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November 24 2006 at 7:05 AM

Marcus Hanke  (Login mhanke)
Brand Forum Moderators

Response to when i was emailed "your" photo, i didn't know whose

First, Michael: You could have contacted Larry privately, via E-Mail, onthis issue. Your dispute does not belong into the forum. Larry's e-mail address can be found in his header of the post (beneath the Avatar), but also, as he himself wrote, via Ebay.

Second, Larry: The existence of immaterial property does not depend on printing a copyright clause on every word or picture reproduced in what you called "public domain". Unless, of course, the public domain character of the product, be it word, be it picture, is specifically stated. I assume you do not have a "(c) Larry" burnt into your forehead when leaving your house, but nonetheless nobody is allowed to use your face in an advertising campaign without your permission.

I am aware that the internet is unfortunately creating wrong impression about the rights of the individual, especially when it comes to intellectual property.

The use of pictures at Ebay, showing an article different from that factually auctioned, thereby causing the prossibility of bidders placing their bids based on wrong assumptions, is an entirely different issue of its own, and shall not be further elaborated.

I hope I can consider the issue closed, at least as far as the forum is concnerned, before I HAVE to close the issue, physically ...

Best regards,

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