off, we had to wait till the end of lunch break outside the staff room door, then we were ushered into the staff room by the teacher that had overheard us.

There was a young female teacher at a table marking some exercise books, we were directed to the further end of the room and one at a time were asked to bend over the back of a chair reaching down the front legs as far as possible. Then four strokes were applied. We weren't told in advance how many we were going to get.

When both of us had been caned we were told to go straight to our class and tell the teacher that we had been detained by him. Both of us had tears in our eyes, but we hadn't yelled. The bruises on my buttocks lasted more than two weeks.

When I have described this caning in another forum I was asked about bending over a chair as that was not normally done in a New Zealand school. However the teacher was an English man and perhapes he thought that he was giving us a harder caning than normal we needed the support. I could/should add here that he normally was a fairly laid back teacher, but the "F" word in 1958 was strictly frowned on.

Ted B

Worldwide Traveller

C.P. in South Africa

November 12 2010, 4:34 PM 

Until corporal punishment was banned here in South Africa, the caning of girls was not uncommon.
It was usually administered on the hand but not uncommon for a caning to be given on the bottom.
It was however felt to be unladylike for the girls to bend right over so they were told to lean slightly forward. I have never heard of a schoolgirl being made to lift her skirt but sometimes they had to hold their skirts tight across their bottoms. This sometimes lead to the cane landing on their hands so they had a double punishment.



Bending over

November 13 2010, 3:34 PM 

Waiting my turn for the cane or slipper I used to observe how those going before me used to bend. From the point of view of the person dishing out the punishment the 2 criteria seemed to be: i)clothing stretched tightly over the recipient's bum & ii)scope for a good swing of whatever was the day's weapon of choice. On the basis that this was a person whom I should definitely not piss off in any way, I usually opted for straight fingers pointing towards toes, concentrate on the pattern of the carpet/count lace-holes in shoes etc, then hope for the best, not forgetting to add the relevant "Yes/No Miss/Sir" if the traditional harangue was still going on by this stage.

Some people never seemed to grasp this simple concept. There would be "the casual-couldn't-care-less" type who would "tut" when told to bend and then let their arms dangle and swing as if the procedure was an everyday occurence. I expect they then cited victimisation when they got an extra couple of whacks. There was always someone [invariably a girl] who would bend and then look around with pleading eyes. They'd get "Face the FRONT!" with a bonus whack on the last syllable, before their actual punishment had begun. Then of course there would be "The Defiant One" who would bend as instructed but stare straight ahead, head up, and wonder why they got it harder than anyone else. My [then] girlfriend fell into this category. Think I might have mentioned her elsewhere on here . . . happy.gif



Re: Bending over

November 14 2010, 2:14 AM 

A little light relief, only slightly off topic.

Recahabit said above:

Being made to touch your toes, literally, is difficult in itself, never mind take a caning at the same time.

And over in the 'Stinging bottoms or striped bottoms ?' thread James said on November 13 2010 @ 2:35 PM:

Bending over to touch toes can only be done by the more slim/fit Lads.

It is well known by regular habitués of this estimable Forum that I was never caned. Of the two occasions I was subjected to school corporal punishment the first, as a little lad, involved being trapped under the seated teacher's arm half bent, the other in Junior School involved bending over a desk. I would have been extremely apprehensive had I ever faced the cane, or indeed the slipper as deployed by some teachers, but the one thing I could have done with absolutely no difficulty would have been to bend over and touch my toes! happy.gif

At Junior school I often watched classmates struggle, and sometimes fail, to get into the touching toes, knees straight, position some teachers sought for administration of the slipper. I was certainly never either slim or particularly fit at school and I have now, and presumably had then, an ape indexNote 1 of less than 1, but I could place the flat of my hands on the floor in front of my toes with straight knees fairly easily. Still could until well into my 50s, and at 68 after two hip resurfacings I can still touch my toes with straight knees.

One of life's little jokes I guess, that I with the easy facility was never required to use it, at least not in a school CP situation, while unfortunate classmates who could scarcely reach their ankles had to strive to attain the full bent over touching toes with knees straight posture in order to be slippered. A problem shared by some of those who were caned, to judge from the quotes above!

Note 1: Ape Index, the ratio of outstretched arm span (finger tip to finger tip) to height, typically 1. Of some importance in climbing, where very good climbers frequently have an ape index significantly greater than 1 and short armed unfortunates like me are handicapped by the opposite extreme. sad.gif


Bending over

November 18 2010, 5:48 PM 

In the gym,when we were to be caned our teacher made us grasp the wall bars tightly and bend with our heads between our legs keeping our legs straight.This position,although uncofortable pulled our satin shorts tightly and the cane coould be swiftly delivered across the victim's bottom.


Re: Bending Over

November 19 2010, 12:44 PM 

Like Declan, I can't recall anyone being told to touch their toes, the instruction was just "Bend over" and, especially when given by my Headmistress, I'm not sure there wasn't a "please" appended. Sometimes a teacher would guide us into position by applying a little pressure to the back of our necks.


Hi Jenny

November 19 2010, 3:52 PM 

I do remember the "helping hand" behind the neck!


tucking in tail of shirt

November 22 2010, 5:17 AM 

my second primary school caning involved having to bend across my Headmistress' desk to receive my punishment. My toes barely touched the floor and she tucked the tail of my school shirt into my shorts before administering the strokes


Re: Bending over

November 22 2010, 6:00 AM 

The second last time I was caned as a schoolboy my Headmaster was not happy with how I was bending over and insisted that I assume the touching toes position. He also said that "I have caned you enough times during your schooling so you should know the position I expect you to be in when I am caning you. Touch your toes Master Thomas and you can see me again tomorrow afternoon for disobedience." My Headmaster caned me again the next afternoon and I was certainly bending over in the position he expected. I had two 6s on consecutive lines in the punishment book and my buttom was marked with tramlines and light bruising.



Re: Bending over

November 22 2010, 7:51 AM 

Hi Garshin. You say to Jenny:

I do remember the "helping hand" behind the neck!

Ah, but in view of your email address, were you utilising it or subjected to it? happy.gif


Bending over.

November 23 2010, 9:41 PM 

The first time I was spnked at school I wasn't told to do anything. I had taken it upon myself to throw a snowball at the teacher on playground duty who was walking down the line as we waited to go back inside. Hw walked towards me, put his hand on the back of my neck and the helping hand was in fact the total control hand. I saw this happen a few times.

At grammar school when called out to the front of the class I think I was only ever told to "Bend over"

In the lower 6th was the first time I was ever sent to the office. The deputy head placed a chair in front of me and from memory told me to "Bend over the back and hold the edge of the seat" or something on those lines. The second time I'm not sure that he said anything, he placed the chair there and I think I just got on with it.

American Way

Re: Bending over

November 29 2010, 9:13 PM 


Re: Bending over

December 12 2010, 6:03 PM 

my school is different, we have to hold on to the wall in a standing-up position.
I think it applied to all of us in malaysia school which is quite different than in UK



December 12 2010, 8:41 PM 


When you are caned standing up does the cane always land on target - on the buttocks rather than the back or legs? If the clothes are loose fitting it could be difficult deciding where to aim.


Re: Bending over

December 13 2010, 1:55 AM 

Bending across the gymnasium horse affords an ideal presentation for an effective and painful caning; the doubled-over position raises the bared fleshy cheeks into maximum prominence and causes a pronounced backward thrust that tautens and distends them in the most vulnerable manner.


Very accuarate.!

December 13 2010, 11:29 AM 

S'pore & Malaysian's school discipine masters are all trained,they can hit exactly on the centre of the buttocks every stroke...


Re: Bending over

December 13 2010, 6:00 PM 

Ya, those teacher can aim accurately on your buttocks.
However, if you move when he is caning you, you will be given an extra stroke.


Re: Bending over

December 13 2010, 6:12 PM 


For your question, if you are not ducking in your shirt when he is caning you, you will get another extra stroke. Hence, there is no reason they can't aim your buttock accurately.


Re: Bending over

January 6 2011, 1:48 PM 

In my school in the 70s we were always told eiher to "touch your toes" or "bend over". No-one ever said how far you had to bend over, but from the start it seemed you were supposed to bend over as far as possible, hopefully touching your toes. At times I remember teachers telling boys to bend over more, or "right over", and "keep your legs straight".

For my part, I always bent right over and touched my toes and stayed that way for the entire punishment, usually a whacking with a slipper or strap. I may have wavered at times, but soon resumed the correct position. In retrospect, being bent right over seemed to present the bottom as an excellent target. Generally, other boys that I saw whacked, also tended to bend right over, and if not, were told to do so. I do however recall as we advanced in the school, some boys not bending over quite as far and being allowed to stay that way.

Bending over, touching toes, was also the position in which I was caned. On these occasions it was very difficult to stay in the same position. I remember my knees buckling a little and my upper body pulling up. But I also remember conscientiously making sure I returned to the "correct" postion before the next whack, which was expected.


bending over

January 7 2011, 4:29 PM 



Strange times and strange geometry

January 7 2011, 6:19 PM 

Gavin wrote:

During the early 60's, at our school, any time the cane was used, and at many times it was, the gym hall was used, the favorite was the horse which was always set on a high setting, so having changed into your PE shorts only, you had to jump up and bend over the horse which meant your feet was off the floor, and your poor backside was on top of the horse, with your hands touching the floor the other side, most off the strokes was between four and six, wearing loose fitting shorts all ways meant, showing to much bare cheek, and plus the fact the Head always looked in the timetable to see which class would be in the gym, at that time, and being 17 years old, it was always the younger ones 10-12 year olds. You could not get off the horse until told to, which was about 5 mins after the last stroke, then having the embarrassing walk to the showers as a shower after the cane was part of the discipline, with the younger kids laughing at your marked rear.

Yes, the early 60's were a strange time. I remember them poorly. In those days boys had long arms and short legs and headmaster could be blatantly perverted without the perversion being known. We did not use full stops much in those days or bother with spaces after commas. I remember seeing dinosaurs and unicorns in the forests at night. They were great days.


Re: Bending over

January 7 2011, 8:16 PM 

I remember seeing dinosaurs and unicorns in the forests at night.

Ah, Yes. The classic symptoms of baloneyphobia.

Your Local Council

History lesson

January 7 2011, 9:02 PM 

That there Gavin also wrote, at 7:26 pm (and also 7:27 pm and 7:28 pm) on 17 November 2010 in the thread "Caned in PE Kit":

in the early 60's i was a school prefect, along with my girlfriend who also was a prefect,we were caught smoking while checking that the school class rooms were empty. The following morning we both had to report to the senior study master,and had no choice then to admit to smoking,we both had to report to the gym office that evening,where the gym mistress and gym master were present,we both had to change into our pe kits,and informed 4 strokes had been allocated for us,as it was lady's first,she had to bend over the wooden gym horse,on doing so her short skirt showed her pants off,the gym mistress soon put the 4 strokes across her backside,and then it was turn 4 from the gym master,wearing short shorts my girlfriend said my backside liked bare while i was bent over.Both off us where 17 years old at the time.

Looks like he's decided to keep the shift lock on this time. I suppose you need to type with both hands if you toggle the shift key like most people.



Re: History Lesson

January 7 2011, 10:27 PM 

Hi KK, hcj and Your Local Council. We should be thankful for small mercies. Gavin may have opted for total upper case and strange punctuation, but there are no indications that he still thinks he's also Steve, who shares his email address and posted a similar story here in the Corporal Punishment Survey thread.

Sadly, although Gavin/Steve sometimes includes his girlfriend in the story, with "her short p.e. skirt,which rode up to show her pants" he consistently fails to say if the pants so revealed were ****** ***** *** ********. sad.gif


Re: Bending over

January 16 2011, 9:09 PM 

Fiction tends to be more enjoyable if it is plausible. Fantasy need not be plausible but it must give insights into the human condition, or the nature of things, or have some other merit if it is to satisfy. Nothing grates more in any work than technical errors such as cities placed in wrong countries or schooners with the wrong number of masts.

I find errors of anatomy particularly galling. Such errors are common in CP drawings and the writing of those with little actual experience or even knowledge of their own bodies. The strict geometric constraints of rigid bones and joints cannot be easily excused by poetic or artistic license.

A common misconception is that spreading the legs spreads the buttock cheeks. This is not so. The leg bones are attached to the hipbones (the pelvis). The cheeks are attached to the hipbones and not the leg bones so are little affected when the legs area spread. Dem Dry Bones, a traditional spiritual song has The thigh bone connected to the back bone, which is anatomically wrong. The back bone is connected with the top of the pelvic bones (see discussion of vaulting horses below).

[linked image]

The traditional Over the knee (OTK) causes many geometric difficulties in fiction and real life. It is suited for smacking the buttocks of an uncooperative small person with the palm of the open hand, or perhaps a short object such as a hairbrush. However, it becomes increasingly problematic as the size and strength of the subject increases. Increases in the length of the implement are especially problematic. The shoulder must be turned away and arm must be increasingly cocked to allow for the length as shown in this photo from Spanking Central. It is very difficult to restrain a large strong uncooperative subject so positioned.

The traditional, unsupported, touch the toes position is not very satisfactory. The posture has the buttocks counter balanced by the head and shoulders and hence, over hanging. This requires the cane holding hand to be kept low throughout the swing, or the cane to be swung diagonally upwards - if it is to impact at right angles on the fleshy lower half of the buttocks, the preferred target. Much more powerful diagonally downward strokes, involving torso, shoulder, elbow and wrist movement, must land on the bony upper portion of the buttocks or even the small of the back. These problems are avoided if the subject leans forward and is supported by or draped over a suitable item of furniture or gym equipment.

[linked image]

Certain lithe individuals, with skinny waists, can bend hairpin-like and might be supported by or draped over a narrow rail with both hands and feet on or near the floor. The lad in the sketch above is one such. However, consider a wider support. A right angled or tighter bend is possible at the hips but the spine can be only moderately curved. An inverted V shape is possible but a lad over a vaulting horse ,with hands on the ground and feet off the floor, would need to be in an inverted L position, with the legs nearly parallel to the floor. Such a position is unstable and he is likely to fall off. Much of his weight would need to be supported by his hands and arms.

I hope this version meets the rules - unlike that which was deleted.


Bending contd . . the "Helping Hand"

January 21 2011, 9:48 AM 

Alas the email address refers to my [sometimes]job as a signwriter/maker for pubs. Sorry to disappoint! The "helping hand" I referred to was from my headmistress. Her caning technique was well choreographed, her invariable lecture ending with the word "BEND!" as she arrived at your side. Now and then she mis-timed it and was still ranting. That's when the "HH" was used, and the harangue would continue with the cane pressed against the bum until she had taken a step back and was ready to start. When she was dealing with a queue of miscreants in the corridor she tended to use the slipper. As this was adminstered from close range she didn't bother with an instruction to bend, just a hand behind the neck immediately followed by the first whack. When she had finished, the same hand would haul you upright by the shoulder. One final whack to send you on your way, then she'd move on to the next in the line.



Re: Bending contd . . the "Helping Hand"

January 21 2011, 10:30 AM 

Hi Garshin Thank you for the clarification, I have been unable to sleep since your first appearance here worrying about that! happy.gifwink.gifhappy.gif Your Headmistress sounds a formidable character indeed! Not a lady to cross I think!


Helping Hand Headmistress

January 21 2011, 2:41 PM 

a) yes she was, & b) we tried our best not to!
Imagine a satanic Marge Simpson [but blonde not blue] with a shouting Helen Mirren voice & you've got her! She's still hale & hearty by all accounts, though long retired. Must be 90-odd by now. Probably strangles pit-bulls as a hobby. Anyway, where were we? . . . .


Re: Bending over

February 3 2011, 5:10 PM 

when i was caned by the headmaster in the 1970s aged 12 (well the first time)it was quite simple. he would say stand there, pointing to a spot on the floor, he would open a cupboard that was next to me and produce a cane, he took his time in all ,ie choosing a cane , he would then say face the door. when turned around facing the door another few seconds passed. then came the dreaded words...BEND OVER..once over with my hands on knees and back arched i would feel his hand lifting the back of my blazer and lay it over my back. this made me feel exposed and humiliated, and of course frightened, knees felt like jelly but i just held on to them.i seemed to have bent right over with my bottom in the air and very little protection. seconds had passed and then i felt the cane resting on the top of my bottom. a few taps and the cane left and then a loud whistle and a twack. i never felt anything at first and thought what was all the fuss about. 4 or 5 seconds later a searing sting , like a red hot iron was placed on my bottom, a sicky taste in my mouth and a feel in my stomach i cant discribe, i also felt a rush of blood or something go from my bottom to around my private parts.with eyes watering i felt the cane again resting on my bottom in around the same spot. a few more taps and the same again. whistle ,twack, and this time stinging that was out of this world.i stood up as i heard him open the cupboard door . i felt like dancing around the room (but didnt). i never wanted to have to bend over again for him. although i did on many more occassions....


Re: Bending over

February 3 2011, 9:22 PM 

Hi Kooboo,

Have you been taking spelling and punctuation lessons from The Apache Kid?


My Senior Mistress

February 7 2011, 11:43 PM 

I received the cane once at 15 years of age for truanting English. My friend and I were caught by our Headgirl and she marched us to her office. After we had been sternly spoken to we were informed that we were going to receive the cane for our punishment.

We had to stand a couple of feet in front of her desk and she ordered us to bend over and place our hands on our shins. Initially I felt self conscious about bending over but those feelings disappeared quickly when the first stroke landed. After I had received my punishment my friend received hers, we left the Senior Mistress' study in tears much to my embarrassment. I remember the boys who were waiting to see the Headmaster looking at us we left.


Bending over

April 13 2012, 9:39 AM 

There was quite a ritual for this at my boarding school. I would wait, doing 'prep' with the other junior boys in the dayroom. Footsteps would echo down the long passage. A boy would enter and speak to the prefect taking prep. The boy would leave, and after a sadistic pause, the prefect would call out my name, and tell me to go to the Head Boy's study.

So, trudge, trudge down the long, long passage, out past the looming Abbey in to the study block, up the stairs, knock on the door. Long pause. Should I knock again? Eventually I am ordered to enter.

The Head Boy announces that I now have eight black marks. He enquires if I know what this means. I do. It means six. I have never had more than four before, and they were almost unbearable after two.

"Yes," I stammer, "yes, I do, but....."

He quickly interrupts. "But me no buts. You know that I am empowered to increase the penalty if you do not conduct yourself properly. Mmmmmm?"

"Yes. Sorry!"

"Go and wait for me in the cloisters."

My legs will hardly carry me down the stairs. I drag myself down the corridor to the cloisters. Cold and dark and medieval. I wait. And wait.

At last I hear his footsteps, just as the Abbey clock strikes the hour.

He tells me to bend and grip my ankles. I feel him turning the tail of my jacket over the small of my back. "Lower," he says, "a bit lower. Good."

Through my legs I can see him bending and caressing the cane.

The touch on my trousers, tightly stretched over my buttocks. And then......

My God! It hurt, hurt, hurt.


Re: Bending over

April 14 2012, 1:17 AM 

Different teachers had different methods.

One of the RE teachers used to place a chair in the middle of the aisle at the front of the class and invite boys who were going to be slippered to come and place their hands on the seat of the chair so that their bottoms facing the class. He would then take out the heavy rubber-soled baseball shoe which he used for slippering boys' bottoms, lift the back of the blazer and then slipper the boy very hard across the middle of both buttocks. Any boy who moved his bottom during a slippering had to have the stroke repeated and the same penalty applied if you took your hands off the seat of the chair.

An English teacher required boys to bend over the end of the wooden teacher's desk at the front of the room to have their bottoms thrashed.

A Physics teacher collected a slipper from the prep room then took me into an alcove in a quiet corner of the physics lab where I bent over and touched my toes for him while he slippered my bottom.

Alan Nale

Those annoying wooden teachers

April 15 2012, 7:55 AM 

You say " An English teacher required boys to bend over the end of the wooden teacher's desk at the front of the room to have their bottoms thrashed."

I have never seen a teacher made out of wood, are they Government supplied?


Re: Bending over

April 17 2012, 9:09 AM 

Most canings at my school were administered with the culprit bending over a stool ( a tall physics lab
type) this stopped any jumping up from a touching toes position. I was caned on quite a few occasions
whilst bent over one of these stools, i was also caned bent over the vaulting horse in the gym by my
p.e master.I was slippered in touching toes position,this was usually reserved for front of class
punishments,more embarrasing as well as painful as it was a mixed class


Punishment Positions

September 22 2012, 9:55 AM 

When I first got the slipper at school (second year Junior, so 8-9 years old), the teacher put me over his knee to deliver the whacks (3), but every time after that, Junior and Senior, it was touching toes for the slipper. For the cane, however (Secondary school only), it was always bending over the back of a chair and holding onto the seat. Staying in position while Sir's slipper scorched your backside took a huge effort, and although the cane hurt more, having the chair for support helped you to maintain your position throughout the ordeal


Re: Bending over

September 22 2012, 10:20 PM 

hHi Alan Nale if you are still reading ,

Hmmm, I remember Mr. Chips , but Mr Chippy , yes I'm not sure !

American Way

So Much For The Brace Position

November 20 2012, 4:03 AM 

Corporal punishment shall be only administered to the buttocks of the student, while the student is bending forward touching a sturdy object at knee level.




Re: Bending over

November 20 2012, 6:23 AM 

[linked image]


Re: Bending over

November 22 2012, 5:55 AM 

Bending over,touching toes was mostly used for classroom punishments with the
plimsoll/slipper which i received on many occasions
It was a position i hated,trying to stay touching your toes while your bottom
was being roasted with a large plimsoll is very difficult.Unfortunately a large
number of masters at my school insited on this position with penalty of extra
whacks for jumping up.Also with classroom punishments girls were present,which
made it embarassing as well as painful
Girls did receive C.P at my school but only for the more serious offences
truanting,fighting,bullying,stealing,meant a hand caning in the heads office
administered by the senior mistress.Slipperings in class was for less serious
misdemeanours,forgetting homework or gym kit,talking,fooling about just general
misbehavior.Girls that were guilty of such crimes were either told off or
given lines,though i did hear that the gym mistress used to slipper girls in
p.e i asked my sister about this but she denied it
One more thing about classroom punishments some of the masters seemed to treat
them like class entertainment,i,ve been told myself to bend tighter,or i want
those trousers tighter,before my blazer was raised and the plimsoll applied to
the seat of my trousers hard


Re: Bending over

November 27 2012, 11:45 AM 

I agree - several teachers had particular routines and techniques and often you felt the whole business of getting the slipper was part of a "show". I noted this more as I got older too. The punishment would be more drawn out, with longer gaps between whacks - or the boy on the receiving end would be repeatedly told to "bend right down" or "keep still". And there was always the uncertainly of how many whacks there would be - unless you were one of several getting punished and knew what was to come!

Even when taken outside the class there would be a routine - you may have to wait a while etc.....and the rest of the class would be silent as they listened to the whacks!


Re: Bending over

November 28 2012, 4:40 AM 

Was yours a mixed sex school,and if so were girls ever
punished at front of class.What were the girls reactions
when a boy was slippered
The girls at the front in my class had ringside seats,the
ones nearer the back used to stand up to watch.As far has i
recall none of the masters administering the slippering
ever told the girls to sit down


Bending over

December 4 2012, 10:24 PM 

For me it was mainly "bend over",and was either a straight free bend (but you didn't have to touch toes) or was bending over a desk,chair or vaulting horse (if thrashed in the gym). I would have thought the best position though would be to lay flat on your stomach on a bench with something under to protrude the backside up. That way you can't move at all,aside from a bit of wriggling maybe,and the cane (or whatever can still be brou7ght down well. Providing the ceiling is high enough of course. I was caned that way a few times as an adult by a mate and it worked very well,and was more comfortable for me as well.


Re: Bending over

December 19 2012, 5:06 PM 

At my junior school (age 7-11), the senior class was taught by a bully of a man. He was reputed to throw chalk, blackboard erasers and the like at pupils. He would 'tap' inattentive pupils on the head with his board pointer and regularly give the slipper at the front of the class. So I was reliably informed by my elder sister and later confirmed by those who stayed at the school to be taught by him (I transferred to a different school aged 9 and was never in his class).

However, I vividly recall him coming into the playground one day and ringing the bell as I was stood not far from him. At the first ring we all had to stand still in silence and at the second file quietly to our classroom.

This teacher with his wire rimmed spectacles and Billy Bunter (albeit 50+ years old) physique, scanned the playground for the slightest indication of motion or sound. On this occasion it was a boy a year or two older than me who was deemed, in some small way, to have infringed the rules.

"Come here Bendall" the teacher bellowed. "Run". out of the corner of my eye I could see a very scared boy running as slowly as humanly possible towards his fate, watched in an eerie motionless silence by the rest of the school.

I forget whether he had spoken or moved, but when challenged he admitted his sin. The teacher put down the bell and, as clear as anything, I recall his oh-so-clever next command to the poor boy..

"Right. Bendall over and touch your toes."

Bendall started to lean forward and the teacher gripped the back of his neck with his left hand while raining a succession of slaps (5 all told) to the bare backs of his legs (these were the days of short trousers, even at junior school). I had to suppress a nervous smirk at the way Bendall hopped around the teacher reminding me of the way the red indians danced around their totem poles in the westerns. It served no purpose as the teacher simply circled with him until the punishment was complete.

There was no cause for smirking afterwards when I saw the vivid red marks on the backs of his legs.

The only times I was instructed to bend over and touch my toes was from the P.E. staff at my secondary school. This was almost invariably administered by the department head in her small office, though very occasionally I recall boys being slippered by the male members of staff in the gym at the end of a lesson while everyone else was changing.

The head of P.E. was petite, but very muscular. She was reputedly ex military and it was alleged that she had at one time been the one assigned to cane girls but that she had done so too rigorously and the task had passed to the deputy headmistress. I suspect that both of these were school myths.

What I do know is that she could wield a slipper harder than any of the other teachers I had occasion to experience it from, even if it was because we only had the scant protection of our nylon shorts and underwear. In her office you had to face the door and were instructed to bend over, legs straight and touch your toes. It was also usual to be told to shuffle nearer the door, presumably to give her more room to swing the slipper, as it was a small and cramped space.

Once in position, she slammed the slipper into your backside with a force (technique?) seemingly disproportionate to her size. Because of the position adopted, it was almost impossible to maintain your balance which meant as you stumbled forward you knocked your head on the door. I would love to meet her again and ask if this was her intent - the mark of a well delivered blow being that the pupil struck the door.

You then had to get back in position for the next whack. No matter how you tried to not reach your toes, or have a slight bend in your knees so as to increase stability, she would keep instructing you to bend further or straighten your legs and then deliver the next blow at the moment your posture had become unstable.

Scary lady, and not many bragged afterwards about their encounters with her slipper.


Re. Bending over

December 20 2012, 8:23 AM 

Last message focussed on touching toes, apologies for length. Others experienced during 5 years comprehensive 'education':

Headmaster, over back of visitors' chair, or over his desk.

Senior Masters, free standing, feet approx. shoulder width apart (one carpet tile apart), knees slightly bent, hands on shins (approx).

Physics / chemistry, prep lab, bent over wooden laboratory stool, green imitation leather top with foam padding coming out of the splits.

Art, wooden stool, no padded top.

English, over back of desk, hands on seat of chair.

Others, free standing, various degrees of bending but, with exception of head of PE, (see previous message)no requirement to touch toes.


Re: Bending over

January 14 2013, 5:57 AM 

On the occasions where I received Corporal Punishment in School, I was told to bend over a desk or over the back of a chair, which seemed to be fairly common. Obviously to give support, as I would not have done well if I had been told to bend over and touch my toes.


Touching toes

February 28 2013, 10:51 AM 

For us it was generally touching toes for the slipper (junior and secondary), most masters insisting on your bending pretty low ("tighter lad", and "fingers on toes"). For the cane at secondary school it was bending over the back of a chair holding onto the seat; indeed I was glad of the extra support!

My cousin attended an all-boys secondary school where lads were required to maintain a touching-toes position during a caning, even if it was six of the best.


Re: Bending over

March 12 2013, 5:22 PM 

I just cannot see how a teacher can effectively punish a pupil with a whacking across the bottom without the pupil bending over, whether it be touching toes, over a chair, over a desk, whatever....

The bending over was always part of the punishment....and you accepted that (from my experience)!



Re: Bending over

March 14 2013, 10:48 AM 

Hi John Day,

You said above:

I just cannot see how a teacher can effectively punish a pupil with a whacking across the bottom without the pupil bending over, whether it be touching toes, over a chair, over a desk, whatever....

In certain parts of the world, including the UK, former British Colonies and the US (which I suppose strictly speaking is a former British Colony) it has indeed generally been the practise for pupils to bend over in some fashion when being punished by a whacking across the bottom. I am no expert on the subject of cultural norms, but presumably there is an acceptance of this posture for punishment purposes in those societies.

This is not universal however. Below are some screen grabs from surreptitiously shot classroom videos showing school pupils being corporeally punished. They are from areas such as South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Same punishment, being whacked across the bottom, but in these cases the pupils are required to stand facing the blackboard at the front of the class. Sometimes they are required to hold the shelf at the bottom of the board, or to place their raised palms on the board.

Sometimes other postures are required for the bottom to be whacked. The pupil may have to stand facing the class or whatever other audience there is. Sometimes they are required to fold their arms, presumably to keep stray hands away from the target area. In other cases the pupil has to lie flat face down on a table or, more often, a desk or adjacent desks.

Sometimes a sort of push-up posture is demanded, with the pupil face down supporting themselves on extended hands and feet, and the body raised off the floor. If the surreptitious videos are any sort of frequency guide this posture is rather more commonly required of boys than girls in the classroom. However mass punishments sometimes seem to be conducted outside, presumably for space reasons and in these cases there doesn't seem to be any gender discrimination if this posture is used.

So, various postures required of errant pupils whose bottoms are to be whacked. But I do not ever recall seeing a video from those areas where anything we would recognise as 'bending over' was required. Whether this arises from cultural considerations I have no idea. But I am pretty certain that in South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam you would have no difficulty in finding people who would strongly disagree with you that a teacher can't effectively punish a pupil with a whacking across the bottom without the pupil bending over!


Re: Bending over

March 14 2013, 4:51 PM 

OK - I stand corrected! But still think a better "result" is possible if there an element of bending over!


Re: Bending over

March 15 2013, 4:22 PM 

Hello John Day and Another_Lurker.

I believe you are both right, but what appear to be similar punishments have important differences. The UK school cane is very light, thin and flexible. It performs best when the buttocks are firm, bringing the cane to a halt very quickly so it delivers its power instantly.

By contrast, the type of "cane" used on the buttocks in South Korea is much thicker and heavier and its intention is not to cause the instant sting of a UK school cane, but to render the lower part of the buttocks sore. Often, large numbers of strokes are given. If the buttocks are resilient, this can be achieved without excessive deep bruising.

Some punishments in Korea are intended to sting, but these are traditionally given with a thin rod (usually Japanese bush clover or bamboo root) on the bare calves.



Re: Bending over

March 16 2013, 4:15 AM 

Hi hcj,

A most interesting contribution. Thank you very much, you have clarified something that I should have realised before, but had failed to grasp. Though I had noted that some of implements used by teachers in South Korea certainly appeared much thicker and heavier than typical 'western' school canes, I hadn't appreciated that they were intended to deliver a different type of punishment.

As regulars here are aware, I have no personal experience of the effects of a traditional western school caning, and I had always assumed that considerable discomfort when sitting was an inevitable consequence of such a punishment, an assumption often supported by comics, fictional accounts etc. But by coincidence yesterday prior to seeing your response, while searching for something else I came across a thread on a purportedly authoritative site which rather debunked this idea. The consensus seemed to be that in most circumstances even after a severe caning any discomfort on sitting was at worst minimal and short-lived, and that the real punitive effects of the cane lay in other areas.

I presume the intention of rendering the lower part of the buttocks sore in the South Korean punishments is that the student should experience a quite extensive period of discomfort when sitting as a consequence. Further, if the source I mention above is correct, unlike caning this prolonged discomfort on sitting would be a major component of the punitive effect of the South Korean version of buttock whacking. Would this be a reasonable assumption please, or am I putting two and two together and making five?

Off-topic, but as it has arisen in the natural course of the thread and I need to post pictures to get to grips with the idiosyncrasies of the dreadful new Photobucket I shall have no compunction in proceeding! happy.gif You mention that a 'sting based' punishment on the bare calves is sometimes used in South Korea. Here are some pictures thereof, again taken from surreptitiously shot cell phone videos:

An interesting contrast in styles. In the bottom left picture the boys, who were all wearing shorts, were required to stand on a chair to facilitate the punishment. In the bottom right picture the teacher was even more mindful of his back and required the students to climb even higher and stand on a desk. As they were wearing long trousers they had to pull them up to the knee.

The teacher in the top picture however was clearly a compassionate man! happy.gif Not only did he bend himself rather than require his pupils to risk their safety by climbing on furniture, but they were also permitted to leave their long trousers in-situ, which presumably reduced the sting a little. As a consequence the video was, unusually, shot under the desks!


Re: Bending over

March 16 2013, 5:46 PM 

Hello A_L,

I agree that the discomfort of sitting down after a traditional UK-style caning is insignificant compared with the pain at the moment of delivery.

A Korean style punishment on the buttocks is still painful - being hit hard ten times with a standard 15mm thick ash rod weighing 90 grams is not pleasant - but the sensation is different from a UK cane. Some discomfort is noticeable, when sitting, for about a day afterwards.

Some Korean teachers think the traditional high school rod is too light for the buttocks and improvise with billiard cues, golf clubs or anything else that comes to hand. One cp implement manufacturer is trying to fill the gap in the market and for 2013 has introduced a 25mm thick stick, in the standard 60cm length, available in maple or juniper. An encounter with this broomstick-like rod will certainly be a bruising experience!



Re: Bending over

March 18 2013, 5:34 AM 

Hello hcj,

Thank you for the additional information. We are very fortunate to have the benefit of your knowledge of South Korea and the Korean language available to us here.

On the subject of CP implements used in South Korean schools some of them do look extremely brutal, more akin to cudgels than anything else. If they were merely used for show one would not be unduly concerned, but some of the actual punishments certainly look to me to be excessive. By contrast others seem to barely justify the term 'token'.

I have various 'pictorial' posts from that part of the world that I've had on the stocks for some time and never got round to. When I do eventually make them I'll put them in a more suitable thread. I hope very much that you'll comment if possible. Meantime, one final query on the present exchanges if I may please. You mention above that manufacturers are still producing new items for school CP. Do you happen to know what the current state of play is as regards CP in South Korean schools please? I had gained the impression that it was now widely, if not totally, banned.

de Wolf

Re: Bending over

March 18 2013, 2:00 PM 

Hi Another_Lurker,

There are a few references in this Forum of people using their full strength to performing a caning. Did you think this was excessive, in view of your concern to some Korean methods of correction, and implements performing them.

I may be wrong but I believe you have stated you never received a caning at school, I did and I could not have remained in position for a man/woman to have administered a full powered caning. I dare say I'm not alone either, someone would have to be void of all, or most feelings towards pain, to withstand such a punishment.



Re: Bending over

March 18 2013, 11:56 PM 

Hi de Wolf,

An interesting question! I scent a trap here. An ever so gentle trap, but nonetheless a trap! happy.gif However I will give you a completely straight answer.

Corporal punishment in schools is and was generally intended to hurt. Quite often, when applied in front of other pupils, there was also an element of humiliation, and sometimes of 'pour encourager les autres'. In a few cases I recall it was even a 'reward' to well behaved members of the class. Look what a good chap I am ('chap' because I never saw a woman do this), as you're been good I'm rewarding you by letting you watch me make XYZ, who hasn't, jump through a few hoops in an amusing fashion.

But basically the objective of school CP is to cause the pupil a degree of pain. The pain is the punishment for deviating from a required standard of behaviour. Its application involves a ritual in which the pupil submits to the teacher, signifying the restoration of the correct hierarchical relationship by voluntarily adopting and maintaining the required posture to facilitate the punishment. In the case of the subject of this thread, by bending over.

The teacher then applies the judged requisite degree of pain according to the severity of the offence. The slate is then wiped clean, normal relationships are restored, and all is well with the world. Prof.n and I have recently pontificated on this ritual aspect of school CP here and here in the excellent current TWP thread.

Well, that's the brief introduction concluded! happy.gif And so to your question. No, I do not see any problem in the person doing the caning using his or her full strength to apply a sensible number of strokes if that severity of punishment is what is adjudged to be merited by the offence. Life is very simple as regards offending against whatever code of conduct is in force in the environments one frequents. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime or don't get caught! If you're a pupil in a school where severe CP is one of the sanctions and you don't want to experience what may be one of the most painful experiences of your (at that point quite short) life, be good or be devious. It worked for me.

So why do I sometimes find the surreptitiously videoed South Korean classroom punishments disturbing? It comes down to:
  • The implements involved:  In a normal 'western' school caning, even a maximum force one, the pupil might suffer a very high degree of pain, but they are not going to suffer broken bones or other severe structural damage. A cane is too light and flexible for that. Caning on the hand might be an exception, but this is the 'Bending Over' thread so we won't go there at present. Some of the implements used in South Korea appear both rigid and rather heavier than canes. Indeed hcj confirms this in his comments above. These implements appear to me to have the capacity to do severe physical damage if used carelessly, just as is the case, for instance, with some of the paddles used in US schools.

  • The lack of ritual:  As noted in the comments by Prof.n and I linked above, ritual is essential in school CP. One of its functions is to ensure that things don't go too far. That the fine line between punishment and physical assault as defined in that environment is nor crossed. Most school corporal punishments in South Korea, and indeed in Thailand and Vietnam, appear highly ritualised, often to the extent of a formal closure involving a 'wai gesture' type acknowledgement of the teacher by the student. But some don't. In some it appears that the teacher is simply beating the living daylights out of the student.
And when a teacher is beating the living daylights out of the student with a quite heavy implement, well, those are the punishments that disturb me!

Incidentally, I recall coming across another of your queries to me that I meant to respond to. Regrettably I didn't at the time, and now such is the volume of activity in the Forum, I can't recall what or where it was. I don't deliberately ignore direct questions, and if I can find it I'll deal with it.


Re: Bending over

March 19 2013, 12:27 AM 

A_L wrote:

We are very fortunate to have the benefit of your knowledge of South Korea and the Korean language available to us here.

While I have some knowledge of South Korea, the spoken language is still beyond my grasp. One day, I commented that a young acquaintance could speak English well, but my Korean was like that of a two year-old. Quick as a flash, he retorted, "hcj, you're not that good!" sad.gif

As far as implements that look like "cudgels" are concerned, I don't think they are any worse than some of the US paddles we see in these pages. Of course there are abuses, which are the ones that tend to hit the headlines. As I may have said before, those who are hit tend to complain more about the indignity than the pain.

The current state of play on CP in South Korean schools is unclear. Some areas do not intend to impose a ban, others want a partial ban. I suspect the implementation of new regulations has become very drawn out and with politicians concentrating on recent elections and the threats from a belligerent neighbour, the matter has dropped down the agenda - with many teachers keen to keep it there.

It is worth noting that one of the new implements includes a "special offer" for printing a short message on the rod. There are two samples shown in the advert, one is marked: "(name) Electronics High School" and the other: "(name) PTA". I think that might indicate that non-state schools and parents are the customers expected to continue using cp.


Re: Bending over

March 19 2013, 1:37 AM 

And here is a clip from China , where , of course all corporal punishment is banned....and has been since the late 40's ....not so if the youtube videos are anything to go by, but this is unbelievable. It appears the teacher is now either uner death sentence or has been executed .

Still this is ultimate when monsters aren't controlled.



Re: Bending over

March 24 2013, 8:57 PM 

EAL provided an excellent explanation of why SCP was once widely accepted and did surprisingly little harm (see above, March 18, 2013). He wrote (in part):

But basically the objective of school CP is to cause the pupil a degree of pain. The pain is the punishment for deviating from a required standard of behaviour. Its application involves a ritual in which the pupil submits to the teacher, signifying the restoration of the correct hierarchical relationship by voluntarily adopting and maintaining the required posture to facilitate the punishment. In the case of the subject of this thread, by bending over.

The teacher then applies the judged requisite degree of pain according to the severity of the offence. The slate is then wiped clean, normal relationships are restored, and all is well with the world. Prof.n and I have recently pontificated on this ritual aspect of school CP . . . in the excellent current TWP thread.

If SCP is to work, and for it to be acceptable, the recipient and the community must get some benefit from it. SCP must not be seen as the ultimate last resort punishment but as an everyday ordinary thing that leaves no lasting stain on the reputation or character of the recipient.


Re: Bending over

March 24 2013, 9:23 PM 

de Wolf wrote in part:

There are a few references in this Forum of people using their full strength to performing a caning. Did you think this was excessive, in view of your concern to some Korean methods of correction, and implements performing them.

It is certainly possible to cane excessively or inappropriately but the reverse is also possible - assuming that any use of the cane is acceptable at the time and place pertaining.

I do not think strength is important when swinging a light "school" cane. Caning hard is more a matter of technique and muscle-contraction rates rather than strength. If the implement is suitably light it can cause no more than superficial injury no matter how hard it is laid on. It is dangerous to rely on the caner being able to avoid excessively hard strokes if using a heavy impliment.

I have heard from more than one source that if the cane is to be used it should be used well or it is likely to do more harm than good.

    "Cane hard if you do not want to cane often."

    "You do a boy no favour by not laying it on."


I can attest that one or two hard strokes can be most salutary if you know you could get more next time.

The Korean cudgels look very dangerous to me unless they are made of very light wood.

de Wolf

Re: Bending over

March 25 2013, 1:22 AM 

You may have overlooked an important factor KK, the coordination between body and mind. This is the most essential consideration when delivering a Karate blow. It definitely would apply when a caning is involved. A blow is always carried out in the mind a split second before the actual blow has been struck.


Re: Bending over

April 27 2013, 12:02 PM 

Writing about the Tunica paddle in another thread reminds me that I never got round to responding to a point made by KK some weeks ago.

The Korean cudgels look very dangerous to me unless they are made of very light wood.

I did eventually get round to measuring one. A typical bamboo "clap" type implement, 60cm long and 3.5cm wide, weighed 115 grams. Although different in form, the size and weight are similar to an average tawse and less than some paddles discussed here. Perhaps the term "cudgel" implies greater severity than is justified?



Those 'Korean cudgels" - the bamboo clap.

April 27 2013, 10:50 PM 

Hi hcj,

You may recall that some time ago you forwarded pictures and information on bamboo claps to me which I posted for you in another then current thread. On that occasion I was responsible for something of a mix-up, as I had failed to read your email saying that further examination indicated that the item queried in the thread wasn't in fact a bamboo clap before I posted the information. sad.gif

However in the light of your above post I trust that I am safe in reproducing your material again, and that this time it will be both helpful and relevant.

Bamboo Claps

Here are two images, from a Korean supplier of these items. Note the split in the rod, which causes a loud 'clap' on impact and gives the instrument its name:

A bamboo clap showing typical dimensions.

A bamboo clap in use. The top caption reads 'Learn!' and the lower caption reads 'Incorrect!'.

Bamboo claps are traditionally used consensually by Buddhist monks as a way of waking up novices who have begun to fall asleep during meditation. They are usually used on the shoulder and don't need to be struck very hard to make a loud sound, close to the ear. They are also typically used by the chairman of a meeting, slapping it against his palm to call people to order, in the same way that we would use a gavel. The clap shown in the above images weighs about 100 grams.

Note that the above bamboo clap is a little shorter than the 60 cm instrument whose weight is quoted by hcj in his April 27 2013, 12:02 PM contribution above.

American Way

Re: Bending over

April 28 2013, 5:11 AM 

Leaning forward but not bending over. Any guesses from what country? I wonder what they boys are thinking when they see the girls treated so tenderly. He does hit the boys harder. If it has appeared in Corpun my apologies. I haven't seen it there.




Re: Bending over

April 28 2013, 8:05 AM 

Hi American Way,

Your are my greatly valued fellow contributor, but I am going to ever so gently remonstrate with you! happy.gifwink.gifhappy.gif
  • If you want to know where a YouTube video is from the first thing to do is to look to see if the poster thereof gives a country. In this case the video was uploaded by honoura1 who says of it in the comments:

    lol. Its kind of a "normal" thing over here.

    and gives her? country as Nigeria.

  • You say of the video:

    If it has appeared in Corpun my apologies. I haven't seen it there.

    Doubtless you have sadly not yet had time to review the latest updates to the excellent Corpun.com site, notified to us by the ever helpful Corpun Watch, err no, sorry, in this case it was the equally helpful HH, on Mar 31, 2013, 5:10 PM and wherein you will find a link to this page containing an excellent commentary by Colin Farrell and the embedded video.


Re: Bending over

April 28 2013, 8:58 AM 


Please select a new handle. Google is already taken.

American Way

Re: Bending over

April 28 2013, 12:23 PM 

A_L Thanks. You were gentle. And I appreciate that especially knowing what effort it requires for you to tone down your signature sarcasm. I saw the Sultan of Sokoto as his other video and have not read Corpun of late for I have not been able to be online as present as often as perhaps you can judge of late. There was a short period of time, and it did not go unnoticed, that a few days had gone by without either of us posting. There was no truth to the humourous rumour that we were off mountain climbing together. Perhaps you can incorporate that into the centennial post of CP on the Lighter Side. But don't let that be an excuse whilst not posting a soon to be millennial one for Renee, et. al. where a seven swat Delta Style non-bruising Natasha style paddling may be in order. With there be another lady you would prefer to be the wielder other than Renee? And if so whom? And if so why? And if so why her and not the others. And if not? Why not? No rush. Take your time. We're use to waiting. Forgive my bilingual posting in American/English. happy.gif

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