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Lilian Muli Kanene and Julie Gichuru of citizen have a bizarre secret.

February 15 2013 at 8:19 PM

Both are actually in a very similar situation.

Julie Gichuru recently handled the first ever presidential debate superbly. She is smart and yet so attractive (a rare combination) and a real asset to Citizen TV. She is no doubt one of the key personalities a the media house that have enabled it to rise from nothing to being the most popular and respected electronic media house in the region. Julie has also been at the forefront of major public campaigns in Kenya. Remember the Turukana famine that touched off unprecedented giving amongst Kenyans? Most recently she is behind concerted efforts to promote peace during the upcoming general elections. The truth is that today Julie Gichuru is not jus an ordinary news anchor, she is an institution in Kenya.

But there is a terrible secret behind that smile and cheerful personality. Something very sad and yet terribly terrifying. Something that is also terribly shocking and it is revealed for the very first time in these raw notes hat you are reading.

Lilian Muli has taken away the breath of many viewers with her looks and sheer stage presence. But she too has a terrible secret that I reveal today.

Both these exceptional women are in violent marriages where they are battered by their husbands.

Personally I have no time for a man who hits a woman for whatever reason. Sadly in our world today where people were brought up differently and many left with psychological scars that have impacted their lives, there are men who regularly hit their wives.

But what is even more fascinating is the cool manner in which Mrs Julie Gichuru has handled the situation. She never says anything negative about her violent husband. Many of her casual friends would never guess what she has to go through. Just goes to confirm how strong her character and personality is.

Incidentally Julie is married to the eldest son of controversial former Kenya Power and Lighting managing director Samuel Gichuru. They have five children together and this obviously complicates the whole thing even more.

Lilian Muli who became Lilian Kanene and then Lilian Kanene Muli has one child from her marriage. She too is in a marriage where she is beaten up by her husband.

What kind of man hits a woman, and not once but regularly? Obviously the kind of man who is very insecure about themselves and has major major issues.

Kudos to two very courageous women who put up a very brave face despite the odds they face.

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Re: Lilian Muli Kanene and Julie Gichuru of citizen have a bizarre secret.

February 15 2013, 10:26 PM 

@ Najivunia you seem to know a lot about other pipos private life. How did you know all about the above? Am sure this was not broadcasted by the said victims by speaking out their predicaments. Being a citizen TV fan I and the rest of the world could of known about it..Did you witness the violence? Could you be a former fired house-girl who spreads malicious propagandas to get attention? If the above is the truth, then why spread it? Why?? What have you gained with the above? Am sure you are an ugly looking biatch full of jealousy and hate of the two women!!! DUH..

I tell you what, go back to school. read extra hard and get their qualifications.. Am sure even though you were born ugly , your degree will outwit the latter. I've never watched nor heard that both anchors were seen on TV bruised or with black eyes.I therefore fail to understand , What is all this madness with pipo? MYOB WOMAN!!!!!!!

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Re: Lilian Muli Kanene and Julie Gichuru of citizen have a bizarre secret.

February 16 2013, 8:00 AM 

Mundurume ndiye kichwa ya muciĆ®

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