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New Years Dreams

December 30 2001 at 5:34 AM

I was on another site just posting posts, but came across posts about dreaming of terrible events that might occur... So I got to talking, and the best way we thought we could go was to post these kinds of dreams somewhere just in case it turned out that thousands of people have the similar dream parts... Well here's mine

*The huge New Years Party was happening when flak happened in the night sky, like a dogfight or something, when all of the sudden the whole street party went unearthly quiet, and the dream just seem to freeze, and all the still faces began shedding bloody tears*

I know this isnt nice, but if anyone has had similiar types of dreams please post

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December 30 2001, 5:36 AM 

Last post should be under the name taylordreamer... sorry, a typo

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Re: New Years Dreams

January 1 2002, 12:36 AM 

Well on that note...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May we all shed bloody tears.

Pretty disturbing dream though.

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January 1 2002, 10:28 PM 

pretty heavy. No weird dreams here, although recently i had a dream about bridges blowing up..

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Re: New Years Dreams

January 1 2002, 10:44 PM 

Nope nothing along that line. I had an LD so i usually dont try and make stuff like that happen =] in my other dreams now that i think about it there was one that involved some type of war but it was short and i have dreams about wars a lot..dont know why =/

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Sept 11

January 2 2002, 12:35 AM 

No weird dreams for New Year's, but I had terrible dreams the night before the Sept 11 tragedy, and another one the night before the war in Afghanistan started (Thanksgiving Day in Canada).

I had gross bugs and maggots crawling all over me and it was dark and like a dark blue. Everything was cold and wet. Whenever I escaped from one place crawling with bugs, there was another place with even worse creatures. One even came out of my friend's mouth!

The other dream had me and my friends being forced to do gross experiments on really dangerous/disgusting creatures in a lab. One experiment had me and a companion going to the swamp and climbing a mossy tree to the nest of some creatures. We were to pull their tails and make them fight one another. When they went to bite each other, their mouths would open, but then another "head" would come out of their throats. The second "head" had no eyes, nose, or ears, but it had the most ferocious set of teeth.
A different experiment involved worms, but again, they had second heads inside their throats. It was like the outside worm was hollow and had a second worm inside. I interpreted both experiments to be the same interpretation (with the two heads), just different imagery. But I'll let everyone here to their own interpretation.

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Re: New Years Dreams

January 2 2002, 12:41 AM 

No, nothing like that for me either. I virtually never ever have nightmares and cannot remember when I had one last.

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Re: New Years Dreams

January 2 2002, 5:56 AM 

after a wild night i fell asleep at like 4:30am. The only dream that I can remember was one that was interrupted when I worke up. A girl that I like asked me out. I was pretty happy. It was cool. I think its possible I didnt dream much because alcohol represses REM or something, i'm not sure. Had I not woken up, it might have turned lucid, because I began questioning whether it was a dream or not.

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