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Hey Tom, Mind your own business, I already have a Daddy

October 19 2011 at 7:52 AM
Beever.  (Login Beever.)
from IP address

Response to Hello, Beever. With all do respect you are getting close to McCarthyite paranoia here...

Who do you think you are talking down to me? Are you kidding me? Was I talking to you or even addressing you in my thread? Mind your own business. Telling me to back away from my keyboard..are you high?

I did not accuse the aforementioned poster of anything. I found it odd that:

1. He questioned my knowledge based on a thread about a dial
2. He posted with no email to verify his identity
3. He posted from an ip address in the exact neighborhood of the alleged 3 amigos
4. He has never posted on this forum ever before. AKA. A driveby poster.

So, keep your conspiracy theories to yourself, no one wants to hear them, myself included.

AND, you are part of the so called "old regime" who are the ones responsible for this entire mess.
If it wasnt for us new guys, the old regime would continue with business as usually, duping the innocent.

I dont see any forum members feeling accused because they are Southern California, why do you speak for them when you dont even live there?
I have not mentioned any additional names to this list of wrongdoers, I dont know what you are talking about.

Once again Tom, READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. I never said 5 hole punched certs dont exist so, please re read my posts before accusing me of ignorance.

And as far as the old timers with decades of experience is concerned...

If you and the old folks had a clue then you would have known that these guys were falsely punching certs. Why did it take a "new guy"
to figure it out in a matter of months? So, much for your wealth of knowledge and experience. What the hell were you doing for the last 5 years
while these guys were making MILLIONS on ebay selling fake certs? Looking at lovely dial patina?

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