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HIV Among Kenyans

June 8 2012 at 10:31 PM
Street opinion 

Am a Kenyan Living In UK and Lately I`ve heard very disturbing Stories of Our Brothers and a smaller extent sisters doing things unbearable to society.Am talking about Kenyans who Knows by reason of Medical knowledge( yani wamepimwa) and in some instances through expectancy that they are HIV Positive.What is sad is some of this ppl Go and target venerable Girls and boy and infect them with virus knowingly. Some even have the guts to fly to Kenya loaded with ££ for holidays every year and woe girls with money to sleep with them.This is Going on for sometime now.By moving from town to town in UK this ppl think they can run from the truth and the dreadful acts.My warning as a Father to Grown up kids,If I confirm your one of them Swear to GOD and the world I will hunt you like a wild animal,I will follow you to Your new town and get the police to force you to reveal your status,Then we shall forward your Conquest names to Police it will be embarrassing to you and you will pay by going to Prison,Yes we shall NOT let you kill our children.To anyone who have got this dreadful Thing from this Monsters talk to a lawyer there is a way to help you and lock this ppl up and you won`t even be deported.

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