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March 23 2017 at 11:23 PM
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Response to Radiation...

So, how do the radiation levels compare? source medical info site

Data summary of relative radiation exposure, its a beautiful watch but it should be treated with respect.

Event Radiation reading, millisievert (mSv)


Single dose, fatal within weeks ...... 10,000 mSv
Typical dosage recorded in those Chernobyl workers who died within a month....... 6,000 mSv
Single does which would kill half of those exposed to it within a month ..... 5,000 mSv
Single dosage which would cause radiation sickness, including nausea, lower white blood cell count. Not fatal ..... 1,000 mSv
Accumulated dosage estimated to cause a fatal cancer many years later in 5% of people... 1,000 mSv
Max radiation levels recorded at Fukushima plant yesterday, per hour..... 400 mSv
Exposure of Chernobyl residents who were relocated after the blast in 1986...... 350 mSv
Recommended limit for radiation workers every five years........ 100 mSv
Lowest annual dose at which any increase in cancer is clearly evident..... 100 mSv
CT scan: heart ..... 16 mSv
CT scan: abdomen & pelvis....... 15 mSv
Dose in full-body CT scan....... 10 mSv
Airline crew flying New York to Tokyo polar route, annual exposure ...... 9 mSv
Natural radiation we're all exposed to, per year......... 2 mSv
CT scan: head .... 2 mSv
Spine x-ray .... 1 mSv
Mammogram breast x-ray ..... 0.40 mSv
Chest x-ray..... 0.10 mSv
Dental x-ray...... 0.01 mSv

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