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Why? Here's a possibility...

November 1 2011 at 11:08 PM
Paul C  (no login)
from IP address

Response to Why not solve this with Eric directly?

Neither ebay auction link identifies the seller. In fact, they are from two different ebay seller accounts. You identified the seller. Then the seller jumped in, apparently to defend the bezels being sold. A review of the seller's ebay history shows that since 2010, three seemingly identical bezels have been sold, each for over 1K USD. Now, he has two more for sale. Mind you, these appear to be Mark II 1655 bezels in perfect NOS condition. What are the odds?

Incidentally, Per, you were much more realistic when this issue last arose when this same seller had an identical looking 1655 bezel for sale on ebay in June this year. On June 24, several well respected forum members not only voiced the opinion it was a fake, but also noted that this seller seems to, in your own words, "pop up quite often...coincidence or should someone smell a rat?" Others made analogies to three strikes and you're out, and to laws of probability.

Now you say "Why not solve this with Eric directly?"

How about because all of the evidence points to a pattern of fake 1655 bezels being sold at regular intervals over the last year? All selling for over 1K USD...sandwiched in between 30 or so low ticket items like booklets and wallets (I even bought what was advertised as a vintage Rolex wallet from one of his ebay accounts over a year ago!). Sell 30 or so wallets and booklets, build up credibility and goodwill, then bang, throw in a big ticket 1655 bezel.

Going back to the baseball analogy, how many strikes does a longtime "trusted seller" on this forum get before he's out?

And for those wondering why I take this so seriously, when I am not involved in this transaction, it's because I have been burned before on a complete fake 1655. Not from this seller. And only with the help of good people on this forum was I able to make it right. No one should have to go through that. And the fact that this seller has sold these bezels to VRF members and to others on ebay should not be tolerated. Combined with all of the other "mistakes" and statistical impossibilities (how many NOS blue GMT bezels???), I'm not going to hold my tongue. The Mods can lock this thread, they can ban me, so be it. If just one person avoids being scammed because of this post, it's worth it.

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