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Boys on film.

January 29 2011 at 11:33 PM

A chap with whom I correspond in the United States, knowing my interest in the subject of spanking bare in schools,reccomended that I view a movie called "Joe the King".

I had heard of this film, but had never seen it, and it turned out to be a little surprising.

Right at the beginning of the movie, the little boy who plays the young Joe, is being monstered in the classroom by his rather over-weight,over-bearing and sarcastic female teacher.

A girl sitting in front of the boy, says something particularly cruel and cutting about the boy's father, and he loses it, and hits her on the head with a ruler.

The teacher then loses it,strides down the aisle,scoops the little boy up under her arm, and carries him to the front, with dire threats.

She then is shown undoing his pants, pulling them and his underpants to his ankles,pulling him across her ample lap by main force, and spanking him on his bare bottom in front of the whole class.

Although it was a movie scene,and the participants were actors,I considered that it must have been awfully embarrassing for the little chap all the same.

Movie or not, he was still bare in front of a lot of kids, including girls,and in the less than dignified position of over the knee of an actress, whom, I presume,he hardly knew.
How many takes did he have to do?

I, for one, would have been extremely disconcerted, if not mortified, if I found myself in a similar position at his age, which I would guess to be about ten.

Yet,these kids do these scenes, and do so seemingly without objection.
This fascinates me!

An adult actor doing a nude scene, may have the comfort of having some sort narcissistic satisfaction in some way,at having their body admired by a large number of people,or I assume so from what I have read.

But boys,I feel, would have no such feelings,and would they not experience some shame and vulnerability?
Especially being spanked!

Yet I have seen other movies showing such scenes.
In fact, there appears to be quite a few, and I have no doubt, many that I have never heard of.
Certainly I would not have watched this 'reality' type of show, if not for my friends's suggestion.

Also, why only boys?
I have seen grown-up women spanked in main-stream movies,but rarely bare bottom.
But little girls- never!

Anybody else wonder about this,and how the boys can bring themselves to do it?
Any other examples you can think of?

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Re: Boys on film.

January 30 2011, 11:12 AM 

There were undoubtedly films which showed boys getting spanked bare. Like you I wonder how these boys got to bare all, or nearly, for the whole world to see.
I remember back in the 60's when a whole group of English schoolboys went to the Caribbean to star in a film which showed several scenes of them totally nude. There was also a nude caning scene in it too if I remember well. It was "Lord of the Flies".
Also if I remember well for the opening premiere in London the boys' schoolmates, both boys and girls, were invited to watch the film. I suppose the popularity, and the money, overruled the consideration of acting and appearing nude for these boys.


Re: Boys on film.

January 30 2011, 10:30 PM 

You may be interested to know that Joe the King is autobiographical and about its writer/director Frank Whaley.

In the commentary for the DVD, Whaley says that this particular scene was purposefully shot less realistically than the rest of the movie because it was something dramatic in the boy's memory and he wanted it to stand out. He stated that he pushed the actress who played the teacher to do it bigger than life. The boy in the scene had never acted before and according to the director was very nervous and had to be "worked with a lot". He said the boy was particularly nervous about the nudity and the spanking. The producers had "freaked him out" insisting that a release for the scene had to be signed beforehand and it scared the boy about the scene.

Other films where young actors have been spanked bare bottom for their craft include:

T. Tom Marlow as young Joe Buck who is given a bare bottom spanking by his grandmother in Midnight Cowboy.

About 20 young actors who play boys residing in a Catholic home in John Boorman Film, The General

A young actor gets a switching on the bare bottom in the '64 version of Lord of the Flies

A teenager gets spanked on the bare by his dad in the film Toilers and Wayfarers

Another teenagers gets the belt from dad on his bare behind in El Sacerdote

A much younger boy also gets a bare bottom belting in the Canadian film Lies My Father Told Me

A boy gets spanked with his pants down in Dog Day.

And Paul Courtois gets his bare bum spanked fairly often in the French film Le Bon Petit Diable.

There are others so, although such scenes are uncommon, they are not exceptionally rare.


I remember.

January 30 2011, 11:47 PM 

Yes,I do remember the 'Lord of the Flies' film, Willy.
The original English B&W version was the best I think.

I have always had a fascination,beginning in boyhood I think,at the aplomb with which boys would go naked on screen.

Nudity, at least when I was growing up,was not looked upon as it is today,since the revolution of the 60s and 70s especially,when nudity became commonplace in films.

Being naked in front of others was seen as shameful and humiliating,and folk were very modest in my childhood.
Even being seen in your underpants was quite a shameful thing in those days, and yet we wore speedos for swimming, which in essence, were briefer even than undies.

We were spanked bare bottom at home,but I did not feel that to be humiliating or shameful,and yet if a teacher had done it to me, I would very definately have felt those emotions.

So nudity, I would suppose,has different connotations depending on the times and circumstances.

But as a boy,it would have been the ultimate cringe,to be asked to appear naked in a movie.

The idea that millions of strangers would see me naked, would not count as much as my schoolmates,especially the girls,seeing me with nothing on,not to mention my teachers.
I could almost picture the secret little smiles appearing at the edges of their mouths when looking at me.
Good God no!

So it is mainly this fascination with their apparent ease in doing these scenes that makes me curious, that surprises and bemuses me so much,because to me it would be so dreadfully embarrassing.

I believe that my interest has something to do with putting myself in the boys' shoes, a sort of empathy with them,and wondering how they must thought and felt.

I suppose that these kids must be extraverts anyway, to want to be in movies at all, but to be SPANKED BARE BOTTOM ON SCREEN????

How much more embarrassing and shameful could it get?

I recall the scene that you mention Willy, of the little boy being caned in his birthday suit in "Lord of the Flies".

The caning is an obvious fake, but all the same, it must have been quite awful for the kid to be seen naked, and being chastened like that in full view of the world.

How could he have looked his teachers in the eye back at school?

I saw a French movie many years ago in the 80s, where the young boy in it seems to be getting his bare bottom whacked and spanked every other scene.

How he could have done that without a terminal cringe, I do not know!

I realise that this subject is very likely simply a peccadillo of mine, that does not interest many other people, but I would appreciate hearing from others.

It is nice not to feel completely alone.
Or for the benefit of Another Lurker-ROFL!

The Apache Kid

Tell me more!

January 31 2011, 3:48 AM 

How come I'm probaly twice your age and I've never seen a bare bottom spanking in a film yet,silent movies included.Tell me more!
You know,our hormones are all to cock.What I mean is that as a kid I could have had all spankings I liked-bare bottom an all-but I would have sold my own grandmother down the river if it meant getting out of a spanking.
Apart from that all the spankings I got-and I got some,believe me-were for free! They were good,they were hard,they were long.What more could I have asked for? All I had to do to get one was to say 'NO I WON'T when Ishould have said in a lesser tone of voice 'Yes I will' It was so,so easy back then to get a realy good bare bottom hiding across my mothers knee and to think I kicked,squirmed bucked and screamed all through it and now-well not so much these days-I would have paid a kings ramson to experience a real good spanking like that again.
It was just the same with caning.At boarding school I got a terrific six over the headmasters desk once for trying to sneak a peak up the French Teachers skirt but it was a bad trade off.She whipped round,I got caught,she threw a fit,I got caned-and damned hard too,and do you know? I've been looking for a caning like that ever since and nothings even come close.
So all I can say about that now is get all the good hidings and all the good canings you possibly can,while you can and while they're free!


Re: Boys on film.

January 31 2011, 4:45 AM 

Hi George,

Fellow Aussie here. I used to be an actor, a child actor (I tried to be an adult actor but never 'made it), and I think I can contribute useful stuff here. I was in a film when I was 11, actually nearly 12 where I had to appear naked and I can remember it all vividly.

The scene in question had me, three other boys, and a girl all skinny dipping together. As originally planned the girl wasn't going to be in the scene but she and her mother made a fuss about her exclusion. All of us wanted to be actors or at least our parents wanted us to be actors and that kind of explains why we did the scene. We were told that was just acting and that if we wanted a career we had to do the scenes the film or TV show or the play demanded. Was it embarrassing? Yeah but probably not as embarrassing to think. I would have been much more embarrassed to be naked in front of kids at school, well in front of the girls anyway but that was because that wasn't a place where that was expected. It was normal in acting in the studio and location. It was different it was just part of the job.

I also had to film a scene where I was running up the street wearing nothing but a basket, a follow-up to the skinny dipping scene because the other kids had stolen our clothes. I was caught by policemen, and the basket dropped and anyone watching the film got a really good look of my backside. This scene was more embarrassing because I had to stand fully exposed in front of the policeman, the adult actor. None of the audience got to see me full frontal but he did and I'd just started to to go through puberty at the time so I had some hair down there and that embarrassed me. Not being naked but having my stage of development exposed obviously. If I'd been a year younger or a couple years older it probably wouldn't have worried me.

I also would have been much more embarrassed if I'd been around a girl the same age as me in the skinny dipping scene. She was about two years younger than me and while I won't say it was easy to do, that made a big difference - she was still a little girl. If she'd been like me, after the start of puberty that would have worried me. Again I don't think would worry me too much exhibit a few years older.

All my friends saw the film and I caught a bit of ragging about the nudity. But the biggest problem actually came from another scene. I was playing a bully and earlier in the film my gang and I caught the hero and pulled his pants down and I had to draw all over his bottom, colouring it in with red lipstick. It was supposed to be revenge for him making me get the cane earlier in the film but they edited out most of the explanations so it wasn't really explained why was I doing it and it came across as really strange without the 'make your bum as red as my bum' line. I got a whole lot of teasing about the fact I had to touch and draw on another boy's backside but the other scenes just weren't a big deal at all.

The thing is this is was a kid's film, absolutely definitely a kid's film. Made as a kid's film, marketed as a kid's film. I'm only talking 30 years ago. A few years ago, 2007, I tried to put up a selection of scenes from the film on youtube. I'd been talking to my kids about being an actor and to some of their friends and I decided to share what I had done. Youtube took down the scenes in couple of days because they contained inappropriate content. It was a kids film in 1980, it's still available for sale on DVD in England , though for some reason not here in Australia with a PG rating but you can't put it on youtube. Changing standards or stupidity I don't know but there it is.



January 31 2011, 8:51 AM 

Good grief Greg!
I have seen the movie you describe, it is just that it was quite a long time ago, and it had slipped my mind.

In fact, I do believe that I have it here on video somewhere,as my children liked it and watched it quite a bit.

It was a movie version of Fatty Finn.
I do recall the scenes you talk about,and your contribution with the basket slipping down in front of the policeman, and your cute little bare bottom on display.

My own recollection is that you had your hands folded in front of you as you stood there, hiding your privates,but I could be wrong.

The scene that my kids loved, was the one just after, where the little boy is naked, and pinches a banner to cover himself from a shop, and as he runs off with it, the shop-keeper catches him,and he loses the covering and runs full pelt down the street in his pelt,his little bare white bottom winking on and off as he does.

Two ladies walking are getting an eyeful of the whole thing, and this little man is not covering his bits at all,so they are obviously bouncing all over the place.

My kids laughed themselves silly at this scene, and yours too I am afraid.

I guess children find bare bottoms funny.

It is so interesting to hear about this from the horse's mouth so to speak.

Could we have some more in-depth views on this Greg? And perhaps the little bloke I described running, may have confided in you.

I agree that the hero getting his bum scribbled on was funny,but I thought you were just bullying him.

The little girl seemed to be enjoying looking at his bottom too.

I will have to try to dig that video out and watch it again.


Re: Boys on film.

February 1 2011, 1:46 AM 

Hi George

Yes that's the film I was in. The highlight of my acting career.

Yes I was covering myself when the basket fell. It was pretty embarrassing to be standing there in front of the man but I'm not sure why. I was used to being undressed around people like teachers. This just seemed different maybe because the nudity was the deliberate focus of that scene. One thing a lot of people don't appreciate is that when you're making a film all the scenes are really separate. They become fluid sequences of action in the editing room. With that one scene me walking down the street being pulled up by the cop the basket falling and him sending me on my way, that was probably half an hour being set up three or four takes with it at least five minutes between each take and most of that time and I'm sitting in a chair wearing a dressing gown and every time it comes time to start filming I had to take off a dressing gown and be helped into the basket and probably because I was going to be bajed on camera naked nobody really seem to care about my privacy at all. There was a lady on the set, she was our tutor, who was supposed to keep an eye out for our welfare and I'm sure she was but she was a bit of a dragon and even if I felt uncomfortable with the scene, talking to her about this would have been embarrassing itself, especially seeing I think she would thought it was cute the little boy was worried. Not that I thought I was a little boy but that was certainly how we were treated. I suppose all the adults on the crew werent all that worried about the idea of seeing an 11-year-old boy without clothes on and I was supposed to be professional like them and so I had to act as if it didn't worry me. And Im making it sound like it is a bigger deal than it was.

I know the other scene you are talking about. The boy in that scene was younger than me and I really don't think it worried him at all. He took it all in his stride - didn't even bother with a dressing gown between takes. I do seem to recall that they had to get the audience to be very quiet we were filming on location not in the studio and sometimes a crowd gathered to watch the filming behind barriers. They cracked up laughing the first time the scene was filmed and had to be asked to quieten down for the retake. My own scene, by the way, was in a less public location so I didn't have to worry too much about that.

In contrast with this, the skinny dipping scene - that was easy in comparison. It was actually quite fun, really liberating to be able to swim around naked and for the most part the water protected your modesty. It was a minor shock to be told that the girl was going to be doing the scene with us, and I think one of the boys who didn't have any sisters was really intrigued by the situation - first chance hed ever had to get a look at what girls looked like without clothes on. In retrospect, I'm surprised she wasnt more embarrassed than she was - we had her outnumbered but she did not seem to care all that much. Our tutor, the Dragon Lady stood by with her dressing gown and made her put it on as soon as she left the water and take it off right on the edge, as opposed to the boy I mentioned before who was allowed to stand around naked with no problems between his takes in his other scene. So that was a big difference there. I don't know if she was worried about us, the boys, or about the men around or what, but she seemed to have a very different attitude towards this girl being naked than she did towards us boys being naked.

Looking around for the forum at its topics, it's probably worth me talking bit more about the tutor. She came from the Department of Education, and she was a teacher and also had a special responsibility to look after our welfare. This included monitoring our behaviour, making sure we didn't get into trouble. She was very prepared to smack bottoms when she felt it was necessary. And she had the power to do so like any teacher did then. She had just about the hardest hand I have ever experienced and I would guess that one of us got smacked, not quite every day but it would have been close to that. I was the oldest kid out of the main cast and I was embarrassed the first time she smacked me I burst into tears in front of the other kids but my God, it hurt. Our mothers also spent a fair amount of time on the seat and to give each other a break, tended to practice a fairly communal form of child rearing as well. Different world back then from today.

The money I was paid for the film didn't make me rich but it was enough to pay for my school fees for my entire secondary education at a grammar school. I want to make it clear that I don't feel I was exploited or anything. I enjoyed 95% of the filming process. And I got a lot out of it.

I'm happy to answer any questions any one has. Not sure what else to say.


Re: Boys on film.

February 1 2011, 12:12 PM 

Hi Greg,
What was the title of the film? Are there any clips of it available on the Internet?
I think there were other Australian films which showed boy nudity, though I can't recall their titles right now. The one I remember in particular, which is one of the most stunning visually about the Australian outback showing two kids lost there, is "Walkabout".
Do you recall any others?


Re: Boys on film.

February 2 2011, 5:24 AM 

Hi Willy,

The name of the film was Fatty Finn, it was based on the comic of that name that's been an Australian classic for decades.

I've looked around on youtube and Ive been surprised to find that there is a clip of my nude scene and the scene came after it that George was talking about.

It is about 2 1/2 minutes into the clip. I don't know why these clips are allowed and the ones I put up were taken down as inappropriate. Its a foreign language dub of the movie but the visuals are intact.

As to your question I'm afraid I'm not an expert on nude scenes in Australian films. Im sure there were others because it wasn't a big deal - back then there were TV commercials with nude kids in them, for example. We seem to have become paranoid about such things in recent years and I suppose if they protect kids its hard to argue with but it just wasn't a big deal back then.

I can think of two films actually. Flirting which was made around 1990 has a scene with a number of boys in the shower. And December Boys which is pretty recent, last five years or so, and which stars are Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) does have a scene where he and the other boys in it moon everybody. Like George said kids like bare bottoms and my kids thought that it was one of the things theyd ever seen.


Spanking Scene Collection

February 2 2011, 1:37 PM 

Cute! Yes, I saw that film somewhere before.
But talking about spanking scenes, there is a site which sells a DVD set which contains just juvenile spanking scenes from many films from around the world. It must be a collector's item for many spanking fans and connoisseurs. I think it is a two DVD set. Unfortunately I cannot remember the site's name, but I will see if I saved it somewhere.


Hello again OzGreg

February 2 2011, 9:38 PM 

I managed to find the old video of Fatty Finn,tucked away with a pile of other kid movies in a cupboard in our rumpus room,where the littlies usually play when they are over.

My wife and I watched it last night and we got very nostalgic,remembering when we used to watch it with the children when they were small.

There is a scrap of a newspaper interview on the inside of the video cover,with Ben Oxenbould,who played Fatty,at the time that the film was released.
He says that having to have his bottom bared was hard,but says that other kids,that is you and some others,had to be naked,and he thought that must have been very hard to do.
Admittedly,Ben had never acted before.

Looking at the skinny-dipping scene,you all seem to be quite comfortable and not at all abashed by being naked in front of one another,even with the little girl in the scene.
Why do you think that she and her mother insisted on her inclusion do you think?

Looking at the basket scene,I have to say that you look older than 11, more like an adolescent of about 13 or 14,but perhaps I have misunderstood what you wrote,and you were referring to the other little chap in the running scene,who looks about that age.
My wife commented that you had a very cute little bottom by the way,Greg,if that is any consolation to you for doing that scene.

I was quite astonished when you said in your other post,that the little fellow running in the nuddy,didn't cover up between scenes.
I know that Richard Harris,when he made "A man called Horse",remained naked on set between takes,but he was a mature adult actor,and not a small boy who I would presume must have felt very vulnerable in the nude,under many people's eyes,especially as you say that the public were permitted to watch the takes.
That hardly seems fair on the little chap,to have his little white bottom and his boy bits on display to all and sundry,but perhaps he was simply a little exhibitionist or something.
What was his name by the way?

I asked my wife if she thought that the ladies in that scene had enjoyed themselves,and she laughed and said that she thinks that she would have,as the little fellow was such a cutie.
I think that was a little tongue-in-cheek BTW.

The lady tutor that you had sounds as 'scotty' as some teachers I had, who seemed to be always smacking bottoms.
Did she spank all of you kids,or just the boys?
I wouldn't have thought that a big boy like you were,would cry because teacher had smacked his botty,but if you were embarrassed having it done in front of the younger kids,I suppose it would have been very undignified.
Were you really used to being in the nude in front of teachers, Greg,or were you referring to the 'Dragon' tutor?

It is true that there was quite a lot of boy nudity in films and television programs and commercials back then.
The "Devils Playground",with Simon Burke in the shower scene is one that comes to mind.
Simon looking over his shoulder with his little white bottom on display, was almost a cinemagraphic icon in the 1970s in Australia.

There were lots of others that I cannot recall the names of now.
I remember a commercial with two naked little boys doing 'bumsies' in the bathtub, for a soap called Kids Bathtime I think.
It was quite common and unremarkable really,and I for one can't see any harm in it.

My wife's opinion is,that little kids in the nude are simply very cute and adorable,and absolutely innocent.
It is the spin that some people put on it that causes the problem.
Many people have just become paranoid about it now days,she thinks,what with all of the paedophile hysteria in the media,and I have to agree with her.

I certainly would not want to advocate anything that would harm children in any way,but in reality,does it?
You should be in the position to know a lot more about it than my wife and I, Greg.

You say that you did not feel exploited or cheapened from doing the nude scenes,and after all,I do not think that the kids had guns to their heads to do the scenes they did.
If their parents were pushing them into it,it would be a different matter.
I suppose I have rambled on here enough, but I would like to hear more from you Greg.


Re: Boys on film.

February 8 2011, 5:02 AM 

Hi George

I'm glad my film is still entertaining to you and your wife after so many years on any level. Obviously it's not fine art but I've always had a soft spot for it myself and not just because I was in this. I actually think it's a good kid's film certainly better than a lot of work of their garbage they make nowadays.

By the time they were filming to be skinny dipping scene I think we were pretty comfortable by the time they filmed us. They'd give us time to play around to get used the whole idea of the situation we were in. Why was the girl in the scene? Why did the mother insist? I can only guess but she was a bit of a stage mother and the girl was nearly as obsessed with the idea of being a star as her mother was. I think Mum wanted her daughter in every single scene she could possibly get her in. She wanted every second of screen time she could get. And maybe the girl found it fun as well - she seemed to enjoy herself.

I was still eleven when I made the film although I was getting close to twelve. Maybe I was just big to my age. I think I was among the first in my class at school to go through puberty so that would make sense. Cute bottom? Well I certainly don't mind but that wasn't the asset I needed to achieve better roles and more roles.

The other boy in the scene just after mine (I think his name is Chris or Christian or Kristian but it's actually hard to remember at this point) just did not seem to care about being naked. Maybe was an exhibitionist. Maybe he just hadn't developed much of a sense of modesty yet. I can't say much about feeling vulnerable. If you're like me the main feeling I had on the seat was one of being very very safe. Well, except from the Dragon Lady perhaps. And even then only if I did something naughty. There were a lot of adults around all of them seem committed to the film and my honest feeling of being that any of them were looking out for us all the time. I'm sure the ladies in that scene were among that group too. They probably found it pretty funny which is what it was meant to be.

The Dragon Lady wasn't as bad as I'm making her sound probably. She was a strict teacher and like a lot of other teachers I had. She could be very nice at times but she certainly was prepared to smack a child who deserved it, boys and girls alike. I suppose that really was part of her job. When we misbehaved it could disrupt filming and that cost a lot of money and when all your school work of the day has to be squeezed into a two-hour period because of the filming commitments she can't really let you waste any time. And yes when I cried was mostly because I was shocked and embarrassed but it also really did hurt. She had a hand like a steel shovel and that first time she really let me have it. I think there was also an element of 'See children - I can make the big boy cry.' We were actors and that type of dramatic approach was probably a good one.

I was pretty used to the idea of being naked in front of teachers, yeah. It wasn't like it was a daily event or anything but since kinder, my primary school had had swimming lessons every year and we were expected to get changed before and after them and there was always a teacher around. You're could avoid half of that by wearing your swimmers to school instead of underpants but we weren't allowed to wear wet swimmers after our swimming lesson. So yeah, by the time this film came around I got used to the idea.

I certainly don't feel I was harmed by being in Fatty Finn and showing off my body to the world. Is it a good idea? I think it depends on why it's being done. The scene in the Devil's Playground for example which I'd forgotten about - I have seen it. But that one could not really have had the same impact without the nudity. The whole point was to show how prudish that environment was. Lord of the Flies would not have the impact without those types of scenes that can be seen with the remake. Same is true of Walkabout. And while I wouldn't claim Fatty Finn was anywhere near as close to being great cinema as any of those films, I think the scenes we did were reasonable to do in the context we did them. Kids in 1930s depression era Australia, working-class kids did not wear swimmers. I think that seeing between seeing shows how innocent time was and the movie is really about that innocence in part - where the worse things kids got up to was frog races and throwing rotten eggs at each other. I also think the scene with any lipstick being painted onto Fatty's bare bottom was important in showing what a bully Bruiser was. Although as I said I think they lost a lot of that when they left out my line explaining why was doing it. It was a really nasty act but as Fatty has got me caned (or Bruiser caned anyway) it was a bit of rough justice.

I suppose what I'm saying is I don't have a problem with these scenes and I don't think they're dangerous in any way as long as they fit into the context of the story of the film about. I certainly wouldn't want to see films with just gratuitous child nudity but if there is a scene in the film for good storytelling reasons where it makes sense or is required that the child would have no clothes on then I think that's fine and I can't see how he does much harm.

I wonder if a home video is part of the problem if that's part of the reason the attitude changed. Video recorders weren't common in 1980, at least here in Australia. I think we bought our first one when I was 14 or 15 so about 1982 or 1983. Until that happened most people only got to see a movie when it was out at the cinema or when the TV networks got around to rescreening it. And there wasn't any easy way any common way for people to share these things with other people. From my perspective, it is a bit of a difference between the idea that every couple of years some people might get to see my bare backside if they happen to be watching Channel 9 at 9:03 on a Wednesday night, and the idea that there are people out there who can look at it over and over and over again any time they want to. It doesn't worry me incredibly but it is different and I know there are people who really do worry about this. I know an Australian actress - I don't want to say her name because that could make this show up in a search - who appeared naked and had a couple of scenes where she was smacked or belted in films as a kid. I'm sure there are people here who can guess. We were talking about this type of thing once and she said that what worried her were that the scenes she did were on the internet now completely without context and obviously just there so people who get their jollies out of seeing such things can easily see them as many times as they like. That's not why we did these things. It's a bit creepy.

I got the same type of feeling seeing the video of me on youtube. I don't mind it being on youtube - although there are actually some issues too - somebody at youtube is making money out of my work - but being among a bunch of other scenes of naked kids - it's pretty obvious why it's there.

The scenes themselves aren't the problem - in context especially. When done for a reason. So I think they should be in films when there's a reason. Unfortunately though that does have consequences - we have to accept some people are going to be using them for other reasons.


Re: Boys on film.

February 10 2011, 6:41 PM 

Greg, I agree with you that boy nudity is justified in a film to make it more realistic, as long as it is just innocent nudity and not of a sexual nature.
For instance 'Lord of the Flies' is still a classic, though it was obviously made on a low budget and in black and white back in the sixties. By comparison the Hollywood remake of a couple of years ago, though in full colour and obviously on a much bigger budget, and which features no nudity whatsoever, just can't be compared with the original British one, and is soon forgotten.
At least a consolation for you is that if there weren't those nude scenes in the film you acted in it would practically be unknown to everyone today, and not being shown all over youtube, and talked about. happy.gif
About when shooting those skinnydipping, and other nude scenes, I suppose you boys had to stand naked there waiting for the scene to be shot,in front of your female teacher and the filming crew, and probably doing a few retakes of the scene, so i suppose there was some prolonged nudity on the spot. I think at age 12 it would have been very difficult to act in such a scene,I doubt if I would have accepted. But did you and the other boys have any say in it, or were you forced by parents and the female teacher present, whom you say was very dominant and strict, and even spanked you on the set?

Movie lover

The other pupil were not present at all

December 17 2011, 2:43 PM 

There were no other pupils present when he got the cane.... just look at the scenes. U don't see the other ones together at the same time. film trick

American Way

Fatty Finn

May 15 2012, 7:05 PM 

The cane seems to be breaking the plane on a vertical course from that camera angle. Almosts as if he were caning his own shoes.




Re: Boys on film.

May 17 2012, 10:04 PM 

That was my fault. When I got the script for that scene it told me that I was going to get the cane but did not give me details on what that meant. I didnot really think that they were really going to cane me but the idea of getting caned was one I found so frightning that I was still kind of afraid that they might do it for real. That might sound crazy but a few years earlier I was really smacked twice for a tv show. Even a one precent chance they might want to do it for real was enough to scare me and I was so afraid of finding out they would do it that I did not ask. It was only about the day before that I finally got to see a shooting script that explained how they were going to fake it and by then I was jumpy about the whole idea. Caning really scared me.

What they did was set up something just behind me for the actor playing the teacher to hit with the cane. It was a metal pole on a stand with a padded cushion on top. The camera would film from an angle so the chair and I would block it. But there was a problem because the first time we began to film the man missed the cushion completely. The cane hit the pole so it didnt touch me but it came close enough that I thought I felt it nearly hit me and they could not convince me that it was impossible it would hit me even if he missed. I was too frightened of it. I think during the argument most of the crew probably thought caning me for real would be a good idea because one thing child actors were always told that every second you wasted on set was a big deal. They did manage to persuade me to bend over again for a second and a third take but I wouldnt stay bent over and became really upset. The real teacher who was on set partly to look after my welfare told them they had to do it differently. What they came up with was the idea of using the cane in a way that even if the cushion was missed it couldnt hit me. Thats what winds up on screen. If I had been less afraid of the cane the scene might have looked more realistic but I also probably would have been a much naughtier kid in real life.

American Way

Re: Boys on film.

September 19 2017, 4:12 AM 

The Toilers and the Wayfarers (1996). Viewers discretion advised.

Follow up on this link.


Old enough to be paddled.


Return to the video.


Too old to be spanked at 16 by his father in such a juvenile manner.


University of British Columbia Theses and Dissertations, Cinema and Video Regulation Chapter 4, page 87 and 88.


American Way

El Sacerdote 1978

September 19 2017, 9:45 PM 

Here is another follow up a January 20, 2011 posting.


El Sacerdote 1978 realistically portrays the transition of the Second Vatican Council in 1966 Spain. The church with its rightward turn would never permit the shooting of this film within their walls. This was a ground breaking film on priesthood 40 years ago. You would never see this in the USA. I know enough Spanish to be able to get the gist of it as I'm sure readers of the estimable Forum can as well. In the USA you have to be somewhat conversant given the immigration.


Review in English.


The corporal punishment scene is at 58:00 and posted with the usual caveat. It is for mature audience because of nudity and adult themes. Here it is on this Russian language site.


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