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I am new in this forum buepCeeqi on Apr 25
You're grammar sucks!melissa on Jul 16
HOLY SHITSherman Koch on Jan 27
 yupbbg on Jan 27
Get some stratsCapster was here on Oct 30
 um...that would defeat the whole purpose of this site [nt]bbg on Nov 1
need helpVirus on Sep 26
Wow. Nice job bbg, mine is humble compared to this =(/txtVirus on Sep 23
 well, whats the address? and under it all, it is still HTML....[nt]bbg on Sep 24
Nice siteJeremy on Sep 9
SEX!!!!!Barf on Sep 6
Page 1 has the new layout too...only 4 more to go : ) [nt]bbg on Sep 6
 2 down, 3 to go...[nt]bbg on Sep 9
Great place ya got hereSolon on Sep 5
woo hoo! the nav bar is up! [nt]bbg on Sep 3
YO YO bbg's site kicks ass! /ntNappa on Sep 3
This is such a big improvementIsix on Sep 3
 its not entirely open yet...:) [nt]bbg on Sep 3
 I agree (NT)X-ViRGE on Sep 3
woohoo!!!BARF on Sep 3
 Thank you so much your Pukeness :) [nt]bbg on Sep 3
wow, im good!! :) this forum rules! [nt]bbg on Sep 3
Good job. GOddamn I posted here before?! lol [nt]Isix on Aug 26
 obviusly :) [nt]bbg on Sep 3
Nice, here's some ideas[DC]Masta_P on Aug 13
 hey..i <i>might</i> use some of those! thanks...[nt]bbg on Sep 3
Looks good brian-boy ;)[SoA]T'ai on Aug 5
 Oh yea just got an idea[SoA]T'ai on Aug 5
Dont worry, new additions coming soon.Brian G. on Jun 2
Hey nice job Brian...also, anyone ever notice that females tend to post their e-mail more often thanIsix on May 22
 That ending should say "than guys"...[nt]Isix on May 22


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