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August 12 2012 at 12:50 AM

Bwana prime minister i completely differ with what you said about the athletics!! We cant console ourselves with the excuse of saying that kenyans are much better compared to other losing countries . So what do you have to say when we compare ourselves with Americans?? The athletees came to compete with CHAMPIONS not LOSERS.Does it mean KING RUDISHA will go back home WITHOUT A QUEEN on board??? What a shame!!

I completely got no words to express my disappointment with Jelimo.I was flabbergasted!! What got to our lovely hardy girls?!. Only God knows. A defending champion became questionable!!!I thought i witnessed an OFFENDING contender on the tracks!! Stop DUBIOUS SCRUTINIZATIONS !!Be warned all eyes will be on you in your next selections!! The same flaws was used on coaches ...The Royal and committed coaches were LEFT behind while the MIGHTY and good for nothing boarded the flight! Who is to blame on all these?? Coaches are , and have PARTICULARLY let the whole kenyan nation down..

We DEMAND KING RUDISHA, to be a sports and gender (somebody) in sports world.He knows better when it comes to sports .And am sure he would be able to tackle what is contrally done to rules and scrutinization and what needs to be improved. GO GO Rudisha, and am sure everbody would back you up.....

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