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Re: Seriously, I am not getting drawn back into this

October 19 2011 at 1:21 PM

Arvid  (Login conrail)
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Response to Seriously, I am not getting drawn back into this

Chill. You've gota take it easy. I think most logical people can understand the arguments from your point of view, no one is saying they're illogical (except for saying that someone in Oakland is in the same neighborhood as Manhattan Beach, hah). And I think most people were on board with your thoughtful, logical, and well-structured arguments you've made over the past few days.

Where I, and others, have started to lose you is that it looks like you've become blinded by some mission or perceived foregone conclusion and are ignoring alternative facts, theories put forth by others on the forum. It seems as if you feel you are being railroaded and the more people propose alternatives, the more you start frantically yelling out "BUT, BUT, BUT, the punched papers are all wrong!!!"

I'm not a certs/papers expert, and am just along for this intriguing ride, but from a public relations stand point, you're not going to get anywhere by calling people idiots for suggesting alternatives. Someone mentioned it earlier, but in all your "rage" to defend yourself, you've completely missed sight of the common goal and who your allies were in this quest. You seem hell-bent on making 100%, unequivocal conclusions/statements, while others have proposed legitimate alternatives.

And somehow you feel threatened by this, and that makes it seem as though you have a non-legitimate, non-academic (so to speak) agenda.

As I see it, there are 2 divergent, yet related ideas going on here: (1) from the original thread which you did not start, the allegation has been made that xyz person whom we all know (or most of us) is involved in taking loose watches and added previously-blank papers to them that he has recently punched to make it a full set, and (2) is there a commonality to the non-original punched certs? Can we identify with any bit of certainty which certs are wrong? Which is a line of thought you brought up, and have made some good arguments in, as have others.

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