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THANK YOU for the coverage and posts. KC!!!

November 12 2006 at 7:27 PM

bernardcheong  (Login bernardcheong)
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Response to Ulysse-Nardin dinner report by Tay Kok Choon

The community at large, globally speaking, especially readers from SE Asia and China, really love to look at these events with people.

It adds a real life and personal touch to a waorld of watch collecting.

Normal people, and not celebrities.

It gives a dimension and emotional resonance to new products being launched, and the wide appeal it has.

Thanks for the wondeful pictures.

Long ago, I now recall, that I did give one gift, to one other great man of the industry, Gunther Blumlein, it was a painting in acrylic that I had done, and it now resides in Germany with the family.

Of all the watch CEOs, both the late Blumlein and Rolf have been great friends, thru thick and thin, standing with thier principles of honesty and intregity, and not with the tides of popularity and influence...truly men I respect and admire.

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