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by Randy Hutchings (no login)

And before someone starts ranting off that I'm trying to start an argument, let me first off state that NO, that is not my intention at all...I'm simply placing this here as FACT of what was said by Janice Coy concerning Bigfoot Telepathy (for these are HER WORDS as written to Mary Green)...

Janice Coy wrote to Mary Green -

"Last night you wanted to know what type of language Bigfoot used. They mostly talked in old Indian and used chirps and whistles and grunts and growls and such when they talked to each other. they would alternate this with English when they spoke to us. I think the didn't know some of the words in English for some things because they would substitute an Indian word or a gesture or a grunt for some of the words when they talked to us, or sometimes do it telepathically so we would know what it was they were saying.
I never liked them to do this to me as it sometimes was upsetting. Like sending words and messages in pictures to your head. The reason I didn't like them to do this to me,was because once the old male Fox put a picture of a dead mutilated human in my mind. Fox said some other Bigfoot had killed this person back somewhere in the woods somewhere in the mountains when he was little. That he didn't do it but he was telling me something about how they would kill a hunter if they
were shot or hurt by one if they wanted to. I didn't like the picture and wouldn't let them put them in my
head much after that if I could keep them from doing it to me. I will say they had to be near you to do this
telepathic communicating with you. You don't have to be facing them for them to do it, but if you look in
there eyes when they send the pictures to you it is like watching a movie film going."

Once again, I'm not attempting to start some ridiculous argument over this bullcrap (which, in my opinion it most definatly is)...I just think that people deserve to know what she's stated previously pertaining to alot of this bull...Especially seeing as she's taking many individuals money for her claims, and now claims she's never said some of these claims...

"He who will not be named" (i.e. E.B.) didn't make this up...Janice did that all by herself...

Thanks for allowing my post Timber...

Posted on Feb 4, 2003, 4:20 PM
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