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Burrials and Kenyans

June 12 2012 at 2:45 PM
Hawk Eyes 

Why is it that Kenyans in the UK have commecialised the passing of their loved ones? I have noticed that it has become a trend that whenever someone loses a relative back home even if it is only after a short illness which would means there are no hospital bills or if any, it's only a small one, the bereaved is so quick to publicise their bank details for donations. We all know that even Ksh50,000 burial is on the higher side in Kenya which is an amount anyone in the UK can afford afford on their own. Why ask people to donate - this is pure exploitation and shows how low we Kenyan community in the UK have gone for the sake of making money. Why not simply announce the death of a relative and leave it at that without asking people to donate; anyone willing to help can then just call to ask for an account number without being asked to donate. I am not against people helping each other but I am against the obvious commercialisation of death by Kenyans in the UK. It seems that Kenyans have failed to rise from the stone-age way of doing things. I say this because even where Kenyans die here relatives have been struggling to raise money to transport the body home and end up engaging the community in harambees yet there are insurances available to cater for such iventualities and the premiums cost too little. It is really disheartening to hear many Kenyans brag around how they have invested millions back home and some moving around in big cars or living posh lifestyles yet they want to be helped with couple of hundred pound to inter their dead. Myself I have said no to this exploitation but I am always willing to help where there is genuine need e.g. where someone has been in hospital and left a big bill etc. Karibu sana matusi.

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