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DOH! I was SO CLOSE to havin a LD!! *slaps forehead*

February 8 2002 at 4:44 AM

I had woken up for a few hours and fell back asleep with lucid dreaming on my mind... well, talk about one WEIRD dream. And I was SO CLOSE to going lucid too! I had that feeling that something was wrong... like i couldn't figure out WHY I had suddenly traveled across a few states, and I couldn't figure out who's house I was staying at, and I didn't find it VERY strange that TWO MEN were pregnant (I rode it off as a new advancement in science lol),and I couldn't figure out why I was all up on this Senator guy that I've never seen before... and who also was married, I should mention. I tell ya.. this dream was WAY out there and had SO many things that were actually making me think like "who is that?" and stuff like that but like... nothing was clicking enough to put me lucid. Oh well. As the saying goes, if at first you don't succeed...try...try....try....try....try...etc... again!

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Dream Addict

LOL, get use to it..

February 8 2002, 9:48 AM 

I just woke up from a most obvious dream myself. The memory is a little hazzy now. What I seen was a hover-board, kinda like a skate board without wheels. Its was well decorated with stickers and paint that had "Lucid Dreaming" all over it. I remember looking at it thinking "cool skateboard"..... even though it was a hover board. So there ya go. Another science technology that doesn't yet exisit, that we know of, AND it is practically teasing me with the words "lucid dreams." How annoying.

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February 8 2002, 8:04 PM 

With LD written on the hoverboard in your dream it reminds me of my first LD, a month and a half or so ago. I sat up in my bed, and saw the words 'dream' and 'imagine' on my computer's screen, and I looked away and looked back at the screen to find this arrow 'erasing' the dream word on the computer screen, and I saw the word 'imagine' was all scrambled and distorted as if I was watching it on a paychannel. The instant I noticed those two strange things I became lucid, but woke up right then and there!

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Kelsey Gower

How about differnent ages

February 8 2002, 11:21 PM 

In one of my dreams my uncle was somehow born in 1996 even though I'm younger than him and born in 1988.

That fact was stuck in my mind all throughout my dream and I still didn't become lucid.

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February 9 2002, 12:34 AM 

i dont even wanna start with the things that pass me in my dreams...

---> steff

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