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In an ideal world we would get on................

February 13 2012 at 9:43 AM
fatboyharris  (Login fatboyharris)
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Response to "Can't we all just get along" (RK)>>

but thats not reality.

There is considerable passion, enormous reserves of knowledge and  experience of vintage Rolex here on the site. Some of it hard earned and much freely shared, improving the gene pool of VRF knowledge and understanding. From time to time we are pushing the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding, questioning previous conventions and accepted norms, which will by its very nature cause some people difficulties and problems ignoring the personality clashes and from time to time slight professional jealosy that maybe perceived to raise its head. Sometimes access to the' bible' or ' fountain of knowledge' can create its own difficulties, no matter how it is imparted,  hiding the true sentiments or motivation.

 There are cases of strongly and passionately held beliefs, which from time to time do spark when they collide head on with dissenting views. That is the nature of the world, it is only by laws, conventions of conduct and the possiblity of punishment in the real world that moderates the conduct of the general population in dealing with one another. No 2 people are alike, what you or I may find offensive others may not, we may not always be  aware of the 'true' relationship between 2 posters who are sparring it out, one minute a fist fight and name calling the next minute they are 'offline' down the local buying each other drinks.

Whilst I do not subscribe to name calling or personal attacks..............but one must ask oneself, why is it that many of the contestants involved in these sometimes 'unpleasant' exchanges, keep coming back for more.........maybe sometimes it is not as it may seem to a lay person, but I'm equally sure there are examples where it is clearly and correctly labelled as combative and offensive.

We all process information in different ways, by way of illustration... some can make massive 'leaps of faith' on the smallest amount of data, others are more guarded and nibble away at the bed rock. Each has it role to play and should be appreciated and treasured.

What is probably the most disappointing aspect in your posting is that not everyone contributes to the debate, I can understand inexperience or lack of knowledge can sometimes hold people back, but more experienced hands may hold the key that unlocks the debate and not participating for whatever reason makes the site a poorer place. IMHO if one holds back, for fear of rebuke, would make this a very sad place to be..............I'm sure we all get it wrong from time to time and its by recognising and accepting that, we as contributors grow in knowledge and appreciation and the forum becomes an even better place. The MODs are there as backup and will deal with problems as and when they arise, so theres no real excuse to hold back if you can contribute.

For me the least desirable scenario, is to have experienced knowledgeable people watching from the sidelines potentially and maybe unwittingly holding back what may the 'nugget', whilst others  try to take the debate forward . We all have to 'give' as well as to 'take' to make the forum a richer place, its all a question of where you are in the cycle.

Not everyone is interested in every aspect of all things vintage Rolex.......sometimes one has to recognise certain debates no matter how interesting to the posters may turn others just pretty pictures of Rolex dont do it for me, but quite rightly each to his own..

More than happy to discuss



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