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Hello, Beever. With all do respect you are getting close to McCarthyite paranoia here...

October 19 2011 at 7:37 AM

tomvox1  (Login tomvox1)
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Response to Terry..Why does your IP trace back to California?

...I appreciate your initial thrust in this matter--it was well done and well thought out.
-Now now in your zeal to catch wrongdoers you are accusing anyone from Southern California of being in a counterfeiting ring based on nothing more than an IP address. You do realize that SoCal is one of the most heavily populated places in the USA, right? So there are bound to be more than a few members of this community who hail from there who will probably not appreciate being accused of being collaborators with the enemy just for stating their opinion even if it doesn't agree with yours.

-As well as making hasty and unfounded allegations, you are adding names to the list of "enemies" with no real proof that I can see. If you have some further concrete evidence, please provide it in advance of hurling accusations.

-And you are clearly not respecting the informed opinions of gentleman who have decades of experience in this hobby, vis a vis there are bloody 5-hole punched period papers that are legitimate and original and they originated from the US market. End of story.

My advice would be: Step away from the keyboard for a few hours/days and get your facts lined up if you are going to continue to post on this matter. Shared geography is not proof of anything. And the people around here who know what they're talking about (and if you had been around long enough, you'd know who they are) deserve to have their knowledge respected when they present it for our benefit.

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