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Bending over

November 10 2010 at 2:24 AM

During the times I received school corporal punishment I had to bend over and touch my toes and I bent across a couple desks and the back of a chair twice. I was wondering what others experienced as far as bending over is concerned and if one particular method of receiving punishment hurt more than others?

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Bending over

November 10 2010, 8:35 PM 

When younger we had to touch (or almost touch ) toes. When older (14-16) were allowed just to lean forward.


Re: Bending over

November 11 2010, 10:17 AM 

Taking a caning is as much about self discipline as anything else.

When I was to be caned , I was told to report to X, Y or Z at such and such a time. That required discipline, I wasnt made to attend, I could have failed to attend.

You were told to bend over, I didnt have to but I did, again self discipline.

You were told to remain bent until told to stand . as anyone whose ever been caned knows remaining bent for six strokes requires considerable discipline.

However self discipline can be stretched to almost breaking point when being caned.

To be made to bend over a chair or desk makes receiving the caning easier, you stay in position and just hang on until told to stand.

Being made to touch your toes, literally, is difficult in itself, never mind take a caning at the same time. There was an individual who always made you touch your toes, and always made you straighten your legs. Not only that but you wouldnt be given the next stroke until you were in that position. So the length of your caning depended on you remaining in, or returning to, the touch your toes position. I have always been physically able to touch my toes but I can assure you that taking six strokes and still doing it requires enormous self discipline.


Re: Bending over

November 11 2010, 3:22 PM 

I had to bend with hands touching a low stool that had been made in the school woodwork class. I bet the lad who made it never realised its final use


Re: Bending over

November 11 2010, 10:28 PM 

I never managed to stay bent over and my fingertips on the toe of my shoes when I received the full six. On my first full six stroke caning in secondary school my headmaster was ordering me to keep my back legs straight and to 'bend over tighter'. He gave me an additional stroke when I was given permission to stand up for attempting to rub my bottom.


Re: Bending over

November 12 2010, 4:10 AM 

I don't actually remember anyone at school being told to " touch your toes" It was just " bend over"

The first time I was slippered at junior school I was told to bend over, but I just did a sort of lean. The teacher grabbed hold of me and bent me right over, but then gave me a very mild slippering. She normally gave very tame slipperings, but to repeat offenders she would give a proper slippering.

I remember two boys at grammar school being told to bend over for the slipper. The first one hardly bent over at all . but the other boy did a full touch your toes job. Both got equally severe slipperings. It became quite a talking point at break as to why they bent over in such a different manner. I also recall a girl being very amused by it and describing to her mates who hadn't seen it, how the two boys bent over, and doing a demonstration of it.

Edward Bear

Re: Bending over

November 12 2010, 3:43 PM 

When I was caned I was mostly caned in the 'bend over and touch your toes' position. However when I got four of the best for using the "F" word in the playground, both a mate and I told each other to "F" off, we had to wait till the end of lunch break outside the staff room door, then we were ushered into the staff room by the teacher that had overheard us.

There was a young female teacher at a table marking some exercise books, we were directed to the further end of the room and one at a time were asked to bend over the back of a chair reaching down the front legs as far as possible. Then four strokes were applied. We weren't told in advance how many we were going to get.

When both of us had been caned we were told to go straight to our class and tell the teacher that we had been detained by him. Both of us had tears in our eyes, but we hadn't yelled. The bruises on my buttocks lasted more than two weeks.

When I have described this caning in another forum I was asked about bending over a chair as that was not normally done in a New Zealand school. However the teacher was an English man and perhapes he thought that he was giving us a harder caning than normal we needed the support. I could/should add here that he normally was a fairly laid back teacher, but the "F" word in 1958 was strictly frowned on.

Ted B

Worldwide Traveller

C.P. in South Africa

November 12 2010, 4:34 PM 

Until corporal punishment was banned here in South Africa, the caning of girls was not uncommon.
It was usually administered on the hand but not uncommon for a caning to be given on the bottom.
It was however felt to be unladylike for the girls to bend right over so they were told to lean slightly forward. I have never heard of a schoolgirl being made to lift her skirt but sometimes they had to hold their skirts tight across their bottoms. This sometimes lead to the cane landing on their hands so they had a double punishment.



Bending over

November 13 2010, 3:34 PM 

Waiting my turn for the cane or slipper I used to observe how those going before me used to bend. From the point of view of the person dishing out the punishment the 2 criteria seemed to be: i)clothing stretched tightly over the recipient's bum & ii)scope for a good swing of whatever was the day's weapon of choice. On the basis that this was a person whom I should definitely not piss off in any way, I usually opted for straight fingers pointing towards toes, concentrate on the pattern of the carpet/count lace-holes in shoes etc, then hope for the best, not forgetting to add the relevant "Yes/No Miss/Sir" if the traditional harangue was still going on by this stage.

Some people never seemed to grasp this simple concept. There would be "the casual-couldn't-care-less" type who would "tut" when told to bend and then let their arms dangle and swing as if the procedure was an everyday occurence. I expect they then cited victimisation when they got an extra couple of whacks. There was always someone [invariably a girl] who would bend and then look around with pleading eyes. They'd get "Face the FRONT!" with a bonus whack on the last syllable, before their actual punishment had begun. Then of course there would be "The Defiant One" who would bend as instructed but stare straight ahead, head up, and wonder why they got it harder than anyone else. My [then] girlfriend fell into this category. Think I might have mentioned her elsewhere on here . . . happy.gif



Re: Bending over

November 14 2010, 2:14 AM 

A little light relief, only slightly off topic.

Recahabit said above:

Being made to touch your toes, literally, is difficult in itself, never mind take a caning at the same time.

And over in the 'Stinging bottoms or striped bottoms ?' thread James said on November 13 2010 @ 2:35 PM:

Bending over to touch toes can only be done by the more slim/fit Lads.

It is well known by regular habitu├ęs of this estimable Forum that I was never caned. Of the two occasions I was subjected to school corporal punishment the first, as a little lad, involved being trapped under the seated teacher's arm half bent, the other in Junior School involved bending over a desk. I would have been extremely apprehensive had I ever faced the cane, or indeed the slipper as deployed by some teachers, but the one thing I could have done with absolutely no difficulty would have been to bend over and touch my toes! happy.gif

At Junior school I often watched classmates struggle, and sometimes fail, to get into the touching toes, knees straight, position some teachers sought for administration of the slipper. I was certainly never either slim or particularly fit at school and I have now, and presumably had then, an ape indexNote 1 of less than 1, but I could place the flat of my hands on the floor in front of my toes with straight knees fairly easily. Still could until well into my 50s, and at 68 after two hip resurfacings I can still touch my toes with straight knees.

One of life's little jokes I guess, that I with the easy facility was never required to use it, at least not in a school CP situation, while unfortunate classmates who could scarcely reach their ankles had to strive to attain the full bent over touching toes with knees straight posture in order to be slippered. A problem shared by some of those who were caned, to judge from the quotes above!

Note 1: Ape Index, the ratio of outstretched arm span (finger tip to finger tip) to height, typically 1. Of some importance in climbing, where very good climbers frequently have an ape index significantly greater than 1 and short armed unfortunates like me are handicapped by the opposite extreme. sad.gif


Bending over

November 18 2010, 5:48 PM 

In the gym,when we were to be caned our teacher made us grasp the wall bars tightly and bend with our heads between our legs keeping our legs straight.This position,although uncofortable pulled our satin shorts tightly and the cane coould be swiftly delivered across the victim's bottom.


Re: Bending Over

November 19 2010, 12:44 PM 

Like Declan, I can't recall anyone being told to touch their toes, the instruction was just "Bend over" and, especially when given by my Headmistress, I'm not sure there wasn't a "please" appended. Sometimes a teacher would guide us into position by applying a little pressure to the back of our necks.



Hi Jenny

November 19 2010, 3:52 PM 

I do remember the "helping hand" behind the neck!


tucking in tail of shirt

November 22 2010, 5:17 AM 

my second primary school caning involved having to bend across my Headmistress' desk to receive my punishment. My toes barely touched the floor and she tucked the tail of my school shirt into my shorts before administering the strokes


Re: Bending over

November 22 2010, 6:00 AM 

The second last time I was caned as a schoolboy my Headmaster was not happy with how I was bending over and insisted that I assume the touching toes position. He also said that "I have caned you enough times during your schooling so you should know the position I expect you to be in when I am caning you. Touch your toes Master Thomas and you can see me again tomorrow afternoon for disobedience." My Headmaster caned me again the next afternoon and I was certainly bending over in the position he expected. I had two 6s on consecutive lines in the punishment book and my buttom was marked with tramlines and light bruising.



Re: Bending over

November 22 2010, 7:51 AM 

Hi Garshin. You say to Jenny:

I do remember the "helping hand" behind the neck!

Ah, but in view of your email address, were you utilising it or subjected to it? happy.gif


Bending over.

November 23 2010, 9:41 PM 

The first time I was spnked at school I wasn't told to do anything. I had taken it upon myself to throw a snowball at the teacher on playground duty who was walking down the line as we waited to go back inside. Hw walked towards me, put his hand on the back of my neck and the helping hand was in fact the total control hand. I saw this happen a few times.

At grammar school when called out to the front of the class I think I was only ever told to "Bend over"

In the lower 6th was the first time I was ever sent to the office. The deputy head placed a chair in front of me and from memory told me to "Bend over the back and hold the edge of the seat" or something on those lines. The second time I'm not sure that he said anything, he placed the chair there and I think I just got on with it.

American Way

Re: Bending over

November 29 2010, 9:13 PM 


Re: Bending over

December 12 2010, 6:03 PM 

my school is different, we have to hold on to the wall in a standing-up position.
I think it applied to all of us in malaysia school which is quite different than in UK




December 12 2010, 8:41 PM 


When you are caned standing up does the cane always land on target - on the buttocks rather than the back or legs? If the clothes are loose fitting it could be difficult deciding where to aim.

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