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many kids

July 8 2012 at 9:32 PM

my question to some people is? how do you have so may kids that
you can not be able to bring up? then you wait for the mercy of good people
to help you bring those kids up? what do you want those kids to give you?
and why cant you give birth to the kids you can be able to bring up?
thats why we have many thiefs stealling from strugglin people ,because you could not
give the best for them.
then you start saying people cannot help you and your kids? ahhh please! use birth control
whether you are a man or woman do the the same.
think of ... if your partiner happens to die, will you be able to bring those kids up by
your self ,without involving other people? yes am talking to you..
look at nairobi so many people are in nairobi and most are jobless , just going around there,
without anything to do ,because they dont jobs ,no money, millions of people are in town centre
so conjested day or night,because of those many kids you could not give better life.
because you could not afford, what if you had only one kid or two, you will not keep dividing
your weal to many but to one who will have better life. this fact, not theory.

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