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Yes!... and ( maybe) No....

September 6 2011 at 4:54 PM
MC Yoon  (Login munchiew)
VRF Member
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Response to Since we're discussing it, my problem with "enthusiastic" descriptions on the VRM...

In all these and, the most important opinion is yours, Richard! In fact, as Owner, your opinion is not mere opinion, but POLICY!. Thank You for the clarification; now everyone is clear on this issue, will modify their conduct if necessary, and we can get on to being friends and buddies bonded by a common interest.

I have also seen the posts by Jed and the other Mods, where they seem to take the view that the Mods are taking the brunt of the attacks for perceived shortcomings.I think this is not at all the case. Most of the "attacks" are not aimed at the Mods, but more directly at the "deviators". Some exchanges may have been motivated by personal agenda between parties; so NO, ....

1] The exchanges are not aimed at the Mods, who need to work with a light touch, in line with the "openess" tone of this Forum, a policy decision set by you (RC), which I support 110%,

2] No, it is not Mods who have the primary responsibility on the issue. That lies with the members of this Forum, buyers , sellers, or just bloggers. Self restraint is the mark of a gentleman, and gentle people are the foundation of a civilised community.

3] There is no conspiracy to "do in" this scurillous attacks. Many comments come from new enthusiastic (and unconnected) members, whose main shortcomings may be an excess of naivete and knowledge, but I see no evil anywhere. Most comments are, in my view, expressions of concern in a genuine way.

4] No the End is not near for VRF because of the vigourous discourse over the last few days; it is precisely these that make VRF so successful. Open, democratic, energetic, informative, intellectual, unboring, vibrant, funny, fun ... there is no end to the any number of adjectives I can use. NO,VRF has become stronger ,not weaker. So no need for all the angst..NO.

Thanks again, Richard, and Team, for the pleasure, honour and ...etc..

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