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Your opinion about Watch Winders

November 13 2006 at 10:04 AM
Yves  (Login Yves007)

It must have been discussed in the past but I kindly seek your opinion.
Now, my UN won't be alone anymore. Occasionnally, I will not be wearing it. Should I buy a watch winder? On the long run, does a winder damage movements? Since it does not sit in the winder in the same position as on my wrist, could it alter my watch accuracy? If it is suggested that I get one, aside from aesthetic (fine rosewood vs cheaper material) and craftsmanship, are winders pretty much similar for the job or I must look for specific details when I select one.

Thank you.

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(Login JCY88)
PP Discussion Group

I used to think........

November 13 2006, 3:43 PM 

that I needed a winder once I got more than 1 automatic watch. However I now have 5 or 6 autos and I have not got one yet. Why?

1) Its only takes 2 or 3 minutes to wind and set a watch
2) Its fun to wind them!! I like to play with them
3) I wind it every 1 or 2 weekends.... all of them, even the manuals. Its like taking the car out for a drive

Before you think I have only simple autos, I do have 2 automatic perpetuals, one being the GMT +/- Perpetual and a PP 5059, and even these take no longer than a couple of minutes to set fully and correctly, so I did not get one.

Too many arguments for and against using winders. I have read them all and I am still undecided. BUT for me intuitively, if you use something all the time there is probably more wear and tear. Yet I do not want to have watches "un-used". So my solution is to wind them every 2 weeks. Also I actually rotate through all my watches very consistently, so they all get used. That way I dont worry about oils/cogs inside getting clogged up and unused.

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(Login MrkK)
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I use them only for complicated watches

November 14 2006, 4:34 PM 

I use the watchwinders only for watches which are somewhat difficult to set. The examples would be UN Perpetual, UN rattrapante with Venus 190 movement (no quick set date) and JLC Reverso Perpetuel. As for simple watches with just a date I set them when I decide to wear them.


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