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@Marriage Seductions by Kadogoo!!!!

June 8 2012 at 3:23 PM

@ Kagood i see youve invented anew name KADOGOO,it does really suits you! Iwasnt suprised by your remarks of having married the old bellied jungu for ya conviniences.He was right, he always said it! HEHEHE...I dont blame you in a way as i came to understand that its a family thing, you lot are GREEDY EXPLOITERS!! what a pity!! No one can correct the other .Ever heard of ' thakame ya mungungutiko' thats the word. Money made man mad,.I wonder what the other ooooooold bald JEW got to offer.

Am sometimes amazed by ya secret business of STRICTLY dating oooooold questionable men, now i know. You after properties in a foreign land,you sit down and watch the sunset comforting yaself its day closer to their death beds,but Geez have got no heart? if you want to reffer it as 'wisdom' then so be it.Fellow kenyans thats the new BOOMING business ,go to the website ,get urself an ooooold kamzee ,na msiwe greedy sana ati ata mna double deal kama kadogoo and in a matter of time it will be from tatters to riches!@Kadogoo help ya big footed hippo kunyakua mmoja wacha kujipenda or let her have the ndingoingo there nothing to loose cos washalala nayeye!

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