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Since we're discussing it, my problem with "enthusiastic" descriptions on the VRM...

September 6 2011 at 10:38 AM

Richard Carver  (Premier Login VintageRolexForum)
from IP address

We work incredibly hard to keep our Market one of, if not the best and safest places to trade vintage Rolex on the internet. We take it very seriously and do everything we can but it is not perfect.

Let me address the strange "attacks" we've gotten the last few weeks in which relatively new people complain about how the VRM is run. We try to keep the VRF as open as we possible can, if there is any secret to our success it is that fact, you can come here and have your say limited only by your own common sense or lack thereof. happy.gif

We have been allowing these mostly baseless attacks to stand because that's who we are, we take the bitter with the sweet and we respect freedom of speech but it is apparent there is perhaps more to these attacks than meet the eye. Moving forward, if you have a complaint about the VRM contact a mod for a resolution. In every case of these complaints there was an explanation of policy that could have resolved it but none of these individuals had ever made any attempt to contact a moderator.

Now, about over describing an item. We have been made aware some of our sellers are using the strong reputation that we have built over the years to take advantage of new collectors. They use their good reputation and the good reputation of the VRF to dump an average watch at an above average price because the noob doesn't know enough to know the difference. If you can overcharge by 1000 dollars and you do that 10 times a month the temptation must be strong. Personally, I think it's a despicable abuse of trust. Wild descriptions are a part of that process. A new collector sees a watch described as "like new" by a known seller and assumes it is indeed like new when in fact it is overpolished with visible corrosion. It's well and good to say buyer beware but we have a responsibility to our members and visitors to provide them with as honest deals as is humanly possible. What makes my blood boil is these sellers are abusing the VRF's reputation in their sleazy dealings. What's truly sad are the deals done off the VRF by these sellers where a trusting new collector has no protection at all.

This is why we are trying to get sellers to be realistic in their descriptions. One has to wonder why a seller over describes a watch when the majority of our members know the watch is less that the description, it's almost as if it's bait for a trusting noob. We have warned about this many times and sellers, take great care in your descriptions or we will be in touch.


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