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Beyond than scary

October 20 2011 at 4:25 AM

*Philip*  (Login greenoysters)
from IP address

Response to about the "fake 5512" just posted by Ralle...

Thanks for posting Marci, but when I see your pics I just realise that
people that are having access to these kinds of detailed informations are les than
5% of collectors.
This is also frightening because even someone like me that has been doing this since
more than 20 years will not go anymore thru the hassle to dismantle a 5512 to verify if every thing
is right.
Even something I think I know well (vintage hands) the new generation of aftermarket are
so well made that it takes me longer and longer to differenciate right from wrong.

Let me tell you a story, a retired watchmaker from Rolex RSC wanted the get a part time job
as his pension was not enough for him and familly. On my advice hee visited the 4 or 5
largest vintage dealers in Paris and got a 3 days trial. What he told me again was beyond frightening
as he saw 5512, 5513, red Sub dials that were just perfect. To his (and my) surprise the dials came from Japan and not some other
asian countries we are used to hear when speaking about aftermarket dials. So, after the second day he left
the dealser and is now working at Wempe on modern watches. (sorry if I already posted that story but Alzheimer is not far).

Personally I'm too old or too tired to go to auction with my books, Ipad, jack, screw driver or my
allen wrench to verify a watch (and I dont have good enough visual memory to check in 10th of mm the size of the top bar of a 5 in 5512 and stuff like that).
I dont either feel like buying a scanning electron microscope to be sure of what I just bought, when coming home.
Maybe that is why the few last watches I bought from Rolex where new or very old, a field that has not been to much affected till now.

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