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Latest news about GEMA.

March 24 2012 at 3:36 PM

Hi guys. Am I the only one who asks himself questions like; what's wrong with Kenyans? When will Kenyans ever learn? When will we Kenyans live in harmony without looking at tribal boundaries? From what i saw on the news last night, twas sickening and another platform of tribalism being engineered. I saw old skins calling people at Limuru to plan way forward not for Kenyans but for Gema and they are staging Uhuru as their candidate.
Am not against Uhuru or something but bearing the weight he has on his shoulders, really do we need this oldies telling us what to do? again am not saying he is guilty so don get it twisted.
But we Kenyans we are so primitive and ignorant such that even if God sends a leader for us who will save Kenya and it's people we would still deny him a chance and even go a step further to stoning him because he is not from a certain tribe.
All am praying for Kenya is a new dawn for Kenyans come 2013 new leaders and new president but not those who have been running the system such that they know how to adjust it to suit them alone. Our future and the future of the generation to come is in our hands and it's only us who can make a decision which will take us forward or will destroy us and haunt us for the next five years.
But again we Kenyans have a very short memory and we go for the same people who have ruined our system example some of them in our parliament are drug lords, fraudsters, grabbers, name them but you will still see them in.
Before electing a leader, his achievements should be reviewed and verified like they do to you before you are given a job. It is only in Kenya we have leaders who are there to be served by the people who voted them in.
A leader should serve his people not be served by the people he represents.
Let's think again before we say so and so should be the leader because he is from a certain tribe.

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