So it goes on, day after day, Each contributor with something to say. They leave their mark and are gone And so it goes on. (Tennyson) Kinky schoolteachers (Dirk Bogarde)

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September 10 2011 at 9:31 AM

Abbotswood Middle Southampton
Remember having the ruler across my hands a few time's from Dee-oo & also the slipper from Miss Chalk on a regular basis whilst in her class,it was not a nice floppy asda style granny slipper but what at the time seemed a mans size 12 primsole

Ainsdale High Southport
Dave Stanmore
Does anyone remember Mrs Wingfield the English the cane off her once , for an old one she could hit
Julie Norris
miss mcmanus
I remember when we were playing hockey on a muddy field.Miss Mcmanus was in the centre and as I turn round with my hockey stick in the air,it caught her platts and twisted them round!!!!!! She slapped my legs and the worst is yet to come................I !

Albright High Warwickshire
Gail Green
I also got caned by the head mr masterton
Balbir Kallah (F)
I got caned a few times. By Miss Boots and also by Mr Masterson. ONce for being late for Mrs Pearces history lesson. Half the class were late as we all always use to hang around at the wrong end of the school to where our next lesson was ! She locked us all out and then escorted us to be caned - had to stand in a queue...
Cheryl Elger
Yep Mrs Reves cane'd me as did oh whats his name the maths teacher, and Miss Boots slapped my legs all round the corridors lol.
Beverley Oakes
was cane'd by mrs reeves...didn't stop me smoking back of the gym tho wink.gif

Alcester Grammar School
Anthea Yes I remember Eric Davison he was head the whole time I was there from 61 - 68 - yes he was a bit eerie; he used to cane all the naughty boys every lunchtime froim a queue outside his room - the girls got the slipper from Miss Webley who was deputy head.

Alexandra High Tipton
yes i did have the cane about 4 times always distributed by mrs robb god it hurt but it aint done me no harm !!

Alderman Leach Gorleston
most of the teachers were pretty lord was very good maths teacher .remember mrs willis storming up to top of playing field trying to catch those who were smoking.mrs french gave me the slipper 2 days after starting school for fighting

Archway Sec Mod London
I hated it there as we got the cane

Ardnaveigh High Antrim
I always remembered Mrs Beatty

- Art she was cool!! and not very good with a cane - lucky for me!!!
Mrs Anderson gave me the cane for smoking in the bathrooms.
Remember being caned by mrs Beatty for making a noise in the corridor outside the hall where exams where being sat harsh!!
my funniest memory was when i was in mrs andresons store room pulling my hand away when she was trying to cane me

Ash Manor Ash
Janet Bussingham (who got the cane off Miss Davies for stripping to her bra when playing rounders

Ashfield Comp Nottingham
i went to ashfield comp. mr lee was the headmaster, there was two nuns that taught there, sister philomena and sister mary ann assumpta, two harridons if there was ever any. got cane on more than one occasion

Aston Manor Birmingham
Margaret Reeves
I also remember Mrs Haywood well, she gave me the cane for fighting.

Audley Park Torquay
I was there between 1965-1967, did'nt learn much the standard wasnt high in those days. Got the cane for smoking in the girls toilets
Lesley Peters
i think i left in 72 the old brains not as it was .I remember miss Harding as i spent most of my time in or outside of her office ,Mr Gibson was the head master me and another girl got the cane off him thanks to miss Harding.
Bev Wells
miss harding was head i had a few canes of that old cow lol !
Battersea County School Wandsworth
I will start this group off by grassing myself off..... got the cane off deputy head Miss Carrey for playing the piano in music lesson.... well the teacher was late for this lesson and we were all getting restless.... so I decided to open the piano and the whole class were singing at the top of their voices "My Old Mans A Dustman" when the teacher walked in.... got the cane..... never told my mum...
. I remember Mr Norcross - he actually gave me the slipper.
I went to Battersea County School when it was 2 schools from 1964 till I was 15, I can remember getting the slipper from our German Teacher, can't remember his name

Beacon Hill Wallsend
i remember mrs anderson the old bag gave me the strap nd it bloody hurt

Beal High Ilford
Sue Mrs Arnold now that was a bitch from hell!! Forever outside her office with Sandra Simmons and Sam Dow!!! And she caned me once

Beaver Hill Secondary Sheffield
I can remember getting the cane and the slipper - the cane from Mrs Spencer at Beaver Hill Secondary during the early 60's for wearing dangley earrings and at the same time from Mrs Watkins for forgetting my PE kit.

Bedford Park Harold Hill
I remember getting the cain for not using the bridge to cross the road from Mrs. Day (i think)

Beccles Secondary Beccles Suffolk
One memory from school days was when Marianne Maser and I got the slipper from Mrs Banns (big black plimsol actually) for laughing in the bike shed with the boys,

Benjamin Gott High Leeds
The worst teacher was either Mrs o'connor, got a caning or 2 from her... or mr finneran who had a rack of canes for u to choose from..

Bernard Gilpin Secondary Tyne & Wear
val inbetween was that little fat hockey player carnt remember her name i got the cane off her cos i wouldnt bend over so she could give me the sand shoe lol god bthat hurt lol

Berwick Middle Berwick
got 6 ov the belt for cutting the corners of a cake a made in cookery class ,well ma mam gave me a round tin to put it in ,so a had to cut the corners of to fit in the bloody tin
Me and Isa used to get the belt at least twice a week for TALKIN!!!
Frances Miss buglass tweedmouth modern (early 60s) couldnt half use the strap ! her feet used to leave the floor as she brought the strap down on your hand.she was just a little wee thing as well but hard as nails

Birchley St Mary Wigan
Sue Barton
I too remember Miss Veasey I lived in fear of that womans hand - i can remember being reduced to a blubbering wreck at 14 after having the backs of my legs soundly smacked boy did it sting!

Blaydon Grammar/Comp Blaydon
Diane Gills
anyone remember Mrs. Turnbell in the lower school (bottom of Shibdon Bank) me and Lynne Dawson got the slipper because Lynne went to the loo as the bell went and I waited for her (playing 2 baller on the toilet door) so we got the slipper for ignoring the bell

Blessed George Napier Sec Banbury
Left Blessed George in 1969, Iwas Karen Mills back then. I remember Mr Grinshaw the headmaster, Mr Taylor and Miss O'Dowed, Got the cane off her for smoking over Salt Way

Bluecoat School Oldham
We had an absolute horror bag as Dep Head at Bluecoat Comp Mrs Pacey ! Mr McAlister was the Head but she was a right dragon The strap and cane were widely used ther I was in Mothersill house in the early 1970 s Anyone else ther at that time apparently Tony Wilson ( T V presenter / Hacienda ) was a temp teacher there but that was after I d left I remember Ms Pratico the French teacher who gave us all FRENCH names in her lessons Mr Fitton a little fat music teacher Mr Jonstone Geography
Had the strap and cane a few times but did nt do me any harm It was always for what would seem trivial things these days Gawd those teachers were soooo scary !!

Boston Spa Comp Boston Spa
i was there 78-81 but cant remember any names must b the all the times i got the cane

Brentford Secondary Modern
Richmond Twickenham Times
Two fourth year girls at Brentford Secondary Modern school, Margaret Gatfield and Valerie Turner, both 15, have complained to their parents that they have been caned on the hand by headmistress Miss Irene Prebble, after refusing to wear the schools regulation knee-length knickers for a physical education class. But a borough education official told the Brentford and Chiswick Times that the two girls were caned, not for refusing to wear the knickers but for open insolence to Miss Prebble.

Brinkburn School South Shields
I got the cane of mr kelly!!
and mrs pinder lol

Broadgate School Nottingham
I got the cane on about 3 seperate occasions, and the day trip to sudbury too and slippered twice
I kept it quiet when i got the cane! - i didnt realise he did it to everyone!! - i got it on my hands because i forgot my tennis racket.
I definetly got the cane (probably more than anyone else) on the bum, across my hands but l think l got slippered more
omg, i remember that, because i borrowed a tennis racket too!!!! if i remember right, we had the cane together
i rememner getting the cane and slipper on several occasions. on one occasion, mr o told me to take my tights off.....
Rachel I remember getting the cane twice in '86. The second time a few of us got it, and as we were prefects, Mr O said he'd give us the cane rather than taking our prefects badges off us! Andrew Bovell (now a copper I believe) started to take his badge off - But Mr O wouldn't let him and he gave us all the cane!! Memories!!!
I got the cane along with my partner in crime at the time. Our sin?? Kissing in the cloakroom!!! OOOhhh ... awful!!
Yes, he was in full black cap and gown.. and yes he flexed it menacingly (the cane)...and bloody hurt!!
Hey I got the cane, slipper lines the lot, the man was very pervy!!!!

Brookfield Comp Merseyside
I left brookie in 1964, Mr Reading also in cap and gown but them days you wouldnt have looked sideways cos the good old cane come out. must admit I was on the recieving end of the cane but only the once learnt my lesson quickly
Irene Wood
does anyone remember Mr Harris(beaky)very clever with the ruler(on the backs of legs!!!!

Brownhills High Stoke
I do remember gettin the cane off the deputy head alot

Burrington Sec Mod Plymouth
Hi all...I used to be called Avril Nicholls and I doubt very much if anyone out there would remember me...I left I the stone age of 1966 to go to Art College with Linda Adams (now Rubin). Was in 4 North when I left ( I think?)...Mr Lovis was our form master.... I had the cane from Miss Dodd the domestic science teacher...
Julie Morris
Granny Williams What a nightmare, she caned me a couple of times and did it hurt
Tracey Thompson
granny williams is remember with affection too , also a force not to be reaconed with. i was caned by her -my 1st and last caning! in my 2nd yr.god knows what for,myself mary crocker and someone who i can't remember had to sit in her office awaiting the cane
Debbie Marley
Miss Williams
Anyone remember miss williams,she is still going today i hear.I felt her cane a few times.

Bury Grammar Bury
I then got caned by Mrs. Stoddard

Caldicot School Monmouthshire
Doreen Bryant
I was taken to the Headmaster for punching a boy in the face and making his nose bleed. It seemed to open like a flower and there was blood everywhere. I just couldn't believe it and how I got to the Headmaster's room I don't know It was the one and only time in my school life I got the cane!

Carbrook Sheffield

I received the cane from Miss Renshaw in 1954 and it still stings.
miss egerton was one of my teachers she had a stick that she whacked us with called excalibur

Cardinal Newman Wigan
Elaine Roberts
mrs ryan
deputy head very strict woman caned me once for smoking in the toilets
Jean Sutton

Cardinal Wiseman Birmingham
Jackie Shemmell
anyone from the 70s i can remember gettin the cane from mrs bolan i think her name was

Carleton High Pontefract
Mrs Crowhurst threw chalk at us and slapped my thigh when i was wearing shorts and it left a red mark.

Carmountside Junior High Stoke
Bloody hell Tez how did ya remember all them....I remember Concorde very well...and Yes Janet Stanway i remember her giving you the cane more than once..
Teza Payne
ok quiz time how many teachers and what did they teach can you remember, and just as a teaser how many times did i get the cane,

Castlefield School High Wycombe

boy do I remember Mr Taylor and his cane but does anyone remember Mr Shackle he was the previous and was at Oakridge Primary School I thought I'd escaped him but shortly after i got into Castlefield he also followed I got the slipper from him at Oakridge for harming a ginea pig!!!!

Cathedral High School Salford
hya, does any 1 remember me tracey green, would love to hear from u all + wot u up to. I remember p.e Mrss Collier [Shanley] and i was sent to Miss Rabbit once for cane in the music room and she done it in front of all her music class.
only had the cane once it was by a female science teacher who was a bit of a wuss didnt even hurt cant remember her name though
Remember getting the cane off Mrs Burns in front of all her class !!

Central High School for Girls Manchester
which one was used on you.... come on girls... hands up or rather hands out with palms up at arms length. Who dished out the punishment?. I only got it once, (once was enough) caned by Mrs Wilde.
Could tell she did'nt like doing it cos afterward she was welling up, lol. but I was the one with welt marks across my fingers.

Central School for Girls Stalybridge
Ann Merriman
the cane off mrs nightingale and miss hall was vicious too the good old days or what !!!
Alison Bigland
I'l never forget Mrs Nightingale she was so skinny and that cane of hers realy hurt!!

Chadwell Heath High Romford
Ms Watson. Sado
This women got pleasure using the cane or slipper i could see her smile with each wack.

Charlton School Telford
school skirts had to be knee length, navy blue knickers at all times!!, boys had the cane and girls had the slipper

Chelmsford Comp Chelmsford
got the cane for taking mice into school in my pencil case !!!

Chesterton Comm HS Staffs
can remember, mrs marsdon for maths with the cane scary.
Mr west was nicknamed hitler can any of u remember when he had a wardrobe in his office and in it was just 1 cane...i didnt beleive it till i got called in for the cane then i just laughed and got more lol
seancyril was mr sutton wasnt it taught science i think ? he always sent me to mr west for the cane

Chiltern Edge Reading
The rest is a blur - apart from levitation sessions in the art room at lunchtime (we got caught and I think I got the slipper for it).

Christ the King Southport
Mary Booth
Miss DLacy
Ann was to be feared if you forgot to bring your PE kit or hadn't whitened your pumps. Worse than that was to have to hand in a D-merit, the strap would almost certainly come out then.
Maureen Barnes
i attended olol from 1960 to 1965. i remember basher barnes and mr gomez. incedently i saw him at a wedding this year; not changed much; he remembered me straight away. i remember mr hyland once giving me the strap for not backing my book
Miss Speakman wasn't much better - she used to strap the girls.

Chuter Ede Comp South Shields
I remember getting the cane of miss smith deupty head
Mr Bannon gave us the cane the day before 13 plus for not doing essay... Pansy got it right across his wrist ooooohhh it was nasty. Got caned off smithy for getting caught smoking..

Clare Park East Malling
the bloody cane
I can remember well putting a book down my knickers when I was due for the cane/slipper
Sharon (nee Christmas)
I got the cane accross hand from Miss Hewitt for smoking in school behind the big oak tree. God that hurt!!!!!

Clitheroe Grammar Lancs
Mrs Clarkson? Long red hair. She walloped my arse one time cos i was leaning over a desk chatting.

Clough Hall Stoke
remember having the CANE! from Mr Poles, thanks to Marion. Spitting on my lap.

Cockshut Birmingham
having the slipper off Miss Bell the history teacher, but the latter to be honest was quite erotic for a 13 yr old pubecent boy!

Coney Green School Bury
Mr Smith was my form tutor, how lucky was I! He gave me the slipper on more than one occasion in that little room between the labs..

Convent of the Holy Family Tooting
Diane Did't you get into trouble for that??
I always managed to dodge them but am sure I got caught she sent to see miss shine. It may be the time I got caned and laughed at her.

Copley High School Stalybridge
i left in 82 flo left when we left i remember you joanne i used to hang around with sharron walker 'lorraine willis & that lot got in trouble a few times for hanging around with the older girls . i had the cane of flo got caught smoking & wagging with sharron .

Corona Academy London
Caroline- Kemi
Hi everyone
I was at Corona '88- '89 and then i left because it was closing down, which was a real shame... i had some good memories there. I got the slipper and the cane off Murial a couple of times,

Counthill School Oldham
mr wild carnt say i ever got over him givin me the strap numerous times ..remember the cane omg!! and pretending it never hurt,,
I was in y2 and had Saunders as house Mistress, and I got the strap off Mrs Wright

(the one armed bandit) in the 1st year cos Juliet Johnson and Tricia Sykes had a fight...ok Juliette wanted to fight me but she was hard and there was no way!"! So Tricia defended my honour and we all ended up getting the strap...
I remember starting the 1st year and Juliette Johnson wanted to bang me one day....and yeah I did it!! but then Trisha Sykes told her to back off, got into a fight and we all 3 ended up in front of Mrs Wright (No she did not need another arm!!) who then went on to give us all the strap
Lynne Stephenson
. Miss Platt,

with her famous leather strap and "Punishment Book". She strapped our entire 1st year class for talking while she was out of the room.
I remember we had a strap at Counthill, a whole group of us got 1 strap each from the cookery teacher coz somebody had eaten some raisins

Crawfordton House Dumfries
your parents could choose between you getting the slipper from Mr Ellis or a week's suspension - they always went for the slipper!

Crumlin High Belfast
One of my vivid memories of bein at Crumlin High was getting canned by Mr Beresford..quite a few of us actually. We were in the library at class and after lunch we had to move to room 4 (not sure what way the classes are today), we had to come down the stairs and walk right around to the other stairs and put our bags in, a few of us couldnt be bothered with this and just threw them into the cloak room..BIG mistake..prefects told on us and of course into the Science lab for the cane..i'll never forget it whack whack, right across my right hand (the one i right with)

Culverhouse Secondary Essex
.Mrs Impey was such a kind person, she only caned me when i really deserved it!
Maureen Hatton
Mrs Robinson was Deputy Head, Domestic Science and Sewing teacher while I was one of the very first pupils at Culverhouse School. She was very well respected as it was her that dealt out the dreaded "cane".

Derwent School Derbyshire
I can recall one poor girl when we were all in assembly. Her name was called out and she had to go up on to the stage as she had done something bad. She got the cane on her bottom in front of the whole school.
Tracy Sadler 2/22/2002
Miss Morse and her cane!!!
I got caught talking in music (major crime!!) I had to stay in at break for the cane.

Devonport Secondary Plymouth
Getting the cane was the fun bit about going to school, it meant you did something fun!
Got the honour to say, i was the first girl ever given six of the best,followed by Judie Bromely
I left devonport secondary having the cane off mr worrell , the teachers were abusive hitting children with canes and i remember being smacked on the bottom with a training shoe by mr redgraves

Dryden Senior High Gateshead
Valrie Hogg
miss nichols had a pretty mean righthand with the cane lol

Duffryn Comprehensive Port Talbot
the cane off cliff david cos i was caught smoking!!!!!!(at least 3 times a week)

Durrants School Herts
In our second year our form teacher was Miss.Slieght.

I can remember her taking my pal Jack Moore into her cupboard to give him the cane
Len Brewer
Miss Slight was the teacher who gave the girls the cane,

Eastbourne School Darlington
mrs knight who gave me the cane.

Edgbaston CofE College Birmingham
! Mrs Soan spanked people

Elliott Durham Comp Nottingham
the first week i started at elliott durham i got the cane from mrs fogg (deputy head) for writing on a wall outside.

English Martyrs Sec Consett
hi john i was there 1970 1975 i hated school i got caned every day off miss smith. the one who hurt the most was the music teacher bitch

Exeter Secondary Stamford
I also remember fanny giving me the cane for being caught at the bottom of the playground with the smokers..god that stung lol
Kim Hodgett
The Cane!
Probably the only entire 5th year in history to get the cane for being out of bounds!
hi mark i was at school the same time as u and mrs morgan was by far my fav teacher even though she caught me eating bubblegum 4 times and i had to have the cane from fanny

Fairfax Sutton Coldfield
i had the slipper from mr crowther!!!

Fairfax Community Bradford
I was one of the first pupils when it opened i was Called Birkby then mr Fennell was head i got the cane for going up the wrong staircase

Ferndale Comprehensive S Wales
Diane February 7, 2008 at 1:31pm
i remember him , known as kong he gave me the cane once for wearing wedges.

Frecheville School Sheffield
Janet Alexa
What Was The Name Of The Dippy Music Teacher, She Was Short And Had Blonde Hair, I Hated Her She Gave Me The Cane For Throwing Snow!...bitch
I remember Miss Green she caned me for leaning my head forward in assembly line up.

Frederick Gent Alfreton
We never got to see his canes but I got the slipper off Miss Bacon a few times ...ouch

Gateacre Comp Liverpool
I hated mrs Bernicoff, she was our year head and she was a bitch, she gave me the cane for having a talc fight, how sad was that!!

George Eliot Community Nuneaton
Ah the memories of getting caned by Mrs Shennon( god it hurt!)
Dawn Daffern
Mrs Matthews
Music Teacher
Very strict and fond of her cane
.mrs thompson was still there last year i got the cane twice off her and evil edna hall but ayho i was bad

George Tomlinson Bolton
MISS SHORT, I Remember her very well, n her black ballerina slipper my arse and that slipper was best of friends

Gleadless Valley Sheffield
Carol 123
remember the head mistress she was only little but could use the cane!
Vivian Haigh
summer dress was yellow stripped dress i hated it. miss johnson gave me the cane 3 times because i was the plant moniter all the plants were diying

Glen Eyre Southampton
Yes I too remeber Mr Sturgess as well as Mr Brown, Miss Willis took the cane to me a few times,

Glenmoor Bournemouth
Suzanne Lowe
During lessons Miss Shaw would tour the corridors and god help anyone who had been sent out of lessons, I hid in the toilets once to avoid her, all the time I was there only one girl got the cane and she was expelled,

Golborne Comp Warrington
Mrs Freeman (Dep Head - got the cane off her)

Gorse Park Girls Manchester
Hi Anita. I was there 74- 75 i think. I remember Mrs Tinnsley she gave me the cane.

Grange Comm Kettering
I remember Mr Cooke and his cane . . . had that a few times!!

Grange School Oldham
havin the strap of mrs butterworth for punchin jason wrigley
Mrs Coleman Dep Hd Middle School. Used to stand on a chair to strap cos she was so small
Miss Lee , a music teacher at Grange, used to jump off a chair to strap you !

Great Marlow School Marlow
Pam Moores the Drama teacher was cool she always listened to our opinions, but as she was the one that caned the girls u didnt wanna upset her

Greystones Sheffield
Miss Hornsey of Greystones Sec Mod caned me for forgetting the book White Fang by Jack London. The title is imprinted on my mind 50 years later!!!

Halifax Catholic High Halifax
I remember Mrs Frane, spent many a time in her office felt that strap many a time as well.....

Halifax High Halifax
Andrea Turpin
Ski in off and being caught. Had been in hx town with Alison Whitely, Diane Whippey. When we got back in school we all got caned by the deputy head - strict scottish woman xxx God it was sooooopainfuxxl

Halyard Sec Mod Luton
was one of the first pupils to go to this school when it opened, i was there for 4 years.
Who remembers Miss Fenn, she gave naughty girls the cane. In those days you got the cane for any trivial thing.

Hampton Park Southampton
Did anyone ever get the cane or slipper and why??
I did for stealing sweets from "Spar" shop next door.
Tried to quickly think - but messed up - gave my own name (deeerrr) but Glen Eyre School!!!??!!
I remmeber after lunch Sinclair came in - my stomach churned - he told me to go to office. I then had 6 of the best with the slipper - YES IT DID HURT!!!
I got the slipper and got suppended, i took some chillies from the cookery room
Got the slipper for putting the prefects clothes in the jumble sale we were having in the school hall, only a pair of trainers were found...
Michael Mortimore
Mrs Lawley
Where is she and Miss Snelgrove what memories especially when you are on the receiving end of her famous plimpsole,

Harold Hill Romford
I loved it at Harrowfields I was there from 1958 to 1962 ,many years ago .We used to have a fag behind the wall ,we used to bunk off and go over the manor ,got caught a few times .got the cane about 3 times

Harper Green School Bo;ton
i remember miss bradbury. maried name i think mortimer. She was the games teacher. how many people had their legs slapped by her
Sue Sharp
Miss Bradbury then Mrs Mortimer
PE Teacher - she used to slap your legs if you were mucking about in class. I've still got the imprint to this day!!

Hartshead High Ashton-under-Lyne
then we had Miss Lavety the PE Teacher who would send gals for the cane for not holding their hockey stick properly

Heartsease High Norwich
yes mrs mansfield was pe and biology.I use to get a lift to school with her in her little red spit fire car i felt like the bees knees.Mind you i had had the slipper from her on many occasions!!ouch bloody plimsoles stung like hell on the rear
Slipper ! I got the hockey boot from her once, did it hurt.....
Tracey Oliver
Mr Franklin
I remember getting the slipper for smoking and general messing about
Kevin Tracey
Anyone remember Mrs Mansfield? I friend of mine once got the slipper from her; it was only after that he was told she played regular badminton... I think he has trouble sitting down properly to this day

Hengrove School Bristol
, I even remember Mrs Tubb giving him the slipper.
I remember Miss Tubb *Bitch gave me the slipper once*,

Heolddu Comprehensive Cardiff
Kerry Edwards
i remember, he gave me the cane!!

Herbert Morrison ?
Mrs Burgess was kool although she caned me one time

Hermitage Comp S Shields
Jackie Webb
I REMEMBER GETTING THE CANE OVER ME FINGERS OFF MRS COPEMAN [a think thats her name ] it stung for hours for back answering her a never did it again..

High Ridge Scunthorpe
I remember Mrs Wright

smacking my arse cos I wouldnt pay attention in Art
Mrs (Fanny) Whitehouse
The name of her infamous cane was the "Brute" I know, because the name is etched in my hand.

Hill Top High West Bromwich
it was hatherton gail i had the cane off her

Hollins High Manchester
Erm... letting a stink bomb in sewing with Helen Kinsey and getting the cane off Mrs Mullaney!!! OOOh the shame.....

Holmwood Secondary Slough
Julie Carter
I remember Mr Wharton rural studies, got the cane many times,

Honley High Kirklees
LOL, yunguns today. You should have tried being at Honley when Old Ma Lees was there. You got the slipper for wearing the wrong socks!

Horley Comp Horley
miss weeks and her slipper, got that across my backside a few times.

Hundred of Hoo Comprehensive Kent
Mrs Thorne - PE --gave me the slipper once and feck did it hurt !!!!!

Hurn Court Christchurch
Miss Smith. I remember on one occasion, she slippered me because I went to the toilet in the middle of the night once

Huyton with Roby Secondary Liverpool
I went to Huyton With Roby Secondary School, its on Rupert Road- now its
Knowsley Community College. In those days you really did as you were told and
the teacher was the master. Our old music teacher Mr Harry Leader stood no
messing around. When anybody got disciplined he would get out his jar of canes
that were all different thicknesses. And he would say choose the one you wish
to be caned with

Ickneild High Luton
Teachers at Ickneild High that terrified me were Mrs Mc Carol (cookery), Mrs Cunningham (needlework), Mrs Froud (headmistress) gave me and Christine King the cane,
Getting the cane from Miss Smith and Mrs Froud - the pain.

Joseph Eastham High Manchester
Julie Iheagwaram
miss holden
I remember miss holden very well the amount of times i actually got the cane from this lady was amazing
Michael Aldred
hi remember miss holden wow could she use that cane even thou she was half dead ,wow dident half hurt lol
Jane Roche Mayall
i had 2 bleedin walk rnd with it i got it that often lol

Joseph Whitaker School Mansfield
caning people for silly things, our class all got caned cos someone opened the firedoor and no one owned up, we all got it!!! plus l was caned for smoking in the loo, only problem was, l didnt smoke
Sandra Reynolds
Mrs Johnson
Does anyone remember her? As i certainly do for the trouble i got into in school!! At the time i thought it was a laugh and all the caning did no good, but i am a wiser person and would like to thank you for the caning
Kelvin High Belfast
I wonder if Kathleen remembers Mrs McKay?(Science) I best remember her as the only lady teacher who did her own caning.Neither male nor female were

At my time in Kelvin, erring lassies were normally sent to Mrs. (Granny) Gallagher for caning Many's a wee girl came back to class gurning after a run in with her.
You mentioned Mrs McKay. Was she originally Miss Pollock the dreaded science teacher from my year 1 (Sept. 1961). She also owned a cane covered with string and tape that always hung beside the blackboard as a warning.

Keresley High Coventry
I dont remember having the cane but I remember Miss Marsden's wooden slipper vividly! Think she carved my name in it in the end!!
yes i remember marsdens slipper reguarly

Kings Hill Sec Mod Wednesbury Staffs
Susan and I used to get into trouble for talking in maths class with Mr Alcock. He gave me the slipper once on my backside and it hurt,

Kingsleigh Secondary
Miss Vardey liked the cane so god help you if she caught you misbehaving. Her room was up a staircase and she terrified everyone.
mrs royston she gave me the ruler mrs vardey give me the cane for being cheeky
Cynthia Nurse
Myself & 2 other girls did let someones tyres down in the bike shed we got the cane the next morning from Mrs Vardy

Kings Meadow Comp Gateshead
yer those were the days ha ha i remember getting the strap for cutting through the hole in the fench to catch the school bus home

Kingstamerton Secondary Plymouth
never got cane or ruler of mo she was da best teacher there, but got da cane of mrs lavery lol
If only they knew wat mo was lettin us do.never got the cane off her. she just had it in 4 the boys.LOL. Had cane off mrs matthews ,witch.
Hi, i remember getting the cane off Miss Moffatt. She caned about six of us at the front of the class for yapping through her lesson. I put on brave face like everyone else and laughed it off lol

Ladywood Comp Birmingham
Margaret wrote at 2:50am on January 24th, 2009
. I also remember Mrs Haywood well, she gave me the cane for fighting.........
Larne High N Ireland
Marls (f)
Miss Dundee.. a whizz with the bat...
Mr beggs caned me for walking on the grass...
Susan I remember Mrs Dundee the P. E Teacher she was very hard kept you on your toes if i remember she used the bat and plimsole lol.

Lavant House Chichester
Then some other older lady who was matron, I got the slipper from her! pmsl...

Lee Park & Gateacre Liverpool
Jean1954 on Apr 24, 2008, 11:41pm
Mrs Lloyed the deputy head, she took great pleasure when she caned me,

Lighthall School Solihull
Louise Cops
Mrs Hunt slippered me for smoking.

Lime House School Carlisle
Mr Brotherton caught us behind the girl's dorms, smoking..... we had just moved over to Lime House: we were the Brookfield rejects!!!! I got the slipper from Mrs Rice!!!
If i remember correctly we did get the the slipper, well trainer, well i certainly did!!

Littlemead Grammar Chichester
And I got the slipper from Mrs Ball for running down the corridor!

LVS Ascot
It was definetly Mr Stonelake during European Studies. I remember it clearly - we all got slippered

Manor Secondary Aldershot
maggige lamport and sandra cooper left in 1970 we had mrs hollingdale as head mistress , she ruled that school with am iron rod ! Sandra got the cane from her on two occasions

Mansfield High Burnley
Mary Woodend. nee Dawson
went to mansfield school from 1957 until 1960 remember getting the cane off miss lee for smoking

Marr College Troon

Miss Beaton, English gave me the belt, i came back in class with a tear in my eye and Stuart Evans was laughing at me,

Marshland High Wisbech
Mrs flemming or Flob as she was known, gave me the slipper but she was nice she let me choose which hand i had it on.

McAuley High School Doncaster
, liked mIss jackson even though she caned me.

Mesnes High Wigan
Pauline Gaster
was Percival, I was there 73 - 76 I remember miss Pilling,she caned me twice.

Moat Mount School Brent
Think I may be the oldest one so far, at MM 1972-1978. Got some good memories & some that have scared me for life !! Got the slipper from Mr Green, steel ruler on my leg from Mrs. Solders,

Monkseaton High School Whitley Bay
who do I remember .. we're going wayyyyy back now .... Mrs Maine for needlework.. Miss White ( flossy) had crossed eyes and often missed when giving you the cane.....

Moorside High Manchester
Thelma Hogg
Mr Hayes - maths (frightening, how I remember that cane,
Lindsay Sheldon
Teacher Memories
Miss Clayton who gave me the strap for mascara

Moorside High Stoke
Joy Simpson
Legs slapped numerous times for wearing the old grey school skirt too short -
Paul Bateman
Mrs. Biddle used the slipper!! (ouch!).

Mornington High Wigan
Gill Macdonald I left in 1985
Those were the days. Mr Lord, I got the slipper once of Miss Whittaker - she said she wouldn't hurt cos it was the first time I had been in trouble - what a liar - dunlop greenflash - ouch!!!!!

Mortimer Comp South Shields
i served mrs henderson(chicken head) about 5 years ago,i introduced myself,ans said she was the only one to give me the cane!!!

Mossley Hollins High Manchester
Erm... letting a stink bomb in sewing with Helen Kinsey and getting the cane off Mrs Mullaney!!!

Moulton John Harrox Spalding
Remember Mrs Jamieson (probably my favourite), Mrs Watts (form tutor the year I left and a penchant for the slipper which was actually a green and white Dunlop trainer),

Mountain Ash Comp S Wales
Nicola francis
the accounts teacherdidnt like me, and i didnt like her, she hit me once so i hit her back, and i had to go to miss harrison needlework( mrs lewis) my form teacher, and she gave me the cane twice across my hand !!

Netherhall Cambridge
Mrs Barrett the headteacher gave me the slipper

Netherstowe High Lichfield
Sonja Hughes
can remember mr harvey very well he called me suzy, sandra, stacey every name except mine... he made me laugh, and cry when i had my legs slapped a few times.

Norfolk School Sheffield
29-07-2009, 19:40
Igot caned by a teacher at norfolk school in 1973 for cheeking the dinner lady and refusing to go out in the pouring rain. the teacher who did it was my aunties neighbour too

North Axholme School Scunthorpe
Mrs Musgrave was the cookery and needlework teacher She once sent me to see Mrs Thornton for laughing and I got the cane (youre right she loved it)
Mrs Thornton (Head mistress)(she enjoyed giving the cane)

North Chadderton Comp Manchester
cant remember who gave me the strap a couple of times but it bloody stung like mad oowwcchhhh !!!!!
i got the strap for eating an ice pop in mr whalleys english class from head of year mrs jessop, didnt see her come in. my mate deborah did and hid hers under the desk, thanks mate. north chadd around 1979
We got the strap for anything at St Alban s, being late less than 5 spellings right, at one time I found it easier to be late or not revise and get the strap, usually off Mrs Sullivan, funny but I quite liked Mrs SULLIVAN!
Miss Lee , a music teacher at Grange, used to jump off a chair to strap you !
Ok hands up (or should that be hands out) anyone old enough to remember the strap. I got it twice lol, both times for smoking round cough corner and yes it bloody hurt!
about 7 months ago

I remember the strap and cough corner, I never smoked but I use to act as lookout for mates who did. Remember one day I was looking one way and the teacher came from the other, ended up getting strapped along with the rest of them, the only time I ever got it,

Nunthorpe Comp Middlesborough
Donna Thompson
Anyone here old enough to remember Mrs Allen when she was The Head of Girls. I remember being sent to her for the cane once,

Oakmead College Bournemouth
Oh when I started Miss Hutt was the head and had a cane in the corner of her room.

Ockbrook Derby
Meilee Marts
Hi pas member of Ockbrook.. I actually got spanked by Miss Driver once!

Ordsall Hall Comprehensive Retford
i remember setting the school edge on fire whist having a cigrette waiting for the school bus lol got the cane for that

Our Lady & St Bedes Stockton
and sister mary went a bit nuts and gave us the cane five times across the left hand.

Padstow Comp Nottingham
Christine Draper
miss cave was domestic science can anyone remember how she would shudder when she gave you the cane.
Glennys Pease
Miss Staniveski???
English Lit. she made it come alive - she was also deputy head & very good with the strap!! I know!
I once saw ' SIR ' MR GALLAGER take a lad on stage infront of assembly and cane him,
and when i had to go to his office for the cane and that was just for chewing gum gave me 2 but don't hold no grudge with him. R.I.P. Sir xx

Park House Sheffield
Remember getting caught smoking in toilets and getting caned by Mrs Millhouses in her office -she was famous for caning across your fingertips, that hurt like hell!
Michael Brookes
miss hughes. Ethel as we found out one day in assembly, what a star she was to put up with the lads , theres a few of us felt the wrath of old Ethels slipper.

Parrenthorn High Bury
Philip Brownleader
Running after Alison Faucet after school and twanging her bra straps!! I got the slipper for that off Miss Cooper.
Does anyone remember mr furnaval, his breath stunk, told him one day and he sent me to his girlfriend mrs metcalfe who in turn gave me the cane..the bitch lol
Miss Malpass was the younger one a think god what was her name I think she slapped my leg once or twice
Do you remember the woman pe teacher, carnt remember her name, she slapped my legs once and left a hand mark on it and you could see her wedding ring mark on it as well, then she made me run round the field for an hour.

Parsloes Manor Dagenham
Mrs Falcon
Ack, I can't remember at all sad.gif. Everyone liked her though, even though she used to cane the girls LOL. I am talking about 1974?

Pemberton Senior Girls Wigan
I also remember Miss Pilling...had the cane once or twice.

Pembroke Secondary Bucks
I left in 1984 - I used to hang around with mandy and debbie keen,I had my first fight with georgia carter on our second day at pembroke,cos she said i thought i was hard!!! We both got the cane from mrs evans the next day......
i left in '82 i think, i try and block it from my mind !!! yes i can remember being outside Pomeroy's office waiting for the cane ,more than once !!!

Penshaw Durham
Rita Mendham
Who can remember girls school head teacher Miss Beany,miss Harmen who i must say liked to give the slipper

Plymstock School Plymouth
Hi, i remember getting the cane off Moffatt. She caned about six of us at the front of the class for yapping through her lesson. I put on a brave face like everyone else and laughed it off lol
btw ..... anyone cop the cane .... i did ...i got caught smokin by Mrs Chainy
I got the cane from that monster Miss Squance ( i think) remember her??!!
Rachel Mansfield
miss tucker
very large lady who caned me and I believe Mel leyshon Alison Turner and possible Fiona Watson

Pontypool Girls Pontypool
Miss Heinz's office and that bloody ruler. God could she whack you one with that thing.

Porth Technical Grammar Rhondda S Wales
Hayley wrote at 3:32pm on March 1st, 2009
I am sure it was cassie who gave me the cane for fighting! I never got over that. it wasn't even my fault lol!!

Portland Comp Worksop
God Tracey is mrs mather's still alive, u know when she used to give lasses the slipper she used to take a run up, so she could smack u as hard as she could, she was a right old battle axe!!
Melanie Edwards
mrs mather
wow was she scary! wasn't she the one who gave you the slipper for nothing,

Prince Edward School Sheffield
i rember miss pilgram (pillywag} she used to take us swimming .she used to stand at the edge of the bath and pull her skirt up to her knees and show us how a frog swims with its legs. all the boys used to look up her skirt to get a glimpse of her long knee length knickers. i can remember her giving the slipper for talking in her class.

Hi, I attended Prince Edwards from 1967 through to 1972 and can only remember my teacher from the latter years as being mIss Kingdom . I vividly remember her slippering the backside of Brian Woolhouse for playing up in class.
bushbaby 3
i was taught by miss pilgrim in1961 when I was ten she seemed old to me then i can rember her giving the slipper to anyone who stepped out of line
i was dragged by the ear to the headmistress and she made me bend over her desk and slippered me 4 times. Often wondered if it scarred me for life, but probably fact I'd probably pay good money to get slippered by a middle aged headmistress nowadays!!!

Pye Bank Sheffield
Were we all in miss smiths class at the end?. Do you remember the cane she had and used it plenty of times. My hands are still smarting lol are yours.

Quarrydale Comp
Tracie Munks
getting caned by miss hale

Radcliffe High Manchester
I just remembered mrs wild how could i forget her she slippered me for burning pens in bunsen burners with lauren hill

Radcliffe Secondary Oldham
LOl I was a bad girl..Got the cane across the hand by Big nose head mistress Jones...

Radcliffe Secondary Milton Keynes
Vicki Levitt
....Fond memories of Mrs Finch givin me the cane

Raincliffe School Scarborough
a few miss price was head mistress got the cane of her a few times!!!!!!

Rainford High St Helens
i bet i deserved whatever i got even the strap off mrs "red rose in the hair" harris im sure me and netty garnett were messing around as per usual but she flipped and sent me for the black book and the strap didnt stop me gabbing and messing in class though
Debra Sephton
breaking rules
I remember being in sewing class, I don't remember the teachers name. I was chewing gum, which was a school no no, I was sent to Mrs. Blackburn (deputy head) where I was given the cane on my hand.

Ramillies Hall Cheadle Hulme
I remember getting the slipper a....lot from matron

Rawmarsh Comp Rotherham
miss Brown-head mistress(tit Brown) i got away with the cane a few times

Rawthorpe High School Huddersfield
i remember miss genlser, i was in her class in junior school and the only things i remeber about her was funny walk(maybe dodgy hips) and that she put me over her knee and spanked me for using some paper that wasnt scrap paper but id got it out the scrap paper draw!! talk about being in trouble for something i didnt do and to top it off i was spanked for it. it could have been worse , i could have got caned, but i was a good kid and this as scared me for life !!!!!! imagine teachers spanking and caning kids now

Redwell Comprehensive South Shields
Gillian Byrne
Fatty Williams She caned the whole of 4 general once for singing in the corridor

Ribblesdale School Clitheroe
Samantha wrote at 1:21pm on October 5th, 2008
miss farley the biatch! i got the cane of her for smoking behind the bike sheds, but always knew to curl ur paml up so it wudnt hurt as much
Sandra Wakeling
miss farley
i always remember queing up for the cane across my hand and just the look on her face was enough to upset me

Rivington Rd High St Helens
and caned by miss howard!

Roland Green Comp Nottingham
hahaha...oh Sarah you're so funny. I remember getting the cane from the really small female teacher who ended up marrying that english teacher...omg can't remember either names. She had blonde hair and was really petite. She had to lift her entire body in order to reach my hand which I purposley raised as high as I could. Even then she could only get the edge of my hand....hahahaha. Don't ask me what the cane was for but it marked the start of more canings and detentions.
1) Getting the cane for smoking
2) Getting the cane for writing on loo walls
3) Getting the cane for skiving

Ryeish Green Wokingham
That twat Irish girls PE teacher...she smacked my bum!!!!!!

Sacred Heart Girls Liverpool
Pauline Jones
I remember when we would bunk off we would duck under the window of Bellas office.Also Miss Shotter who went to John Bosco,she was a cow. I had the cane in her office so many times.

Sandbach High School Cheshire
Julie Bailey
i remember mrjackson mainly, the old mr jackson not the young p.e teacher , he gave me the cane a few times across my hand

Sandfield Comp Port Talbot
lol i had the cane off miss chess 6 of the best for messing about out side mr hardy lab in the upper school, but the boys got off with a telling off lol. i left in 1980

Sandhurst School Berkshire
Sharon Reynolds
ok i got slippered by mr townsend

Shirecliffe Sheffield
Mrs Brennan used to slipper me and my mate Terry every day

Sir Wilfrid Martineau Comp Birmingham
she used a slipper on me not the cane it was black and old

She was soooo scary I got the slipper off her for fighting, not very lady like I know !
She gave me a tissue before she slippered me but I wouldnt give her the satisfaction so i didnt cry !
Lisa Johnson
Mrs Shervington
If ever you were kindly invited to her office for the slipper you would either be knocked out by the fumes or forced to cry with the pain of the pump/slipper on your palm.
Sonia Parr
mrs shervinton
I remember shervington and the force behind the slipper. There was also another female teacher (and I use that term loosely)as she looked like a bloke,smoked cigars and was rumoured to almost do a back flip before delivering that pump.I remember the sting if not the back flip.
Darrell Baker
Miss Shirvington
I took six of the best from miss shirvington for smoking in the outside toilets with maureen flynn.

Sleaford County Secondary Lincolnshire
Jill wrote on March 10, 2009 at 11:30am
hi i was at the sleaford secondary school i am 42 now, living in leeds, the evil Mrs Reese duty head who gave me the cane, not saying what for!
Joanne Corder .
Nobody mentions Mrs Gresham 'Betty' she was one scarey lady specially when she doubled up with miss Churhill 'Bull dog' God rest her soul, she was there as first aider when my friends and i got the cane for smoking in the toilets, two faces i'll never forget.
Polly Connolly
hi , i was ann turner, mrs handly(jeez the amount of times she caned me)

Solway Community School Cumbria
Susan wrote at 2:59pm on October 23rd, 2008
i went to solway school 1975-1980 as susan akitt we had some laughs back then but got the cane

Spittal Berwick
Mr.Thompson was the only teacher at Spittal that gave you the slipper and it really hurt!

Stamford High Ashton under Lyne
Miss Warren, Who else remembers standing outside her office waiting for a whack with the cane.
What about miss hedge used to be the head, liked to jump off a chair to give the cane

St Albans RC High Manchester
Mrs Murohy was certainly good entertainment value - except for the occassion she caned me for spelling my name wrong, even though I hadn't...
I remember Mr Sullivan the english teacher, in fact I saw him last week he looks the same but older of course, I also enjoyed his lessons and like I said before I didn t mind Mrs Sullivan even though she gave me the strap alot,

St Annes High Durham
Being sent to Mrs Ward for a smacked bottom if naughty.

St Annes RC High Stockport
I got the cane off Swindells for nicking off once, and it was the one and only time
Margaret Murray
this is to Mr kinseller Science teacherI'm the one you made put here nose on your front desk for over half an hour because I was chewing gum then gave me six thwackings in the back room of the science lab with your cane

St Annes RC High Bolton
Ann Waterhouse
mrs denton
she was very handy with the cane but was also respected

St Bedes Carlisle
this is brill talk about rousing the passed!!! That Sience room was a long 1 & like you say Bill Scott was a dam good shot, i remember once being in front of the whole School to be disgraced for being caught SMOKING no other in the back lane along side the top school, then off to the office for 6 of the best ouch!!!! hands stung for ages .. i now i hate smoking!!!

St Benedicts RC Sec Leeds
I got the cane almost every week from Miss Freeman. but before we left we actualy became friends.. LOL
Julie Leeson
Sister Augustine
I remember her. She walked in the toilets on me ans Karen Stevenson caught us with cigs. Six of the best on each hand for snoking and the back chat.
Geraldine Fahy
we had some good laughs. i remember getting the cane off miss howarth, she broke my ring she hit me that hard.
I do remember most of the teachers though and mrs freeman was scary and very strict was a mean with the cane like a whip wow it stung and we used to run to the toilets and rub that stinky soap on!

St Columbas Comp Liverpool
Helen Gaunt
Miss Fennerty hated me and I had the cane every afternoon in the 2nd year
Mark Watson
I remember all the boys in my class getting the cane on our second day for running down the stairs by Annie Kipper.
Does anyone remember Miss Stewart (fish) the music teacher, if i remember correctly she was stone also i remember Miss Fennerty, boy did she love givin me the cane,

St Blaise Middle Bradford
Anneliese wrote on November 20, 2008 at 12:38pm
Mrs Reynolds was my english teacher. She caned me for sneaking out to the chippy for my dinner. got the cane another time but cant remember why now.
Mandy Cox
Sister Immaculata
In morning assembly she used to make a row of girls kneel and if your skirt didn't touch the floor - you felt that cane.
Michael Padden
The Slipper!
LArking about in the dining Hall one afternoon waiting to go swimming, Mrs Ryan, (Small little woman with bleach blonde hair) caught us in the act and told us to see her first thing in the morning for the slipper. The next morning I went and rounded my friend up and we went to see her, but she had completely forgotten even seeing us the day before. She still gave us the slipper on each hand just for taking the trouble to go and get punished
I got caned by mrs reynolds for maiking too much noise going past the staff room at lunch time.... she asked me did it hurt i said no n she caned the other hand OUCH
i remember mrs reynolds, gave me cane for letting a stink bomb off, want even me!
moved my hand so she gave me ten more!

St Crispins Wokingham
. Mrs Andrews had Janet Joan and myself caned for something we didnt do . Hated her b4 but imagine after. Went home with a stinging hand couldnt complain or bottom would have stung!
Miss Brindle (a mighty whacker with the slipper)

St Dominics Secondary Liverpool
any girlies ever had the cain off ms walsh or ms lamb ?? that hurt!
miss lamb was the best at given the cain, only ad it a couple of times off her, and moggan most mornings for bein late, she liked me so never hurt xx
Yep, I had the cane off both of them, and a few others. Mrs Lamb was definitely the worst, Got it 3 times off her and my God did it hurt, Ill swear she was trying to amputate my fingers with the bloody thing!!!
had the cain nearly every day for being late 6 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon off mr murphy the head and god didi it hurt
i had it loads of times for being late oh i hated miss mogan haha
Big Bad Bill Barry got me an all, and I was innocent honest guvnor! it the the one and only time I got it and my God I thought I was gonna pass out! he got me right on the tip he was like a bloody sniper with that thing!

St Edmund Arrowsmith Wigan
mr jenkinson how good was he every time u lost the quiz he caned ya he use say bend over and watch the birdie, the wooden bird he had hanging from ceiling, he caned me once jus because i had me tongue out, it use hang out in the corner of me mouth whilst i were drawing,
Joanne wrote at 4:10pm on February 23rd, 2009
anyone remember mr and mrs philips, she was a beast she gave me the cane,

St George CofE High(St George of England High) Liverpool
What did you do Alan? I remember Jill Dunn wacking you with the cane in my room!
Remember gregory she had to stand on a chair to cane you though
miss gregory used to stand on a chair to cane you i always burst out laughing and got an extra one
Vivien Sparkes (Nee Cornmell)
Any body remember miss Gregory (1972) she was in charge of the 1st and 2nd years when we where at the annex at Roberts she gave me the cane and because she was short she stood on a box it was quite funny to see her
Miss Toms- she was our form teacher at one point and i quite liked her. She took great pleasure givin the cane,
I've had the cane from Norman Dennis, John Murphy, Mr Snape, Miss Toms.
Mr Alliston too
MissGregory (1977) she was in charge,till Mr spencer , came in, (1977-78)I remember gettin the Cane For Laughing,
Remember gregory she had to stand on a chair to cane you though

St Georges Comprehensive Birmingham
Pepe wroteon January 10, 2009 at 2:04pm
I remember a teacher called Mr Johns anyone remember him?? Also cant remember the headmasters name he gave me the cane! how times have changed........I was there in 1976/77
Yea Mrs Cook did give the cane and as hard as she could, I think she become head of my year then, she only caned me once though

St Georges School Ipswich
Hey St. Georges Girlies
Who remembers Fiona Walker getting the cane in assembly at Wicklewood - in front of the whole school?
Ill never forget it

St Georges Secondary Sleaford
the evil mrs reese duty head who gave me the cane, not saying what for!

St Helens Comp Barnsley
Mrs Amos
she was always catching me for smoking in the 5th years girls toilets we would put some one on guard on door and it would .... Natasha is coming she was one scary women haha!!! and warming ur hands up on raidiator before you got that slipper

St James Norland Notting Hill
Tom Balogh
I remember the yoga lessons too. Also the day John Lennon was shot and getting the cane from Miss Simms!

St John Fisher Catholic High Dewsbury
David Teal
mrs grafton, once gave me the cane
Theresa Hemming
David you never had the cane unless you had it in the 60s from Miss Lee

then headmistress

St John Payne Catholic Comp Chelmsford
Lucy Lynham
She was the deputy head, I think, and she gave the girls the cane. All I remember, except she was MEAN!
Tony (Anthony) Stacey
Mrs Linge (nee White)
Oh boy, did she cane me or what! Not bad at teaching maths though, even if she did bar me from her class.
Teresa/terry Farrington
Mrs. Linge
Gave me the cane when I was younger though
St John Vianey Blackpool
Carol Lamb
Mr Ellam was very nice too although he did lose it with Laura Ashworth one day for talking in science and slippered her in front of the class.

St Julians Comp Newport
I can remember having the cane from Mr Shurmer for mooching Miss Suttons sewing class!!

St Malachys High Antrim
I got the strap for walking up the stairs on the wrong side by some language teacher(name most gladly forgotten). Hated Mrs. Mulgrew, got the strap from her because I couldn't find a strap for her to slap Terry Connelly,

St Michaels RC Barnsley
Mrs Fensome was scary as a kid not now though,(can anyone remember her) and Mrs Stubbs thought she could control us with the cane across the finger tips sorry didnt work. I wonder what would happen if a teacher hit someone with a cane now.

St Nicholas & St Marys Grammar Northwood
Let's go right to the top - Mrs Hoare, small but very scary headmistress. She had a miniature Schnauzer which she used to take to school with her and I used to take it for walks. Didn't stop me getting the slipper though.

St Peters Blackburn
Mr Conway lol i think we all have bad memorys of him .i think my worse was when me and patricia manning was running up and down the hall way and he came round corner and caught us .we stopped dead and had to salute to him but we got beaten with the cane for our trouble lol they were the good old times

Streetly Comprehensive Sutton Coldfield
God im the oldest here, (I left in 1976) I remember Headmaster Mr Farnsworth, Dep head Mr Basten, the Old Mrs Smedley( who gave me the slipper for wearing makeup and smoking in the girls toilets).

St Theresas RC Lewisham
Margaret O'Connor
I go right back to when Sr Dolores was Headmistress, boy she was strict and could she give the cane. I had six-of-the-best off her on two ocassions and it flippin hurt.

St Thomas More RC Derby
Karen Braines
miss ashmole always gettin sent 2 her office for the cane

St Thomas Moore Stoke
Mrs Devlin i was more scared of her bad breath than the cane.

Sturton by Stow Sec Lincoln
Judith Lovell
went to sturton 75-80 as did all my brothers and sister (not same years) ,remember harrys first to school last home ! bus,gardening lessons,went on the med cruise and getting the slipper from mrs jenny

St Wilfrids RC Comp
Remember when we got the cane for singing dirty songs on the way home from school at the back of the 527 bus. I mean, christ, it was outside of school hours and we still got the cane, I would like to see them try that these days.

St Wilfrid Martineau Comp Birmingham
She had an amazing caning technique - would strike your fingers going down and going up - meant 6 of the best ended up as 12.

Sundorne Sec Shrewsbury
I remember Mrs Leggot, she was a real bully, she gave me & my friend the cane cos we laughed at her

Sutton West High Sutton
Oh and i got the slipper from Mr Woodward.

Tennyson High Mablethorpe Lincs
Paula wrote at 6:38am on July 18th, 2009
i remember Love giving me and dawn the cane she loved it

The Archbishops School Canterbury
ye gods of old, i remember gobbo, what a teacher he kept me sane, gave me the cane six times took me to hospital twice and gave me the kick up the bum that i needed to get on and achieve something

The Avenue Comprehensive Newton Aycliffe
Allison Mallett
i went to the avenue comp from 1979 to 1984.thats when my surname was craig my favourite teacher wasmrs nobe even though she caned me a few times she was still a good teacher

The City School Sheffield
Old Skool teachers Karen happy.gif
Mrs Collins (French) never quite knew who she was talking too as she had a dodgy eye! Mr tinson (PE) gave me the slipper once for going to the field to fight the brook boys

The Coseley School Bilston
Did any body else get the cane at school or was it just me,Jaci Walters and Donna Parker? Got caught smoking behind the sports hall lol

The Grange School Runcorn
The teacher I hated the most was Mrs Christie...deputy head...god she was a bit. The amount of times I got the slipper off that then again it was my own fault for being such a little cow myself in the 4th and 5th year eh!!!!!

The City School Sheffield
Mr tinson (PE) gave me the slipper once for going to the field to fight the brook boys!

The Greenhill School Pembroke
Isobel Moore
Mr Lee
Sad to hear of his death. Despite givng me the cane and having numerous visits to his office he was a fair man.

The Grove Comprehensive Nottingham
Yes I remember Miss Hopwood, got the slipper from her many a time,

The Meadows Chesterfield
Kath Self
miss mason,(she caned me)

Thistley Hough High Stoke
Sinder Dhillon
i remember mrs mountford p.e teacher yes she was strict i will never forget her she was the one which gave me the cane i still remeber that day very clearly

Thomas Carlton Secondary Peckham
early 60s. Anyone remember Miss Waite? Tall skinny English teacher? She gave me the slipper once!

Tulketh High Preston
Mr Millward-Hopkins (history) and Mr Hurley were both great teachers in my time!!! Miss Ackers was awful i remember being caned of her a few times after being made to stand on the naughty corridor!!!

Tudhoe Grange Co Durham
best teacher was mr yeoman the biology teacher worst was miss bolton she caned me for chewing in class

Turton High Bolton
I can remember getting slapped by mrs eccles in the corridor against the wall there were a few of us can't remember who else though lol.
I remember getting slapped by mrs eccles in the corridor too, for wearing leg warmers! and another time for using the teachers entrance- and another cus she thought i was talking in class (and for once in wasn't me!)
Jo (m)
Does anyone remember little Miss Nield that used to teach Classical Studies? She was so cute but boy could she give a good leg slap!! LOL.

Tweedmouth Modern Berwick
Miss buglass (early 60s)

couldnt half use the strap ! her feet used to leave the floor as she brought the strap down on your hand.
miss buglass lethal with the cane
William Walsh
Mrs Thompson.
Made you bend over the desk for a whack with the cane.
got 6 ov the belt for cutting the corners of a cake a made in cookery class
Me and Isa used to get the belt at least twice a week for TALKIN!!!

Two Trees Comm High Manchester
Mrs Smith(scary drama teacher) apart from myself did anyone else suffer the trauma of being slippered by her.God she was effective!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also when you got slippered or smacked just for talking in class!
Bev Whitaker
He had a break time slipper club where we could have biscuits in the quad (his room). I was the first girl to get slippered
i was scared to death of mrs barker the headmistress, cant believe how hard she was then. she slippered my sister..................mind you she was smoking on the steps of the tennis court!

Walshaw High Burnley
Mrs Jamison- didn't like her,I was stuck on bog and came a bit late, so i got smack on my bottom at a high school age, she smacked me when i was away on residential at Richmond in Scarbrough...

Warbreck High Blackpool
Does anyone remember mrs forsdick, she taught maths, very dark hair and in a strange way i thought she was fit as a butchers dog as Mrs greaves too. I got caned off her for flicking sherbert pips.

Wards Bridge High Wolverhampton
I attended from 1964 to 1968, Tomkys house, I loved that school even tho Ms Ward gave me the cane twice!

Watlands Newcastle-under-Lyme
Kenneth Hulme
Miss Morris had prepared us for the rigours to come in the real world with her strident voice and her canes.

Wattville Rd Sec Birmingham
hi there, yes i had the cane many times at wattville rd sec, and i once had 2 strokes on each hand on the stage after assembly in front of the whole school.
I think it was the embarrassment of having to stand before the class to get the stick was worse than the punishment itself

Wentworth High Cheshire
Ann wroteon February 6, 2009 at 2:39pm
Mrs Clegg..DS Gave me the slipper once. Was funny, 3 shots and she missed 2.

Westlands Girls SM Ashton under Lyne
How could I ever forget Mrs Green.Lol.., she slapped my legs ..ouch..

Westoe Comp South Shields
Never had corporal punishment mesell but my sister (Karen Stephenson - Nico) got the cane of Mrs Luther (Chemistry Teacher) cos she spotted her from the 3rd floor with a white thing dangling from her was actually a kojak lollipop from Bobs shop round the corner but Luther was having nen of it and caned her anyway
iam a ex pupil of westo who has just put a few school photos on back in the year of 79 or 80 that long ago i cant remmember when it act was it was good when i was there use to bunk off all the time vofever gettin the cane for swearing miss dawson was the worst it did hurt specialy 6 of the best the b---- broke my thumb n finger every one would stand outside the room listening had to put ya brave face on ha ha

West Hill High Stalybridge
Mr Smith - (though he did dish out the slipper)

West park Girls High Leeds
Miss Hardy was wicked ... she use to love to smack you as hard as possible usually on the bottom, wonder why?

Whelley SM Wigan
Brenda Fairhurst
mr. miller was the headmaster and we used to be terrified of him.if you got into trouble you would have to stand outside of his office awaiting the cane !! and boy could he wack you one !! the good old days !!

Whitton School Twickenham
We got the cane or slipper for almost everything, Mr Ellis I think it was. He was an idiot, he used to experiment with things like caning six of you at the same time, with a really long cane. He'd make you stand in a row with your hands out in front of you, then cane you all. Of course the one nearest to him got nothing, and the one at the end got the whiplash, which hurt!

Willows High Schhool Cardiff
yeah slack harris gave me the cane i i dont no ow many times
Jeanette Maypine
i went 2 willows 74 we use 2 have a laugh had the cane a few times of mrs harris she bloody hurt me

Windsor County Grammar Windsor
Pat Larkin
I remember one girl, not her name, but the picture of her standing on the school's stage, waiting for 'the slipper' has never left me....I don't recall why she was receiving this awful punishment, but I do know it upset all of us girls. It was unnecessary and uncalled for too...I did, for a very short time, dislike Miss Shawcross very much for carrying out this 'slipper' routine, or whatever it was called then. I don't even remember whether the girl had the slipper on her backside or her hand, but it did affect lots who witnessed it. It is one of only a couple of very unhappy memories of the time I spent at the school, and I'm not sure now whether Miss Shawcross carried out the 'slipper' punishment or another mistress did the deed......

Wingfield Comp Rotherham
Miss Staley
She gave me the slipper in 1986 !
Ms Staley (RE) man she was a scary women, that slipper was lethal.
Gillian Harrison
Mrs Whitely - Only got the cane once!
One teacher I certainly didnt like was Mrs Whitely. She was the one the girls had to go and see when they were naughty. God she was strict, I had the cane off her a couple of times and it didnt half hurt.

Wisewood Sec Sheffield
hi i left wisewood in 1982 and remember ms greenwood who was head of girls (pure evil with the cane, use to stand on a chair and hit you on the way down )

Woodchurch High School Cheshire
Amanda Jane
I hated Mrs Bracegirdle, can't remember how many times I got the cane from her - she seemed to love caning people.
Janet Simpkin-Mars
Ms. Clapp
". She sent me to Ms. Hetherington for a caning.
Janet Evans
is it just me.or can anyone else rememeber mrs dodd and mr jackson both had a whistle wen they talked.i got the cane off mrs dodd a few times
I was there at a the same time and Mrs Bracegirdle was a beast, I was cained by her once and she had such a supply of cains in her cupboard it was unreal.
OMG, it has to be Mrs Bracegirdle, if only because she gave me the cane a couple of times LOL

Yeomans Bridge Aldershot
Janet Bussingham (who got the cane off Miss Davies) Davies for stripping to her bra when playing rounders

Yohden Hall Comp Northumberland
mr parkinson - motor vehical studies the bastard cained me twice 1 time a cross my arse cos i drove his motor bike into the top yard,,,,,
oh just remembered titty thompson -- art now she was a bitch with the caine

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Re: Facebook School CP References

September 10 2011, 3:50 PM 

Excellent work Pontifex, well done for all that research.

I really enjoy reading contemporary accounts of genuine corporal punishments. Some of the girls were none too happy about getting the cane or slipper , but the rest didn't seem to mind at all , regarding it as a normal part of life at school in those days. For those doubters who think girls never got caned or slippered on the behind here is proof, and just think that these accounts are a very tiny proportion of the actual corporal punishments dished out.

Alan Turing

Re: Facebook School CP References

September 10 2011, 4:05 PM 

Thank you, Pontifex, for that interesting collection. A quick perusal suggests that, of the 400 (approximately) posts, over 350 are from women, the remainder from men.

Interestingly, around 230 of the women say that they were caned, of whom 34 said explicitly that they received the punishment on the hand, and five on the bottom. Nearly 70 were slippered, of whom three said they received the punishment on the hand, and seven on the bottom. Some 25 received the strap, and 14 were spanked, ten on the legs and the remainder on the bottom.

On the other hand, 20 of the men say that they were caned, of whom three said explicitly that they received the punishment on the hand. Seventeen were slippered, of whom one said he received the punishment on the hand, and two on the bottom. Three received the strap, and two were spanked.

Other implements were used occasionally: a ruler, a bat, a boot (?).

The proportion of women among those who said they had been caned is quite remarkable, because it is as certain as anything can be that far more boys than girls were caned at school. Is the reason that more women tend to write about these experiences than men? Or is it that Pontifex is not an unbiased collector of data? Or, indeed, that some of the posts are fiction?

Note: there might be minor errors in the numbers, as it is sometimes unclear whether the description of a punishment applies to the poster, or to someone else who was thought to have been punished; or whether it is a more general "that's what this teacher had the reputation for doing" type of post. But the numbers shouldn't be too far out.

American Way

Re: Facebook School CP References

September 10 2011, 5:10 PM 

Quite thorough Pontifex. Anything out there in cyber world from others sources perhaps from Melbourne of more recent vintage? happy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gif


re Facebook School CP References

September 10 2011, 5:22 PM 

There may be one or two fiction but as they're gleaned from Facebook not from any fetish site I'd take them at face value. Not too different from the type of posts we used to find on "Friends Reunited".

They largely have the feel of being 1970/1980s.

Note that relatively few of the respondents feel bitter about getting CP at school, it was simply the rules of the game at the time. Also girls often got the slipper even at secondary school, and if they were caned it was often on the hand, the number of bottom canings specifically recorded is quite low.



Re: Facebook School CP References

September 10 2011, 8:41 PM 


An interesting post.

Is this a single discussion between "friends" or random postings in multiple discussions?

What was your search protocol?

Did you have to "friend" these people to see their messages?

Can you tell the likely time period when all this spanking occured, possibly from the ages?

Did any males mention getting punished?


Re: Facebook School CP References

September 10 2011, 8:49 PM 

A very good compilation, Pontifex.

I doubt many of those posts are fictitious, given the amount of details fantasists would be exposed very quickly. Alan Turing asks whether more women than men tend to write about these experiences. Some would say that women talk a lot more than men about everything - so CP experiences would be included. wink.gif

When I mentioned that a couple of teachers at my school gave us the slipper on our hands, quite a few people expressed surprise. Of 70 women who said they were slippered, Alan Turing counted 3 who said that got it on their hands and 7 who got it on their bottom. If that 3 in 10 ratio is representative, slippering hands was not all that uncommon.

Alan Turing

Re: Facebook School CP References

September 10 2011, 9:06 PM 

KK: You ask: Did any males mention getting punished? Well, if you care to read my post in this thread of 4:05 pm today, you will discover the answer! It's not too far above your own post ... happy.gif

Jenny: There was one (male) teacher at my secondary school who slippered boys on the hands, and who, faced with a particularly serious crime, announced that the offender would be slippered on his bottom. I do think, though, that the weight of the slipper, and hence its momentum, would tend to knock the hand down, so that the impact would be reduced significantly.



Re: Facebook School CP References

September 10 2011, 9:13 PM 


I meant to inquire whether there was any intentional bias in searching for and reporting male and female school CP experiences.

Alan Turing

Re: Facebook School CP References

September 10 2011, 9:17 PM 

Actually, my observation that three women said they were slippered on the hand, and seven on the bottom, is probably unrepresentative. These were ten women out of the 70 or so who said they were slippered; but the decision to mention a particular part of the anatomy is unlikely to have been random. For instance, if it was usual for girls at your school to be slippered on the bottom then you're unlikely to mention it, unless you want to make a particular point (as one woman did) about wearing two pairs of knickers. My feeling is that this particular statistic doesn't really tell us very much.


Facebook School CP References

September 10 2011, 10:31 PM 

Just to clear up some of the questions raised on this posting.

I only looked for instances of females being involved in either receiving or giving CP.

I did not have to join facebook or have a friend.

There were many instances of males being given CP by male teachers.

Most of the posts gave no indication of the period when the punishments took place. I would guess that most were between 1960 and 1980.



Re: Facebook School CP References

September 10 2011, 11:36 PM 

Hi Pontifex,

Congratulations on an excellent post which certainly seems to have stimulated some discussion. I recall you as the author of another (rather shorter) FaceBook compilation here, one of whose items set in train some epic events happy.gif in this estimable Forum! No names, no pack drill! happy.gifwink.gifhappy.gif

Clearly you are a Facebook specialist. Personally, as with Friends Reunited, I seldom visit FaceBook. Friends Reunited is annoying because it is appallingly coded, FaceBook is fairly well coded, but is both malicious and dangerous. However, one school from my own patch in your compilation has caused me to look at Facebook, where fortunately it has an open site. However you do get ludicrously nagged to join FaceBook, and every so many nags pages refuse to load and you have to use trickery to continue.

The school concerned is Broadgate, Nottingham. (Remember Broadgate, Declan? In the Park, brown uniform?) I knew the school had a reputation for CP, orthodox and sometimes unorthodox, but I've never bothered to follow it up until inspired by your compilation. There is quite a lot on FaceBook. I am puzzled as to why you've truncated Mel's entry. However I guess there is a chance that this was the item censured by 'larry1951', though I've seen worse here! happy.gif

The question has been raised above as to whether any of the items are fakes. I'm pretty sure one item on your list is a fake, or at least is copied from elsewhere. Locate (by search on the thread) Derwent School, Derbyshire:

I can recall one poor girl when we were all in assembly. Her name was called out and she had to go up on to the stage as she had done something bad. She got the cane on her bottom in front of the whole school.

Contributor unnamed.

Now consider an item from 'This is Derbyshire', the website of the Derby Evening Telegraph newspaper dated Monday, August 25 2008, which is to be found here. Scroll down a bit, 3rd paragraph after the photograph:

I can recall one poor girl when we were all in assembly. Her name was called out and she had to go up on to the stage as she had done something bad. She got the cane on her bottom in front of the whole school.

A certain resemblance, I think! happy.gif

My very esteemed fellow contributor A_Lurkologist, who has been known to claim that I am Honorary Life Member Fran of Wembley (famous for being slippered in   bottle green gym knickers   by the PE Master at Copland School, Wembley) first posted the link to the Derby Evening Telegraph item in this estimable Forum here back in September 2008.



Re: Facebook School CP References

September 10 2011, 11:55 PM 

Hi Pontifex,

You say above:

Most of the posts gave no indication of the period when the punishments took place. I would guess that most were between 1960 and 1980.

I think some would be later than that. Remember CP in Private Schools continued into the 1990s in some cases. The only school in your list that I've looked at in detail is Broadgate, as noted above. Broadgate was a private school. Taking class photographs, some of which are dated and indexed to identify those show, general chit-chat on the site and other information in the pages, I am fairly sure that the canings there extended beyond the mid 1980s.


Facebook School CP References

September 11 2011, 11:01 AM 

I'd just like to add a few more to this thread. These are from overseas.
Interesting to compare with those in Uk

Camp Hill State High Brisbane
Damon wroteon October 25, 2008 at 8:57pm
I remember getting the cane from miss Schlecht anyway I was dead scared cause we had all heard the stories about the cane cabinet and how some teachers would jump off chairs and bring it slashing down. I was shaking like a leaf when (she must have been 65 years and 5 " tall and I was 16 year old and 6' 3" in barefeet) she sternly tapped my hand into position and brought the cane down. Well I was stunned -she probably would have used more force when inducting someone into the knighthood. So I released all the pent up tension in the form of laughter and promptly recieved three more fairy taps for insolence.

Carleton North High New Brunswick
and when Mrs Crowhurst threw chalk at us and slapped my thigh when i was wearing shorts and it left a red mark.

Christ Church Girls Sec Jabalpur India
We were terrified of Miss George. She was an extremely strict old lady. Although very frail at that time, when it came to caning the girls, she was quite energetic!

Convent Green Lane Penang
Miss Tan and her comments...fuhh!! her cane and her times table...

Corinth Secondary St Lucia
I remember one time I was in 2-1 when the entire class got cane by Haris, we all left our class room and we were running in the hallways of the wooden section of the school during class hours, I believe we were trying to miss a maths exams with Mr D' Auvergne, and no one studied that day, and in other to get into the class room we had to form a line and we each had to get 3 strokes upon entering the classroom. Damn that hurt like
everyone got cane on our arses..for those yankees among us..i translated!!!!
That day was madd... but i eh was burning alot!!!lol but i hated ms marcella for a few months after that!!!!lol

Geelong High Victoria
Melissa wroteon April 25, 2009 at 7:01pm
Well i can tell ya it was never Miss Laugher..she caned me over my science exam in front of my peers

Grassy Park High Capetown
With reference to your recollection of caning, Cindi, I recalled Mrs De Waal (Typing in std 7) loving the cane. Flip, she used to bring the cane way back for extra umph and pain

Herbert Morrison Tech High Jamaica
Mrs Burgess was kool although she caned me one time

High School Hottentots Holland S Africa
That chick teacher, Ms Van der Westhuizen once moered Tony Smuts with some red rubber tubing in the science lab. I thought he was going to cry from the pain. Anybody else suffer the humiliation of that chick beating you? I think she caned some of the chicks too.
Of course us girls never got caned in high school, but I can clearly remember being hit in primary school - Hendrick Louw Strand. I got plenty there!! We had a cow of an Afrikaans teacher who would hit us on the palm with one of those government issued thick green rulers!!! The geography and history teachers (both men) would cane the girls (and boys) for failing tests. I mean proper caning - bend over and on the behind!! I'm sure they were perverts. I was also caned in science class there by a female temp teacher in front of the whole class. So you boys don't have all the dibs on being hit at school!!!

Howard Wrigglesworth Ontario
Fran Lloyd
Yes, there were 4 boys and 2 of us girls that got lost. The principal said the boys were getting the strap and the girls were missing grad. I asked why we would get a different punishement than the boys, so he gave me an option. I went with the strap and enjoyed graduation.

Lurnea High NSW
o yes Mrs Peterson me and another girl got caught by her smoking cigs in the toliets she gave us the cane and well my Mum had it out with cause girls wern't surpose to get the cane

MacIntyre High NSW
I also remember mr mcgregor got the cane off him a few times.

Maple Ridge Vancouver

Park Avenue State School(S) Rockhampton
That was when I got the cane and not the ruler around the back of the legs like the other girls did

Penrith High School NSW
oh my god !!..Miss Ash...she tanned my backside with a ruler

Rockingham High W Australia
Actually getting "the slipper' 4 times!!! Didn't feel like a bloody slipper whacking me!!

Willowmore High Zambia
Does anyone remember Mrs Snellings cane ???
The bendy one that use to flick all the way round

Xavier College W Australia
My surname was Dalton..I was there from 79' to 83' I remember.. Mrs Owens,Mrs Trewen,Mrs Ranson,Mr nunes(noons),Mr O,Connell,Mr Kelly,Sr Mary,and a few others and yes Mrs Richardson was a gym teacher hahahah..I remember getting the cane in yr 5 6 whacks from Sr Mary..


Re: Facebook School CP References

September 12 2011, 8:22 AM 

I'm having trouble locating these references on Facebook. Odd , because I have not had any trouble before looking at , and finding things on Facebook. For instance I tried searching for Broadgate School Nottingham and it just comes up with a few irrelevant links.

AL .I do not in fact remember Broadgate School , does it still exist , again I cannot find any trace of it. It must be something very simple I'm doing wrong but cannot at the moment see what!

On the colour bottle green , there is a girl who lives nearby who goes to school in a bottle green blazer and green skirt and I am wondering which school she goes to. I am obviously not going to ask her , nor stare at her blazer to see if I can identify the badge. She is the only person round here I have seen wearing such a uniform . I suspect a good private school in the city as she gets the bus to town every day!



September 12 2011, 10:14 AM 

Broadgate School certainly is there under the name "Broadgate School Survivors- Non Nobis Domine". If you use FB search just put in the words Broadgate and Nobis.

There is a whole thread in the discussions entitled "Mr Osgerby's cane", and one respondent not mentioned above states:

"I got the cane on about 3 seperate occasions, and the day trip to sudbury too and slippered twice - wel a rather strange fiasco where mr o had my skirt round my neck just to whack my thighs with a pump!!???
and did you always have to wear brown uniform knickers and get them checked???
if it happened today "

Congratulations to Pontifex for a sterling piece of work. I have done some analysis myself (and P has actually found quite a few more than I did although he seems to be restricting mainly to secondary schools, where I've found lots at primary level. I've also found rafts in Nigeria, Uganda and the Caribbean.

I posted some snippets before at and and



Re: Facebook School CP References

September 13 2011, 1:44 AM 

Hi Yetanotheranotherlurker,

Good to see you back. It would be a great reunion if A_Lurkologist and youneedanotherlurkerlikeyouneedaholeinthehead turned up as well, but sadly the latter does make such a mess of the width of the 'Author' column! happy.gif

BTW, the Broadgate quote from 'Mel' that you give above was in Pontifex's list, but it was incomplete, as I noted here. I speculated that perhaps that was the one 'larry1951' had censured! wink.gif

Hi Declan,

Sorry I didn't respond to your query above this morning but I had to dash off. into the wilds of rural northern England, via the town where the schoolgirls wear the shortest skirts kilts in the UK. You'd love it! happy.gifwink.gifhappy.gif On a serious note, I can't understand why the school allows it. Unless the classes are segregated the senior boys must have a heck of a job concentrating on lessons.

Bottle green blazer and skirt. When I was a little lad at secondary school it was Brincliffe Grammar School for Girls, just over the wall behind the rife range and the fives court. However I think that school is long gone, as indeed are the rifle range and the fives court I believe! So that's a don't know I'm afraid.

Broadgate: I am pretty sure it is defunct now. In my articled clerk days on the fringe of The Park it was very much in evidence. It has certainly gone from the original location in The Park, that's flats now. There are 'before' and 'after' pictures on the Facebook site.

Finding the site: If you are a Facebook member then Yetanotheranotherlurker has given you a clue. But I'm not a Facebook member, so I use a different approach. If someone quotes Facebook, for instance Pontifex for Broadgate in the foundation post of this thread:

I got the cane on about 3 seperate occasions, and the day trip to sudbury too and slippered twice

I copy and paste some of the quote into Google - enough to ensure that it is probably a unique quote, but ignoring originator's name, because the position of this may not be the same as the original. In this case take say:

and the day trip to sudbury too and slippered twice

That ought to be pretty unique. Simply paste it into the Google Web search box. Ideally put a " at the beginning and end (ie embed it in double quotes). Then press the button and there you are - Mr Osgerby's cane, one of several threads on the Facebook site for the school.

For reason doubtless known unto Facebook I got the Japanese version tonight. I'm sure I didn't before. No matter though. It doesn't affect text, just page structure items such as links. These are pretty obvious anyway, but Google will offer to translate, which restores the English version I'm sure I got last time.

It is usually best to try Googling with the quote embedded in double quotes first. In this case that gets you just one link, the correct one. But sometimes the person quoting something here has accidentally altered the format. In that case Googling without the double quotes may still find the correct link, but with some garbage. In this case the format is correct, so you get 5680 results, but the correct one is at the top of the list.

BTW, you once asked how The Management here had identified something about you. I said I'd tell you later. If I'd told you at the time everybody would have been doing it but I think this is late enough! happy.gif You'd quoted something here that you'd said on another Forum. Simply Googling a fragment of it went straight to your post on that other Forum.

Back to Facebook. Once you are in a Facebook site you can navigate around whatever data is public (and sometimes, if you are very lucky, or very naughty, what isn't public). If you are a member probably best log in anyway. That presumably avoids the annoying nags about joining and occasional need to try alternative routes when after so many nags a page refuses to load, that non-members are subjected to.

For instance in this case from the Mr Osgerby's cane thread (of which there are two pages) you can get to the index of threads or the Broadgate Home Page, from where you can go to the other pages in the site.


Re: Facebook School CP References

September 13 2011, 6:22 AM 

[B]A-L and Anotheranotherlurker[/B]

Many thanks for the info about Facebook etc. I have now been able to look at the various sites. I am in fact registered with Facebook though I hardly ever use it.It is quite useful to keep in touch with some of my many cousins who I rarely if ever meet up with.

Just a couple of off topic items. I saw the bottle green blazer girl in civvies the other day. A quite remarkable change ( literally) She looked about 20. You may remember me saying that I have a school teacher friend in Aberdeen . She has now emigrated to Australia and from her Facebook photos looks like she has a dream job, living on the coast. A great distance from Doctor Dom though, and I have no idea whether her new school uses corporal punishment ( very unlikely ) and I'm not going to ask her!



Re: Facebook School CP References

September 13 2011, 7:22 AM 

Hi Declan,

Errm, it's <b>, </b> happy.gif

Glad you've got Facebook sorted.

Are you sure the young lady in the bottle green blazer isn't a receptionist or an estate agent or something like that? They sometimes have uniforms in the posher offices.


Re: Facebook School CP References

September 13 2011, 7:36 AM 


Thanks for the bold instructions . I think I have it right this time!

The bottle green girl is definitely a schoolgirl. She wears a badge ( and now I need to know how to put a smiley face on!)

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