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Re: is the lost stolen register only available in UK ?

August 19 2011 at 6:32 AM
Milsub  (Login 5517milsub)
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Response to is the lost stolen register only available in UK ?

If you are of nervous or sensitive disposition do not read on. Rolex is in business to make money they do not get kickbacks from used Rolex sales so I see nothing wrong in this move obviously they wish to cater for new Rolex market and attract new customers and future generations with new product sales, they don't even service vintage watches of certain ages so for them used Rolex vintage watches brings little income and infact supporting is detrimental to new sales and it's core business as well as future generational brand loyalty it's logical therefore to no longer provide database information openly and thus retain the companies longevity and succes. Also many potential customers have been ripped off with buying a used Rolex and then it being found to be fake or franken and that results in negativity to the brand and potential customers - they ensure by buying from an AD you are safe in your purchase. Their current marketing positioning of increased pricing and perceived exclusivity infact modern Rolex have increased so much it's also why many buyers buy new Rolex rather than a 40year old watch of similar value which remains currently only a market for enthusiasts compared to the huge growth of their consumers in growing markets where demand for new Rolex product is very strong indeed. Rolex renovate all the time their consumer base is not this forum this forum is for enthusiasts rather like a fan club which isn't in Rolex marketing and growth strategy only their back catalogue of history and design will go forwards into new designs as that is where their business lies this vintage is only for the die hards really of which there are few.

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