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Seriously, I am not getting drawn back into this

October 19 2011 at 1:05 PM
Beever.  (no login)
from IP address

Response to Re: In conclusion....

The poster had never posted before. He listed no return email. His first post ever and its in this thread? And he calls me out with a search of my post history! You guys think this is just a coincidence that a guy that never posted just shows up to blast the guy casting dispersions on the certificate scam? AND, he lives in California and posted from a wireless cell phone or lap top?

I already proved that the ip search for me listed Brooklyn and I live 15 miles away. Why couldnt the posters ip be off by 100 miles or more? Or have a buddy post it for him? Or he was on a road trip?

I am a mathematical person and none of these facts points to a legitimate query or post from a legitimate member. It was a set up, a smear tactic, a diversion to cast doubt on me and detract from the topic from an anonymous poster who I feel was part of the crew being questioned in some way.

If you cant see it my way or understand my point of view then I am sorry. And I am seriously and finally done with this thread, already defending myself on a new one.

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