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Guys, I need your help: Questions about correct 16750 hands >>>

April 24 2012 at 9:43 PM

Reintitan  (Login Durable2)
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Today I took delivery of this 9.84 million serial ref. 16750 GMT-Master bought from the VRM. One thing that kept nagging me as I stared at the watch was the seconds hand. To me, it looks like the luminous dot on the seconds hands is "too close" to the tip of the hand, making the pointer look too short. If that is the case, then that puts into question whether these hands are correct (aftermarket?). All the photos of other 16750s I've seen posted on the web look like their seconds hands have a longer pointer with the luminous dot further back.

Were there factory variations to the 16750 hands? Are the hands on this watch correct? Are they aftermarket?

I emailed the seller and he thinks the hands are original.

Hopefully, someone with experience with 16750 hands can chime in as to whether they see anything wrong here.

I'm trying to decide whether I should return the watch for a full refund.

The pics of the watch I received today:

When the luminous dot is over the date window it covers half of it.

When the luminous dot is over the 12-hour "Mercedes" hand it does not cover up the 12-hour hand's pointer



Look at the position of the luminous dot in relation to the letter "R" in CHRONOMETER on the dial in this picture with the last picture of Orchi's watch below. Same time: 7:00:21 PM.

Now compare with the 16750 with gloss dial posted in the Dial Archive by Orchi.

Here's the post in the Dial Archive:

On Orchi's watch the luminous dot does not even reach the date window.

On Orchi's watch the luminous dot covers the pointer of the 12-hour hand.


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