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Morraine fields.

July 24 2012 at 11:01 AM
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Ralph Hamilton 

Response to ice age ...again another theory

No Ice Age?

Then how do you account for the huge areas of Morraine Fields, if the rocks were not groung up by huge glaciers weighing millions of tonnes?

The glacier in the Star Mountains and the one in South America are the last two Tropical Glaciers left in the world. However the Morraine fields left behind, show evidence of other glaciers, which no longer exist.

Now. How did those glaciers form if there was no Ice-age?

I know, these physical phenomona do not prove there is no God. However debunking Ice-age theories does not prove there is a God.

The Ice-age could have been caused by many things, including contact with a Comet or Meteor. But, until a better explanation comes along for some of the physical phenomena, it will do me. Surely you cannot dispute the existence of Wolly Mammoths, and other such cold climate species.

If God created the Earth and it was good, (I assume perfect) why did he allow many species to die out. No! The Theory of Evolution does not disprove the existence of a God. Neither does there being a God, disprove the theory of evolution.

This is typical of Creation Science, or intelligent design. If domeone debunks one of your "proofs", you immediately switch subjects to one, which (hopefully) the person you are arguing with knows nothing about.

As I have posted before: As they unravel the human genome some weird things are being discovered. One is the existence of "junk DNA". ie. strands of DNA thet lead nowhere. This almost conclusively proves, that we evolved from something. Who knows what?

When we look at an ape, eg. a Gorilla, we are not looking at our primitive ancestor, but looking at a "modern ape". Just the same as when we look in a mirror. We are looking at a modern human. I do think, that trying to prove we evolved from apes, is going the wrong way. Whilst we appear to have evolved (remember the "Junk DNA) during our existance. No God would design vast amounts of junk DNA. Such a God, would appear to be less than omnipotent.

Now. What is the screationist agument? Debunking the existence of "Junk DNA",thus proving there is a God? (In your eyes only that is)sad.gif


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 evidence found ,Junk DNA is very important..... evidence for intelligent design
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