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Thanks Casey! :-)

November 20 2006 at 12:40 AM

HarryTan  (Login horolographer)

Response to Nice portraits….

Portraits are not my strengths but I am working on it!

Thanks for the compliment but I am not so sure about my watch images as being professional. Unlike the pros - I hardly do any touching up to remove blemishes (dust, finger prints, hairs, scratches) from the watches. Part because I am still lazy and in part also I do not want my images to look so processed that it looks artificial. I do not even crop my photographs (well actually may be about 2% of them).

I feel right now that I need to reach a point in my photography where I cannot improve any further before I focus on developing fully my photoshop skills. However, I am slowly developing my photoshop skills as I go along - incrementally - so that my photoshop skills do not overpower the photographic skills which I am trying to improve.

Indeed examinations are in season and work is beginning to pile up again. Also I am looking very much forward to my road trip. Thanks for the thought!


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