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Rugby fan

January 28 2008 at 2:52 PM

Any latest on the person (Simbu Warrior's winger) contracted to play in Aussie and also Jessie Joe..

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RL supporter

Aussie RL cargo cult

January 31 2008, 12:04 PM 

its all cult stuff - remember Aquila Emil, Tuyo Avei, Ricky SIbiya - they all starred our newspaper back page and didn't make first grade in NRL.

so don't belive this auusie club - if ENgland yes..

NO PNG player will get into NRL - go to ENgland and then try NRL like Marcus

PNG to NRL won't work - history shows


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Re: Aussie RL cargo cult

January 31 2008, 1:58 PM 

Thats bull****. The NRL is much tougher than Super League. Its fast and very tactical....while Super League Matches are more traditional style.

Dont fool yourself

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Duo Miss out

February 1 2008, 10:49 AM 

Kumul duo miss out

CONTRACTS for two Papua New Guinea Kumuls, Jessie Joe and Michael Mark, to play with the CRGT Nothern Pride have been cancelled due to visas and sponsorship problems.
The duo were spotted last year in the inaugural PNG Origin by Northern Pride’s chief executive officer Denis Keefe and commercial manager Brad Tassell who travelled as guests that weekend to watch the historical match.
Northern Pride is one of the teams taking part in the 2008 Wizard Cup State League in Queensland and the signing of Joe and Mark last year was highly recommended by Keefe and Tassell.
But unfortunately the two internationals’ dreams were shattered yesterday when PNGRFL CEO Jeff Wade broke the news that both men were not going as planned.
In an email to Wade yesterday Northern Pride RL club head coach Andrew Duncan said, “Hi Jeff I sent to the boys message regarding them not being able at this stage to join the Northern Pride, I cannot push enough however that we will be actively seeking ways of trying to get the boys over for next season if not before.
“I personally am very keen to get these boys over and think they could offer us plenty and I would like to keep contacts open with both the boys and yourself throughout the season.”
“Thanks for all your help in trying to get the boys over.”
In an earlier email dated Friday January 11 Kumul five-eighth Jessie Joe asked Duncan if himself and Michael Mark will still be able to play with Northern Pride.
“To date we have no indications to when we will be travelling down there and we need to have some ideas of the time and date.
“We will be glad if you can do that for us and advise through my dad’s email,” Joe said.
In reply Duncan said that the reason he and Mark were not able to travel to Queensland was because of problems in obtaining their visas and sponsorships.
“We are unable to gain visas for you guys, we have been trying all ways to get you visas and have applied three times but on all three occasions they have not been issued.
“We have also approached eight PNG companies and they were not able to help, however we would like to stay in touch with you guys in the hope that something may arise if not later this year but also next year.
“We apologise but we have tried all we can and will continue to do so,” Duncan said.

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Re: Aussie RL cargo cult

February 1 2008, 9:36 PM 


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Re: Aussie RL cargo cult

February 4 2008, 6:16 AM 


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RL Supporter

PNG RL STARS will be overlooked by NRL Club

February 4 2008, 12:12 PM 

Someone says England super league is more traditional and not as tough as AUSSIE NRL. That person is actually a Australian league licker.

Well Super League may be more tradional but has lots of International players playing in first grade than AUSSIE NRL.

PNG has rougly 3 as National Kumul team shows ( Gene, Aizue, Wilshire). However there are other pacific islander, Australia, USA, and Europeans playing there too. Too make it more interesting more money is in SUper League.

For NRL you be either a NSW or a QLD player to make the top grades. Few England international or other country inetrnationals are in the first grades. that is why NRL sucks....

I wonder why PNG NRL stars Jesse Joe & Michael mark will be playing in that whatever F%&!Ck competition - which is a feeder club to North Queenslands cowboys.Playing at PNG national (premier SP cup) competition to a feeder club in Australia is a joke to PNG players . It's not about competition difference - its about maintaining the status - put it frankly "PNG stars playing in local townsville competition" hehehheee... not even the cowboys reserve, or first division...heheh

hat long toktok...Aussies will always depress png

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Re: PNG RL STARS will be overlooked by NRL Club

February 4 2008, 1:03 PM 

Then why does Australia always come out on top in world rugby........if all PNG stars had an attitude like Marcus Bai then they will go somewhere....ada wise die lo PNG....

Marcus is a Legend and every up and coming player should follow his path to be successful....

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Re: PNG RL STARS will be overlooked by NRL Club

February 5 2008, 6:38 AM 

Forget the Aussie crap and try to lure scouts from English clubs instead. The 2008 World Cup is the break, KUMULS give a crack at it.

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