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Current (2005) UNION Glashuette list prices

July 10 2002 at 2:31 AM

Marcus Hanke  (Login mhanke)
Brand Forum Moderators

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Since many of you asked about the Union prices, I decided to post them here, following the current price list 1/2004. AFAIK, these prices are valid in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, despite the different sales taxes in these countries. Yet the differences are not so large that it justifies the logistic effort to handle three different prices. For those of you ordering from overseas, however, it would make sense to have an eye on these taxes. Since they will be deducted from the list prices quoted when exported outside the EU, you can gain another two or three percent discount by purchasing the watch in the state with the highest sales tax. I believe, this is currently Austria, with 20% VAT, followed by Germany with 16%.

Please note: In 2004, the Glashütter Uhrenbetrieb announced that the brand UNION would be drastically reduced in both, production and line-up of its watches, in favour of the production of Glashütte Original watches. The hugely increased demand for GO watches, especially in Asia and America, made it necessary to shift resources from UNION to GO, to meet that demand.
Contrary to some rumours spread on the web, this does not mean that the brand UNION as such is discontinued! Its status will be that of a "hibernation", with only a few watches (the simpler models) still in production, but in a small series of a few hundreds each year. From time to time, new models will be added to the line.

So here are the prices, quoting the 1-2005 price list. The models that are still in production now are quoted in bold letters.

A) Union Duerrstein edition: Nos 1 and 2 are sold out
No 3 (Tourbillon - limited to 50 pieces): 45,000 Euro

B) UNION Bergter edition (handwinding):
The Bergter series is partially sold out, some of the models can only be purchased pre-owned (especially power reserve/moonphase)

Perpetual calendar (50 pieces): 9,950 Euro
Pointer date (200 pieces): 3,050 Euro
Power reserve/moonphase (200 pcs): 3,250 Euro
Small second (200 pcs): 2,850 Euro
New in 2003:
Regulator (200 pcs): 2.950 Euro
Chronograph (200 pcs): 3.650 Euro
New in 2004:
Small Second in 18k pink gold (200 pcs): 5,300 Euro
Power reserve/moon phase, 18k pink gold: 6,100 Euro
Note: The gold Bergter models have been cancelled

C) UNION selfwinding series (unlimited):
Small second (without date): 1,890 Euro - Pilot dial: 1,790 Euro
Selfwinding with silver dial (with small date at 3): 1,670 Euro - Pilot dial: 1,570 Euro

Selfwinding silver dial(with panorama date above 6): 3,260 Euro - Pilot dial: 3,150 Euro (discontinued)
Chronograph w. silver dial (date at 12): 2,730 Euro - Pilot dial: 2,620 Euro
Power reserve (only silver dial): 2,300 Euro

Perpetual calendar (new model with panorama date): 7,990 Euro (discontinued)

GMT (discontinued model, 2002 list price): 2,430 Euro
Triple date/moonphase (discontinued model, 2001 list price): 2,530 Euro
Regulator (discontinued model, 2001 list price): 2,020 Euro
Perpetual calendar (discontinued model with pointer calendar, 2001 list price): 7,440 Euro

New in 2006: Small second with pointer date: 2.430 Euro (26-02-15-05-10)

The differences between the prices for the silver dialled and the pilot versions is due to the Louisiana leather strap of the silver dialled watches, while the Pilot versions have calfskin straps. Additionally, the pilot dial versions have tang buckles, vs. folding clasps on the Klassik and Diplomat lines

D) UNION selfwinding, limited series in 18k pink gold:
Selfwinding (with small date at 3 - 100 pieces): 3,790 Euro
Selfwinding (with panorama date - 100 pcs): 5,990 Euro
Chronograph (50 pieces): 5,580 Euro

E) UNION "Diplomat" selfwinding series, unlimited:
Small second (without date): 1,990 Euro
Selfwinding with small date at 3: 1,770 Euro

Selfwinding with panorama date above 6: 3,360 Euro (discontinued)
Chronograph w. date at 12: 2,830 Euro
Power reserve: 2,400 Euro

Perpetual calendar: 8,100 Euro (discontinued)

New in 2006: Diplomat with small second and pointer calendar: 2.540 Euro (26-02-16-05-10)

F) Steel bracelets and folding clasp:
for the Bergter handwinding (polished/brushed): 590 Euro
for the selfwinding watches (19 mm wide): 590 Euro
for chronograph and complications (20 mm wide): 590 Euro
Stainless steel twin folding clasp: 130 Euro

G) New in 2004: 111 years anniversary series, limited to 111 pcs; all with cal. 26 selfwinding movement:
Anniverary small second: 2,850 Euro
Anniversary pointer calendar: 3,050 Euro
Anniversary chronograph (without date): 3,250 Euro

I hope this listing is helpful for you.


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