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I really love how freely many people throw around their "knowledge"

August 2 2011 at 5:50 PM

steven t. mulholland  (Login stevemulholland3)
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or actually their lack there-of..
I too am just as guilty of sometimes jumping the gun on my opinion's..but at least I do let people know that they are just MY opinion's and that the only difinitive source for much of the Rolex enigma is Rolex itself..
recently I sold a friend of mine in Germany a lot of some original Domed 21's that have been getting dusty on my I made hima deal and away they went..
Well these particular 21's,which mind you where still wrapped firmly in their ORIGINAL ROLEX PAPER STOCK...AND DATED FROM THE EARLY SEVENTIES,
differed slightly from his original crystal in the slope of the dome (which if some of you "experts" would do some research,you would in fact find there are 3 dome varients that I have uncovered..all from the correct era and all original!),and his un-named "expert" friend notified him that these crystals where fake aftermarkets!!!..I geuss the fakers are really advanced these days!..they even know how to take early Rolex tube paper,which has a few unmistakeable attributes,and they expertly unroll this brittle paper and miraculously re-wrapp it..UNBROKEN!!..LOL..???
and to top it off,they somehow know how to add layers and layers of dust,they age the white end-covers that are sealed inside and then somehow sneak these new fake crystals deep into an unsuspecting old Rolex watchmakers stash!!..they really are incredible these days!..come on guys..use your noodle for more than a hat rest please..
So now I have to once again state the obvious to all who read these boards and take anything posted as fact that indeed,NOBODY has all the information on every Rolex part and authenticity..and even those who scream the loudest that THEY have the difinitive answer are in truth only screaming that they DO NOT know the True nature of this hobby..he who thinks he has all the answers is selling out the hobby way too short as i find oddities,peculiarity's,abnormalities and a few things that where just straight up bizarre come out of switzerland in the 60's,70's and 80's!

Steven T. Mulholland

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