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EB,if you like I can bring a batch of "5 dot" papers which I have had in a box since ...

October 18 2011 at 3:05 PM
tuscanyrose  (Login tuscanyrose)
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Response to Nikkos, You are entitled to your opinion..

I purchased with a lot of other stuff at an NAWCC show in 1999. they look just like the ones that were "hand punched", hanging chad, not centered, etc.
I do not have the time most of you fellows have to pursue this but if what I am gathering is correct,
all 5 dot papers are not correct?
If you are claiming this I must say you are totally wrong. I read what you posted and while there were people doing strange things like punching papers, faking dials, etc., these watches did not have the value, papers or not, back then so why would someone fake all of them?
honestly, you boys need to focus on the watch.
I really hate to say this but if someone many years ago punched a set of papers at a rolex dealership, or if someone did the exact same thing, same style, etc., would any of you know the difference? seriously?
I had this debate with JD with regard to watches and dials. for example:
what if a 6263, with a "newman serial", came with a "non newman" dial, and later someone popped a real appropriate newman dial in it, would that not be a "correct newman"?
same with a 666 or cream, or 16800 and the rest.
I am not in any way condoning what was seemingly going on with the eBayers selling that obviously faked stuff, but to state that 5 dot papers are not correct is just not so.
I have sold thousands of watches with papers over the years and having purchased a good number form people who bought them new, it is just not so.

I think everyone is freaked out over this because some will think (or know for sure depending on whether you bought from those people on eBay) that their collection is "tainted". I leave all the investigation work to those who have time for it but I for one will continue to buy and sell "5 dot, 6 dot, 7 dot, typed and handwritten papers and not change the normal pricing structure, as I am sure most other honest dealers will do.
I mean, really what rock are most of you under?
this has been going on for years, it is only now that someone got caught out there that everyone is going nuts. open papers are sold at most shows, ALL BRANDS!!!
Also, and many times open papers will come with a watch from an original owner. I am sure other people will attest to buying a watch with all the goodies and a set of open papers in the package? so what? it is a piece of papers and believe it or not, it will not survive many dives if you attach it to your DRSD and get them wet.
There are people may not be the kind of "fervent" collectors who need to have all parts of a watch, does that make them less of a collector? I have seen people come to watch shows and buy a set of papers for their 90's datejust, just to have them in their box.
yes, there are dishonest people and believe me, punched papers not punched 30 years ago is the least of the stuff collectors have to worry about when there are all the other deceptions just waiting for some maniac who "has to have his grail", and will send a western union so it does not get away.

Focus on the watch. that is what you wear. papers are just that, papers. nice to have but in the grand scheme of things...

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