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The truth about Gary Juffa

November 17 2010 at 10:06 PM
up close 

The truth about Juffa is that Juffa does not have clue what he is talking about. He has never run a business. He has never set up a busness. He rose through Customs but he has no idea how to budget or how to run an organisation. Lucky for him Customs is a government berueacracy with entrenched management structure so it runs itself.

He talks about all this grand schemes and ideas like Brisbane Broncos partnerships and elite supercamps for players but he does not know how to achieve his grand ideas and to finance them. He also has very poor people skills.

Poor management skills + poor people skills = incompetent management.

Nobody should be surprised he cocked up the Kumuls, PNGRFL and Four Nations. Nobody from Customs who sees Juffa in operation up close are surprised that he stuffed the Kumuls up.

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Re: The truth about Gary Juffa

November 18 2010, 8:38 AM 

Too true......this arrogant prick is just so full of himself.

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wantok system

thats how he go the nod in IRC

November 18 2010, 11:56 AM 

he licked his way to the top position there where more capable people in the place dont be surprised he may have a court case against him as the person that was good for the job he tried to sack from IRC and now the truth has come out I hope they go after him...

con man yah

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