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Pleasure - a riddle, a question and a possibility

July 15 2012 at 2:44 AM

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The riddle

In his book titled How Pleasure Works, Paul Bloom who is a professor of Psychology at Yale explains that pleasure is deep. What matters most is not the wold as it appears to our senses. Rather, the enjoyment we get from something derives from what we think that thing is. He goes on to illustrate that everything has an essence. After finishing the book, I begin to understand at least partially why we take pleasure in our vintage Rolex. The essence of the Explorer is the conquest of mount Everest, for the Submariner it is journey to the deepest trench on planet Earth and for the GMT it is the freedom of flight and subsequently the exploration of space. I wonder now if the reason I don't derive pleasure from the Datejust II is influenced by the perception that Federer's achievement, as great as it may be in the annal of sports, is not quite in the same league as the other gentlemen?

The author narrated an insightful story about Hermann Goering who was waiting to be executed when he learned about the pleasure that had been stolen from him. At the moment, according to one observer, Goering looked "as if for the first time he had discovered there was evil in the world". This evil was perpetrated by the Dutch painter and art collector Han van Meegren. During World War II, Goering gave 137 paintings, with a total value of what would be $10 million, to van Meegeren. What he got in return was Christ with the Woman Taken in Adultery, by Johanner Vermeer, and this was the acquisition that he was most proud of. After the war ended, Allied forces found the painting and learned whom he had gotten it from. Van Meegeren was arrested for selling this great Dutch masterpiece. This was treason, punishable by death. After six weeks in prison, van Meegeren confessed - but to a different crime. He has sold Goering a fake, he said. It was not a Vermeer. He had painted it himself (which he later proved by reproducing another). Van Mergereen was found guilty of the lesser crime of obtaining money by deception and sentenced to a year in prison. Think now how Goering had felt, the very same physical painting that had given him great pleasure when he believed that he had an original Vermeer suddenly fades away. It has lost its essence.

The question

That is a rather long introduction to what actually is a simple question that I would hope to get responses from colleagues in this forum. I have what I think is a service replacement dial for GMT 6542. Today I came across something that bothers me, and it is messing up my little brain. In our dial archive there are only two service dials that are matte with white print. I understand that there is also gilt service dial but the question here is on the matte white print. I believe that the conventional wisdom is 6542 dial must be OCC. Now, here is the question - is it possible that my replacement dial is genuine? It is matte white print but with SCOC print. I haven't come across any SCOC before, but Nassim Taleb observed that the fact we have seen one thousand white swans does not mean a black swan does not exist. I am honestly okay either way, just keen to learn and know whether I have been van Mergereen'ed! I can't imagined why anybody would fake a service dial but you never know.

The possibility

I have been feeling like sh*t for the past couple of days as I try to quit smoking after 28 years. A couple of cold turkey attempts in the past have predictably failed, so this time round I decided to call upon help of a synthetic drug. The pill targets the receptors in the brain and occupies them such that nicotine has no place to attach itself to. This means nicotine no longer cause the receptors to release dopamine, which what makes us feel pleasure. Unfortunately these blue pills do not had the same side effect as its sister blue pill produced by the same drug company. What I get instead is a feeling of major nausea, that is similar to when you smoke 10 fags in a go. It is my fourth day and it feels terrible. I am now saying to myself if I last 100 days, I am going to try to find a nice gilt dial! Enjoy your Sunday and sorry for the long rant. I just need to be doing something to forget the urge.

Post script: Not sure which is harder, to stay clean for 100 days or to not buy another vintage GMT within next 100 days happy.gif

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