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Thought for Easter

April 3 2012 at 2:57 PM
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Response to Atheists

God. This three letter word instantly commands our attention, Christian, agnostic or atheist, it matters not. It triggers a thought process that deals with an entity that all humans relate to. You are doing exactly that right now. Some embrace God as the all powerful Creator of all things. Some reject the thought outright but it will not go away. The thought of God remains in the depths of the inner man because the answer is quite simple. We were hard wired to think about God and respond to him.

Who made God?
It is THE question which every Christian must have an answer. It has to be answered, and in logical fashion. That would make Gods maker GOD, right? And who made that God-maker? The questioner must arrive at the logical conclusion and rest with the prime mover, the very first God-maker, the one who originated Gods trail of ancestors. But the question also applies to that very first entity and sails aimlessly into eternity past with no satisfactory answer.
However, the God of the Bible cuts that inquiry short, firmly declaring that there is no other God that he is aware of who made all things. The Bible declares that God reigns from everlasting to everlasting, meaning, there was no time when God was not, as God exists outside of time, space and matter. The who made God question subjects God into the physical realm and attempts to place God on a timeline, which all things physical do have a point of entry along that timeline, including the universe. What we fail to comprehend is that God exists outside of measurable time, hence the notion of a things origin and/or demise have no bearing on God. We cannot bring God into time as he is timeless. God exists as a spirit outside of the destructible cosmos. If the entire universe exploded into disorder and nothingness, it wouldn't affect God. No man-made instrument or scientific method however powerful will come close to detecting God because those instruments operate within the physical realm apart from the spirit world where God reigns. The Bible declares that God is a spirit and science as we know is limited within the bounds of the physical. God only reveals himself to those who approach him in meekness and only in the manner he prescribes. All attempts at hacking into his presence by earthly methods will fail. You do not have his password. If I said the password was Jesus, many would laugh and mock Christianity, but that is the prescribed path to God. Remember Jesus words. I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to God except through me. Belief in Jesus is the only way. It is impossible for us to venture into Gods domain and the ONLY access we have is through Jesus. It is that simple. You cannot cheat your way in, you cannot nuke your way in, you cannot bribe your way in, you cannot explore your way in using state of the art scientific methods. It just wont work. Futile. Useless. Waste of time, that is, if you are interested in God, making fun of Christians, asking questions like who made God, but reject the prescribed method and mock him.
The Bible is not a science book. It only records events as they unfolded before God and revealed to faithful men. Many claim that science is discovering new things all the time but all these discoveries will never dislodge Biblical facts as they stand. Only observable science corrects and reinvents its own outdated theories. If a scientific theory remains a theory without arriving at a tangible conclusion, it started out on a wrong path and is departing further and further from the truth prime example is the unfounded theory of biological evolution. The Bible is forever settled. I think some parts of science have a long way to catch up with the Bible on its solid points of creation after shedding its unfounded theories and incoherent inferences.
God opens up dialogue with man, thus: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, leaving no room for rivals. This might sound inane and easily dismissed by many, but it carries a powerful statement. Lets be honest now. What happens when you read this Genesis 1:1 statement? Whether you are an atheist, agnostic or believer, it matters not, our mind instantly switches to dealing with an entity that commands our attention, whether we want to dismiss it as fiction or accept it as fact. That switching to a thought about God, maker, originator arises from an indwelling consciousness installed by the originator of life. That very God consciousness makes people ask this very question of who made God. Only humans contemplate and ask that question, not apes, dolphins or other creatures as they simply dont have Gods breath of life in them. And God breathed into mans nostrils and man became a living soul. This alone tells of where this God-consciousness comes from. You and I will respond to the God-consciousness one way or another, either in worship and adoration, by substituting it with lesser gods, or take the more daring path of ridicule and mockery of God as do Richard Dawkins and those like-minded, who spend their waking hours fighting God and his followers intellectually, hostile nevertheless, against an entity that does not exist. Now that should make one think. Fighting a non-existent enemy, by so-called intellectuals!
Whether you like it or not, whether you want to do it or not, it matters not. You and I will have to deal with God at some point in our lives, like commenting here on the Faith page, or when trapped in a plane headed for imminent destruction or at the point of death. Once you are brought to a critical point, when faced with lifes end, that God part in you, the real you that God himself breathed into you will come out screaming and fighting because it knows that it will face God soon. The real person existing in us all will hold us accountable and demand from us answers on why we treated God the way we did. We will either be terrible selfish hosts who spent our lives fighting and mocking God under the delusion of material science and godless philosophies which misled us to live recklessly or that we came to our God-given senses to realise that there is a maker and that we gave him honour and worship he rightly deserves.
Think this through. Only a God conscious human will respond to this, as planned by the Creator. You are now thinking about God from the depth of your consciousness. Your soul deserves better from you. Be at peace with God through Jesus Christ and your soul will thank you for all eternity. The choice is yours and that choice is provided by God who created you not as a robot, but as a free human to make your choice to honour and obey God, or reject him. The infallible proof of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ establishes without doubt that Jesus is who he claimed to be. Time was divide into BC and AD when God himself became man and walked the face of the earth, not Caesar, not Alexander the Great, not Moses, not any of those great emperors, generals and conquerors, but an obscure young rabbi who was rejected and crucified for the sins of man outside the walls of Jerusalem. It takes God to raise a virtually unknown to become King of Kings and Lord of Lords with millions willing to follow and die for him.
Thank you for your time and attention. Have a Happy Easter.

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