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be careful what you wish for Jack - it might come true!

September 17 2003 at 7:53 AM
IanS  (no login)

Response to Wondering if there is an English translation. . .

Wow - what an idea and project.If there is anything I can do I am happy to help.No german speaking skills however.

May I suggest before too much time and work goes into this project, that you get a couple of german speaking PuristS to have a look at Dr. Ludwig Oechslin's dissertation to assertain if it is indeed worth the effort.

The goal of a dissertation as far as I am aware, is not the same as something written for a more general public - no matter how knowlegable that public may be.

As Lord Arran tells us 'Dr. Oechslin tells me that this is not the best book he has written and some of it he would rewrite or write differently if he had to do it again nowadays.'

A treaty written to show his skill to a professor may not come across in the same light to us.

Perhaps a brief review by a native German speaking WIS would give a better insight in what may be obtain in a translation.

Just my 2 centimes worth.

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