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Hi Jed...I agree the studying of details is fun, however

November 19 2011 at 11:23 PM

John Ireland  (Login figcar)
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Response to no im sure they didnt with pretty much all the nuances that we enjoy studying

Is a 1513 really any different a watch than a 1517...or is it just like the difference between an 1803 and an 1802 and an 1808...the same watch with different bezels that anyone can buy and slap on their watch and then the numbers between the lugs mean nothing.

The watch in question looks like a nice old watch. How much is it worth? What ever someone is willing to pay. Is it a correct example of what it looked like when it was new? I'm guessing no one can say for sure. We can say the dial is different from other examples we have seen...but we can't really say how many variations of the dials were made or if a customer had a dealer make changes to the watch.

25 years ago these were not collector pieces they were just old watches...when they got serviced people may have made choices other than Rolex choices...they liked these hands better than those hands...etc. Now a quarter century later the obession with details is making it feel as if the tail is wagging the dog...dials with a meaningless underline on them or the way the SCOC words line up or the thickness of insert fonts or whether the word Submariner is in red or not...these are nice little details but they have no real horlogical value...they are just fashion statements.

John Ireland

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