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WECOME TO THE FREE HEIGHT INCREASE MESSAGE BOARD. This site deals strictly in Human Growth and performance information. The first thing you need to do is BOOKMARK this page, or add it to your favorites (Ctrl+D) so that you may check back as often as you like. Don't Miss Anything Important! Page contains a wealth of specific information. Please note: Racism, Profanity not allowed. IP's causing trouble will be banned.

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CLICK HERE!! Good site with good information Automated interactive height/ weight calculator. This site has info about limb lengthening, the so called “Ilzariov Operation” Search for 'Height' in this page, and you should benefit! Or click on second link A place where you can be proud of being short! Sells nutrition of all kinds! A site if anyone is interested in Yoga.. its supposed to release the pressure in the mind, hence help in increasing height. A link of someone selling nutropin Someone selling Homeopathic pills (supposed to free from side effects) Faizahs homepage! i forgot what she sells, but its something to do with growth! This site was developed by a 4' 7" tall woman who decided that it was time for short people to stand up for themselves.
Http:// This is site from the person who originally designed and setup this height journal website. Check it out. Its still under construction though Their campaign is to help people 5' 3" and under to come to terms with their shortness! A discussion and support mailing list for people below average height!

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