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August 6 2012 at 11:11 PM

Am very honoured by kembois Gold. But at the same am left wondering if the kenyan athletics who are representing the country were genuinely selected considering on performance. Am saying this because in kenya anything is possible so long as kitu kidogo iko. Did the coaches choose the athletics because they thought they were qualified and fit enough or did they just pick them because they are well known cause of their titles regardless of them not having trained like others who were left out.Why cant the government pick a small group of cheering squad who can be positioned at the finishing point.Raila is visiting UK that's one question directed to him.

Its quite sad to see them fall in the stadium, while seconds were counting! One of guys who fell in the course of the race was self inflicted. That was Muchiri. He fell when his shoe came off and i suppose he tried to put the shoe back on, forgetting others were racing behind him and TIME WAS GOLD so a shove was expected. Honestly let face it who can we blame? His shoe laces? I would have expected him to have tightened them prior to the race, that WAS his SAFETY BELT! Well it happened he was supposed to run a few metres apart from track 1 and 2 and quickly do it rather than the embarrasing moment of shoving and pushing. But i still believe that he is a hero. he still managed to a fourth position. Bless him and that was a lesson learnt. Kenyan coaches wake up!!

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