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concerning the "Proto/Proof/Experimental" Dials ....

February 11 2010 at 10:57 AM

jatucka (roberto)  (Login jatucka)
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hi guys happy.gif

as i wrote in the 6542 White Dial Topic


it's very different from a Dial, NOT produced by Rolex itself, but produced by a Dial's Maker FOR Rolex.

as you well know there were several Dial's Makers FOR Rolex.

we all can see how many Dial's variants (versions) were made for the same reference during the years.

as you well know every year (2 years maybe) the Dial's Makers submitted to Rolex new Dial's Style, new "color proofs", new "graphics".

happy.gif --------> you could not belive it, but sometimes some Dial's "Color Proof" where even made WITHOUT the watch manufacturer's name !

they were just "Color + Style Proof".

some of them were selected and "deliberated" by Rolex, some other were NOT.

some others were produced in very small runs (batches) for to test the market.

in almost 100 year were produced FOR Rolex, from different Dial's Makers, hundreds and hundreds of different Dials.

if we want to just TRY to reconstruct a Dial's history we should research and investigate inside the Dial Makers' Archive, not inside the Rolex Archive.

at least not always, at least not when we are talking about "small run" Dials.

maybe some traces could be found in the Rolex's Archive, maybe not.

expecially for that Dials that were never been "deliberated" for a massive, industrial production, but just for a "Market's Test" and/or for "small run" (batch).


i will post now a Singer Dial's Sheet.

Dials made for Universal.

this Sheet comes from a Singer Folder, about 20 Sheets of Proof Dials.

i will post here "normal", banal dials.

in this Folder there are lot of Special, gorgeous and impressive Dials, but unfortunately i cannot post them here sad.gif

the ones that i post here will show anyway what i'm trying to say.

as you will see, the Dials are just some "Style Tests", "Color Tests".

just some "Proof" Dials.

as you will see, some of them dont even have the Logo and/or the Universal name on.

some of them went in "Regular", massive Production.

some (maybe the most part) were not choosed, were not selected.

maybe some of them were produced in very small batches, just for to test the Market.

do you think that the Universal Archive (far better than the Rolex Archive! at least the Universal always reply to the Info Requests!!) still have traces of ALL of this Dials ?

and this is just ONE Sheet, from ONE 20 Sheets Folder, from One year !!

could you imagine how many Folders, how many Sheets, how many Dials in the story of a Dial's Maker ?

how many Proof, how many Tests, how many "small runs" of Dials .....

WOW, it is impressive just to think about it.

same story for Omega, for Rolex and for all the other Watches Manufacturer of the world.

one time i found EXACTELY THE SAME SINGER PROTO DIAL (it was a Chrono Dial) in an Omega Folder and in a Rolex Folder.


one with the Rolex Logo, the other with the Omega Logo.

and the INCREDIBLE thing is that BOTH Manufacturers (Omega and Rolex) refused the Dial's Project !

both of them !

really incredible, becouse (belive me!) it was a GORGEOUS Chrono Dial ! sad.gif

now, just judge by yourself.

thanks for your attention.

thanks VRF happy.gif

cheers from Italy.

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