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to be blunt ...i need to vent and have a rant....

September 5 2011 at 6:48 PM

jed  (Login jedly1)
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and this is not directed at anyone in particular.

I have had a couple weeks mostly 'off duty' away from moderating the VRM, largely because the last last little outburst about how we weren't doing it well enough, or to some peoples liking, left me at the point of being ready to kill someone - and being honest after putting in two/three hours a day unpaid work just getting it close to the standard we currently work to, I think a few people around here have got a bloody nerve to bitch the way they do, especially when it seems half of them haven't got a clue about the subject at hand. I genuinely wonder if some of it isn't a form of stirred up passive attack to harm this community.

The SC is a free market place, in a free society , it is run like a market place ....people lay out their stalls...the way they want within the basic rules and spirit of the forum...if you don't like the look of their stall move on to the next vendor really, really isn't rocket science!

Having said that, In those couple of weeks I am aware the other MODS have been trying hard to tighten things up a little, asking for fair and reasonable descriptions, particularly noting the previously raised concerns of less experienced members, asking for those who put little information in their ads to put a bit more, asking those who put a little too much flannel in to do a little less, in doing so they have, as they have always been, tried to be polite, tried to be friendly and to request a little bit of effort on the part of vendors.....and are largely being ignored. When they step in to be a little more forthright then again people are bitching, saying they are picking on vendors...they are not, they are trying to do what you the membership asked for !! usual everyone thinks they can do it better.

The simple fact of the matter is that not everyone can and will be happy with the way it is done WHICHEVER way it is done ...but at the moment it is a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't.....I would strongly suggest that if you want to see the VRM stay the vibrant and active place it is then you accept it for what it is comparison one of the safest and honest places to buy vintage it isn't perfect, no it doesn't offer a full 100% guarantee, yes the odd thing slips through, or the odd turd gets sold as a peach, that is life....if that doesn't work for you then there are plenty of AD's selling perfectly good modern Rolex that anyone can walk in and buy with 100% total peace of mind.

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