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Form a LD Instant message group

December 31 2001 at 8:50 AM

Just thought it might be cool to trade AIM, ICQ, MSNMessanger, ect, so we can contact and question each other or what ever....

I only have AIM.

My AIM Screen Name: XxSIETHxX

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Re: Form a LD Instant message group

December 31 2001, 8:51 AM 

There's Chat... I'm in chat now...

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I know their is chat :)

December 31 2001, 8:53 AM 

I know their is chat... just not always in the chat room that's all.

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I had another LD last night...thank you LLV.

December 31 2001, 1:22 PM 

Had another strange LD thing happen last night, and I don't think I woul've had it if it wasn't for LucidLasVegas and his inspiring post.....

Everything was in 3rd person, and the dream was very non-vivid and there were no details at all. I suddenly found myself in a city street. Was talking to some woman. I asked her "So you've only been married x times and had a boyfriend y times ( don't remember the numbers, but they were small ). I sort of had a feeling that there was something fishy at this point. Looked down at her handbag, nothing special there. "Unlucky, huh!!?", she said. She was mighty pissed and just stomped her feet in the ground, turned around and left. She looked like Salma Hayek.

I found this pretty funny, cuz it made no sense. I now knew I was dreaming, but wasn't fully lucid. Said out loud to myself "Now I have to find some cold water and splash it in my face so that I become highly lucid, just like Dauron or Ureon said". Couldn't remember whether it was Dauron or Ureon who had said it, and I started thinking about that. This also made me laugh as it was a pretty silly thing to do in a dream. I then clearly remembered that it was Moti who had suggested that splashing water in your facer makes you more lucid.

Suddenly I was "back in my own body". I had this really loud high pitch noise in my ear, and I knew I could easily induce and OBE or LD ( had just read about this in EWLD ). I decided to try an LD first. I relaxed and suddenly I was back in the dream. It was just as if the dream had carried on without me, the woman was gone but I was still on the same place in that street. I was actually more aware of my real body than my dream body. What it felt like can only be described as watching myself being lucid, but being unable to fully step into the dream. It was like I couldn't "transfer" my real consciousness into the dream consciousness. Really strange. The dream faded away and I found myself in my bed again.

Now I decided to try that "twin bodies" exercise described in EWLD. Basically, what you do, is to imagine your dream body roll out of your physical body. Tried, but didn't manage to do it. I was lying on top of my right arm, and the blood circulation had stopped. Was afraid I'd forget the LD thingy, so I did some RCs to check it wasn't an FA and then just got up and wrote the dream down.

I had gone to bed at 1 AM or something and this happened at 4:30 AM. Was it in the middle of an REM period? I'm pretty sure I'll have much more LDs now because of the book. It's truly awesome and everyone who wanna learn how to LD should buy it. I spent over two months thinking I knew how to LD, but not really knowing how. The book showed me

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December 31 2001, 1:24 PM 

Sorry, this is supposed to be somewhere else....ignore the post above plz.

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December 31 2001, 6:45 PM 

My instant messenger screen name is benio1

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December 31 2001, 6:54 PM 


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December 31 2001, 8:24 PM 


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Re: Form a LD Instant message group

January 5 2002, 9:52 PM 



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January 5 2002, 10:11 PM 

My username is: ferio90

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