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Carrying On.. Ex Point, etc, ...Closing Thoughts...

February 15 2012 at 5:58 PM
Mc Yoon  (Login munchiew)
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Guys,I promise not to raise any more issues on, as at this moment, a subject that essentially cannot have a certain conclusion.

To prevent getting lost, (easy when it comes to this very rather complex and most intractable of the outstanding Rolex mysteries), I will put my thoughts in point form;

1] I do not believe the dot and the line has anything to do with Import Duties. Import Duties would have applied to all watches, but yet only a very small number of watches, mainly professional watches have the markings. I do not have much knowledge on other non Rolex watches, but I have not seen this markings, say, on an Omega of the same vintage, for example.

2] Even today, every country has its own import duty regime, even with the standardising influnce of of the WTO, but I see no distingushing marks on contemporary watches to accommodate this country/market differences.

3] I believe that Tritium was already used in the early 50s on the Panerais, hence,the terms Luminor and Radiomir ,that epitomises Panerai today. Where the Tritium came from, I have no clue. But the Germans during the last Great War was in a race with the US to produce the Bomb, and had facilities in Norway to produce Heavy Water which was essential to the process of producing fissile material for an atomic bomb. Panerai was known to supply their watches to the Germans (German-Italian Axis in WW2), and maybe obtained tritium from the Germans in exchange!( LOL, speculation on my part!) Panerai was aware of the health hazards of Radium , especially as their dials had copious of the stuff.After all, Marie Curie, the disscoverer of Radium, died in 1933 of radiation induced illness,. and of course the poor radium girls...

The reason why Radium continued to be used, when a safer alternative was available, was not clear. Cost? (as i has always thought tritium was more costly). Licensing? (As
Harris' Kodak letter clearly proved).

4]With the Bakelite bezel and Strontium 90 scare, Rolex probably felt it was in its interest to move away from Radium to Tritium. Based on empirical evidence, this would be in the 59/60 time line. At the time, all Rolex dials were marked "SWISS", and Radium was still much in use, Tritium was just being just introduced. During this time, Rolex was experimenting with what was the best way to distingush Radium dials from the Tritium dials, Hence, the multiple variations we see today, Ex point, underline, double prints.

5] We know that the use of these markings disappeared in 63 or thereabouts, and the "new" watches then had "T SWISS T", and "SWISS T

To me the circumstancial evidence is very strong, in particular,

A} That the marks disappeared after 63, and the notation on the dials were standardised on "T SWiSS T", and "SWiSS T

B} NY baanned the sale of products with radium,in 63 (source, Harris?).

C} Tom's discovery of a CB sticker saying " Guaranteed Radiation Safe".

D} Tests carried out by our Dutch friends with a Geiger counter. Others may laugh, but to me this is as scientific as one can get on the issue here, when much said is conjecture and leaps of Faith.

So, for me, until new conclusive, verifiable information comes to light, it is still the "tritium" hypothesis for me. Other hypotheses have been whispered, and no doubt may be logical, but logical may not be the same as "correct'. Still it is good to hear, but people are not saying.. Ah well..Also, the Tritium Hypothesis is also logical, no?

No answer required, just closing thoughts for the time being; I have no doubt this ghost will be resurrected .....LOL!

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