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Mr. Buckley..

October 19 2011 at 8:08 AM
Beever.  (Login Beever.)
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Response to Agreed Tom, a big Plus one. Let's play devils advocate for a bit...

If everyone took your approach then this entire issue would be swept under the rug forever. Exactly what the 3 amigos would love.

I dont know why you (an old timer) and tomvox (an old timer) are so hasty to support most of the 5 dot certs as genuine, and incorrectly
assume that the USA 5 dot certs "mostly do not" have dealer stamps or dates. Why is that? Did USA dealers not have the money to afford
a stamp or pen to write down a date or the common sense to punch a certificate? That is preposterous and ridiculous with absolutely
no factual support. ALL certs from ALL countries SHOULD be dated and stamped, to assume that the USA ones mostly werent is not only
inaccurate but, ignorant.

What makes this so horrible is that by merely stating this inaccuracy, you are supporting the very certs that are 5 hole, unstamped
and undated. The very ones the "old timer" 3 amigos have been proven to be faking are now given authentication by guess who..2 "old timers".

"It is impossible to know for sure" That one upsets me the most. It IS possible to know for sure if we all put our brains together and
use our resources and common sense. I must have had 50 emails from people telling me stories about these guys.

I will tell you what I tell them..I dont need any proof to know what they are doing I KNOW what they are doing and no old timer or
hobbyist with decades of knowledge is gonna convince me otherwise.

PS: The 5 hole certs the 3 amigos are punching arent even from the US, they are from Europe and written in French, so all of this support
is for naught. No one has proven anything conclusive regarding the long cert European versions EVER having 5 holes, yeat all of the 3 amigos
punches are these exact certs.

Now what you gotta say?

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